When it comes to teaching children a valuable moral lesson, most parents turn to short stories. It piques their attention and interest, but it also teaches and helps children with valuable life lessons. Short stories have a unique and fun method of imparting the thirst for knowledge and teaching that makes them more engaging and accessible.

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Rather than simply telling, scolding or reminding your child not to lie, offering them a brief tale and fun story about what happens when they do will help them grasp and understand what happens.

It assists people in becoming more conscious of their behaviours and the implications of those actions. As youngsters get older, the moral teachings from these stories help to build their character and moral compass.

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Short stories for kids

10 Lines Short Stories with Morals for Kids

The Hare and the Tortoise: This narrative truly has a handful of moral lessons for us to learn. The hare tells us that arrogance and pride with too much ego can lead to disaster. The tortoise which has a slow and steady posture, on the other hand, teaches us about the importance of perseverance and a step-by-step approach. Never give up, there is always a way when even if the odds are stacked against you, there is always a window open. It’s not always about who’s the quickest or strongest in life; sometimes it’s about who’s the most consistent.

That was the moral of the story, want to read more than there are exciting stories below with morals. Read on.

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Short Stories for Kids

The Dog and The Bone: Stories for Kids

Once upon a time, there was a dog who roamed the streets at all hours of the day and night in quest of food. He came across a large juicy bone one day and instantly snatched it between his teeth and carried it home. While he was crossing a lake through a bridge while going home and observed another dog with the same bone in its mouth. He was also after that bone for himself. However, the bone he was biting fell into the river and sank as he opened his jaws. He went home famished that night.

Moral: If we continuously envy what others have, we, like the greedy dog, will lose what we already have.

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Stories for kids

The Thirsty Crow: Short Stories for Children

A thirsty crow wandered the woodland in search of water after flying a long distance. Finally, he came across a half-filled water pot. He tried to drink from it, but his beak was too short to reach the interior water. He then saw pebbles on the ground and placed them in the pot one by one till the water level reached the brim. The crow quickly drank and quenched his thirst from it.

Moral: There is a way if there is a will. If we look hard enough, try to calculate our solutions and don’t give up, we can find an answer to any difficulty.

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Short stories for children


Hopefully, you have learned something positive about the moral of short stories for youngsters. It is highly beneficial for children since they learn in a step-by-step manner using morality. Parents may help their children grow by allowing them to learn and grasp these ideals successfully.

You can acquire detailed information about the children’s development and learning by visiting the Real School website. The website’s experts and specialists also teach the children positively and engagingly so that they will remember it in the future. You can ask questions or share your stories in the comments area.

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