Having an opinion and a point of view are necessary for building a strong personality. It’s also preferable to begin when you’re young! Debate participation is an excellent approach for youngsters to hone their communication abilities.

Debates, extemporaneous speaking, and speeches, as well as public speaking, enable children to express themselves and improve their mental processes. Not only that, but it also assists to increase their confidence. In this article, you will learn how to prepare your child for a debate.

How to Prepare Your Child for a Debate

How to Prepare Your Child for a Debate?

To prepare your child for a debate, follow these points:

Start When They are Young

Begin when they are still young. Discuss easy issues with your child and seek their point of view to help them grow more confident and communicative. You may talk about TV series, current events, and so forth.

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Pique Their Interest

To make it more exciting for your youngster, start by providing him or her with a topic of interest. For example, the benefits and drawbacks of using plastic, why chopping down trees is bad, the benefits and drawbacks of having a pet at home, and so on.

It will entice the youngsters to take part. They will also remain engrossed in the action. Practising at home will provide them with firsthand knowledge of what an argument is.

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Allow Freedom to Express Their Ideas

Don’t get involved when your youngster expresses his or her opinions. Allow them to express themselves freely. It will aid in the development of their cognitive abilities and mental processes. It will also offer you an idea of where your child’s thoughts are going.

Strengthen Their Facts

It is critical to have complete knowledge of the facts. Assist your youngster in conducting a thorough study on the subject and presenting their findings clearly. You may share your thoughts with them, assist them in exploring the internet, and solicit feedback from others to make the study more relevant.

It will assist them in presenting their ideas in a systematic manner. They can also make rough drafts or take notes on the themes they want to emphasise. This will assist your youngster in gaining additional points.

Fix Their Body Posture

When we participate in a discussion, our body posture and clothing sense are really important. Teach your child proper body posture, such as standing tall and attentive, learning how to use their hands, creating eye contact with the audience and the other team, and so on.

Also, ensure that your youngster is well attired, preferably in formal wear, with well-combed hair, shined shoes, and so on. It contributes to both a pleasant and long-lasting impression.

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How Debating Can Benefit Your Child

How Debating Can Benefit Your Child?

Here are some of the debating benefits:

Essential for Their Growth and Development

For anybody, public speaking may be a frightening endeavour. Even grownups feel butterflies before going on stage to make a significant announcement or deliver a speech. Participants in speech and debate programs, on the other hand, are frequently forced to stand in front of a classroom and explain a perspective or argument convincingly.

At the moment, they may even be required to offer a response to an opposing side’s viewpoint or come up with an explanation as to why their viewpoint is stronger than their opponent’s.

While appearing before a classroom and discussing one’s points of view and arguments for a topic may seem intimidating at first, this dread fades with time as students grow accustomed to it. Students may build confidence and leadership abilities that will be valuable both in and out of the classroom with adequate training and coaching.

Presentations, interview skills, and work-related activities are just a few examples of how these abilities may help your students stand out.

Oral and Written Communication Skills

Students in speech and debate classes must be able to explain their ideas and arguments clearly. Students discover excellent ways of speaking and writing persuasively and appropriately as they continue to improve their debating abilities.

While their newly sharpened speech and communication skills will help students in the near term with better grades and a stronger college application, they will also help them in the long run.

Companies in a wide range of industries, from technology to entertainment, place a high value on individuals who can effectively connect with their coworkers. Students develop key speech and communication skills in debate sessions, such as self-awareness, confidence, objectivity, and retaining an open mind.

Topics to Debate With Your Child

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Improved Research Skills

Anybody who has attended a college course understands how much time and work it takes to research information for assignments and examinations. Developing research abilities in elementary and secondary school is critical for preparing kids for a higher workload in college.

Speech and debate sessions are ideal places for students to enhance their research abilities. As students are assigned new subjects, they must conduct extensive study on them in order to properly argue for or against a certain perspective. Beyond formal schooling, research skills may be used for your student’s future employment, making them a worthwhile long-term investment.

Socially Conscious

Students will one day become grownups who will help govern the planet. Companies and governments require socially conscientious, compassionate leaders to effectively operate their enterprises. People desire leaders who are self-assured and well-educated.

Many students who join in debate sessions discover that they’re more politically and socially conscious of topics that they were previously unaware of. This knowledge may be carried over from their schooling to their future employment, where they will be able to apply the talents they have gained to help improve the world.

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Topics to Debate With Your Child

#1. Can we replace teachers with computers?

#2. Is exploring space really important?

#3. Are zoos beneficial to animals in any way?

#4. What is the need to have Olympics?

#5. Does there need to be a change in the age for voting?

#6. Should the school hours shift be later in the day?

#7. Is there a need to have junk food in the school cafeteria?

#8. If a child makes a mistake, should the parents be punished for It?

#9. Should you save your allowance or spend it all away?

#10. Do children need privacy in their lives?

Debate With Your Child


Debating at school is a certain technique to turn your youngster into an experienced orator. The abilities that a youngster learns while debating will be extremely beneficial to him not just in his job but also in his everyday relationships. Encourage him to dispute frequently, and watch as he matures into a self-assured and coherent adult.

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