Digital users are growing up in a world where the internet and technology are not only a source of information, but also a place where they learn, socialise, and have fun. Kids are using digital devices to a far higher extent than earlier generations as a result of their online lives.

The good news is that it is now much easier for parents to begin teaching their children about online safety. Check out the article below for these ideas for teaching coding to your kids so they can better defend themselves against cyberbullying and other internet threats.

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Are Online Coding Classes Good for Kids?

Coding should be taught to children at a young age to help them form strong habits and conquer problems as they grow older. Furthermore, the sooner they begin, the more they will keep. There are several excellent applications, certifications, and programmes for teaching programming to children, many of which use gamification, robotics, and reward mechanics to motivate them.

If you know how to code, the optimal age to begin teaching programming to your children is when they are four or five years old. Their brains are becoming accustomed to the structure and sequencing of code at that age, which means kids are learning to think in the same way they analyse visual patterns, which is one of the most difficult skills to teach.

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Online Programming Classes for Kids

You’re probably wondering why a coding and programming education is so important. Let’s have a look! The most significant benefit is that it is a learning idea that is interactive.

Children’s coding has facilitated a wide range of fascinating and participatory activities for young students. It enables you to bring out your child’s talent. It also improves the academic achievement of the children. It is possible if their creativity and expertise are improved.

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Best Coding Courses for Kids

Yes, if a child is interested, he or she can do coding and programming. Everyone agrees that mobile phones have drastically altered human behaviour in the modern era. The internet and computers are the secret notions.

The Real School website has developed a programming and coding programme with a comprehensive curriculum for children to recognise and develop codes and programmes creating skills and ethics. Experts prepare them by teaching them about cloud databases and other topics.

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Programming Classes

Coding teaches youngsters about online safety by lowering risks and teaching them how to recognise and remedy mistakes. Learning to code teaches children how to think like a programmer and how to construct reasoning to make wise judgments and defend themselves against attacks.

The following are some things you can teach your children:

#How to tell if a comment or post is malicious or spam?

#How to protect yourself from cyberbullies?

#How to make private accounts that are hard to find?

#How to utilise a Virtual Private Network (VPN)?

Learning courses for your kids! Get a free trial here

Coding online for kids


Web Development Courses

We all know how vital mobile phones are in today’s society. It’s because phone apps can be linked to various aspects of human existence and make life easier for people. With the help of Real School’s web development programme, you can teach your kids how to make web developments.


It is beneficial to encourage children to utilise computers and computers in general. According to studies, children who use the internet are more knowledgeable and less unhappy, lonely, and withdrawn.

So, if your child wants to learn to code, teach them the fundamentals and encourage them to come up with their ideas or offer that they volunteer and exercise by correcting bugs in their game or developing a new feature for an organisation that they care about. Visit the Real School of Montessori website to teach them about web development, coding and other vital topics.

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