Young children mostly find it difficult to write numbers when their teachers or parents try to understand how the numbers function in mathematics and how important it is to write them correctly or stamp them down.

So in this article, I will explain how to make it easy for kids to write numbers more effortlessly.

How to Introduce Numbers to Kids?

1. Practice

The more a kid will practice it, the more it will become easy for them to remember and to keep it fixed in their mind. So the parents or teachers should give a page to the kid to write on that will help the kid write it every day, which will assist the brain to keep it safe in the long term memory for the rest of their life.

2. Keep it Slow

A teacher or a parent doesn’t have to keep it fast because, by that, a kid won’t be able to memorise it correctly. You have to teach him numbers from 1-10 first, as these are the most critical ones. If the kid learns it in a week or more, it will help him write the other part of the number more skillfully. They just have to keep in mind what comes after the other else, and he will handily write the numbers.

3. Reward

Have you ever heard of it? It is mainly used by psychology in performing numerous experiments. For example, if the kid is not focusing on the subject, tell them that he will be blessed with a reward if they start concentrating on the numbers. You will see that the kid will learn and write it with the entire vocation and help them report any number if asked by the parents or teachers. This makes our brain work more actively because we know that we will get a reward at the end of the learning.

How to Teach Kids to Write Numbers?

1. Sand Writing

In ancient times, sand was used to write alphabets or numbers, but if we look deeper into it, one will realise that sand writing makes it more enjoyable for kids because learning on the sand gives them joy and satisfaction, which a copy and pen cant. The kids understand it better this way. If a parent asks their kids to write each number every day on the sand tray, it will keep the kid excited, and they will love to wait every day to report on the sand.

2. Games

This tool is one of the best which the parents can furnish their kids with. Games have been seen by many studies that keep the kids engaged, and even if they play for a few hours, it will help them to remember for the rest of their lives. In addition, number games have been provided by the play store, from where you can download them easily and give your kid another opportunity to learn the numbers in their heads.

3. Oral Learning

Yes! This has to be one of the essential parts of learning numbers. The parents should ask their kids to recite the numbers regularly in front of them. It will help the kids remember it well, and it will help them gain confidence in themselves, which I think is the essential aspect to do.

 4. Learning through Songs

When we grow up, you might have realised we still remember the songs learnt when we were kids. The same can be done in the case of number teaching. Try to teach the kids the numbers through songs. For example, parents can create their music, include numbers, and then let them learn it and remember it permanently.

5. Solving Number Puzzles

You can buy different puzzles in the market and help your kids to solve them. It will keep the kids engaged, and they will learn more about the numbers and will play them like a game, and mostly it sounds like fun for the parents who are eager to memorise their kid’s numbers.

6. Acquiring Number Posters

If you want your kids to understand it well, then go and get number posters from the market and attach them to your kid’s room. It will remind the kids daily about the numbers, and they will learn them more deeply.

7. Counting Objects

This is one of the easiest ways to show the kids how to learn numbers. You can ask your kid to count various objects at home, which will help the kids understand numbers reasonably and how numbers are used in our day-to-day life activities. For example, ask them to measure shirts, bottles, cups etc.

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8. Writing Numbers on the Floor

Have you ever heard about this game where the numbers are written on the floor and kids are asked to jump on the correct numbers when asked to? Yes! This game is played worldwide, and kids love to play it with their friends also. Researchers have found that kids learn primarily by playing with their family or friends. Teaching numbers can be complex, but this game can make it very simple, and your kid will surely score full marks in their maths exams.

9. Cards

We all know about this game where there are four types of cards, and on the top of it, a number is written. Ask your kid to match up the cards of the same numbers. It is tricky, but the more the brain will think and work, the more it will be easy for kids to learn it properly.

10. Counting Objects which Look Similar

When kids start to count objects alike, it makes their minds more active and more involved in learning the numbers. For example, ask your kid to count the clothes or shops that kind of look similar. This type of activity is done by parents and teachers worldwide to make it easy for their children to learn about the strategy of numbers.

11. Mat Game

In this type of game, a mat is given to the children on which a number is written, and the children have to keep each piece of carpet correctly according to the numbers provided. Children enjoy this game.

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Above are the best ways to teach kids to write numbers. Homemakers feel sometimes stuck in this lockdown period. As the kids are not going to school, they are cared for and helped by parents only. No worries, we have jotted down some fun activities to help you.

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