Piano lessons and playing the piano themselves can help your child develop in many areas; it teaches them discipline, social skills, self-belief, boosts memory power and brain development.

how to learn piano

But, how long does it take to learn piano for kids if they have just begun? If you see potential in your kid or even if you want them to get an experience in playing the piano read the article till the end and find answers to all your questions.

How to Learn Piano?

Learning Piano for kids can be complex at the beginning. Here, we have split things in a much easier way to guide you on how you can help your kids in their piano learning journey.

#1. Choosing a Piano or Keyboard

Let’s begin by breaking down the options into three categories:

#. Digital Keyboards

It is the cheapest, most convenient, and most versatile option in the market. Compared to acoustic pianos, keyboards don’t sound as good or feel as good, but they are good to begin with.

#. Digital Pianos

This instrument is more expensive and larger, but it recreates the feel of an acoustic piano very well. Those with the budget and space can consider this option.

#. Acoustic pianos

By far the best option for sound quality and playing experience, but the biggest and most expensive of all the options.

You can opt for digital keyboards or digital pianos for your kids at the beginner level according to your budget and space.

#2. Methods for Learning the Piano

piano lessons for kids

The best route is a piano learning method that suits your kids. The best choice for some other kid may be wrong for yours.

Let’s look at some of the most famous piano learning methods your kids can try:

#. Frances Clark and Louise Goss’s The Music Tree

This method emphasises sight-reading, rhythm, theory, and most importantly, intervallic reading, that is reading by recognising the space or interval, between notes. It prepares students for a wide world of music, and it also helps them read fast.

#. Faber and Faber Method

This method, developed by Nancy and Randal Faber, makes for an approachable and well-liked series for both young and old beginners alike. You will find colourful graphics and helpful practice suggestions, including counting aloud. A major flaw of this course is the excessive emphasis on position playing and the length of time it takes to learn.

#. Suzuki Method

This method uses the “mother tongue” approach. Children learn music as if they are learning a language.This method introduces music with an emphasis on listening. Children are not taught sight-reading music until they have successfully reproduced the music by listening.

#. Bastien Piano Basics

Bastien Piano Basics is a five-level program available from the Neil A. Kjos publishing company. Normally, this method is very beneficial for children aged between four to seven due to the colourful illustrations and fun themes in these lessons.

Furthermore, each level is connected, which means that each page in the theory book addresses the same concept or technique as one in the performance or lesson books.

Now that you know which method is best suited for your kids, you can opt for traditional lessons, video tutorials or app learning ways for introducing piano lessons for kids.

#3. Following Proper Piano Technique

Playing the piano is a lot more than pressing the right keys. The way your child sits and how they place their fingers on the keyboard will all affect how the piano sounds. With the right seating position and posture, they can translate energy from their whole body to their fingertips.

keyboard lessons for kids

Playing incorrectly can exhaust the body and result in unnecessary strain. The incorrect positioning of the seat or posture can cause neck, shoulder, and back pain. Inappropriate hand technique can limit hand skills and can give stiff fingers even when one is not using a keyboard.

#4. Starting to Play the Piano

Now that you have chosen the right piano and methods or techniques, it’s the correct time to get started with the keyboard lessons for kids.

Here are some simple steps your child can follow to begin:

Step 1: Becoming familiar with notes.

Step 2: Becoming familiar with the piano keys.

Step 3: Playing the Do-Re-Mi melody.

Step 4: Moving on to the next easy song.

Step 5: Understanding music notes and timing.

Step 6: Connecting the notes.

Step 7: Reviewing and practising

How Long Does it Take to Learn Piano for Kids?

It takes about four months for students who can already play songs hands together to become good piano players by ear. Usually, if your child is just starting and has never played a song hands-on together, it will take about six months as they will need to learn some other skills. But, this will be only possible if your child practises regularly. You can hire an expert mentor to make them learn fast and properly.

It’s completely alright if your child takes more than that despite being consistent with learning and practice. Every child is different and learns at their pace.

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