One of the most crucial abilities and skills for a kid to learn in the early elementary and fundamental years is fluency. A fluent reader not only makes the transition to being a fluent writer much easier than a non-fluent reader, but reading also plays a crucial part in science, math, and social sciences as pupils get older. If you’re concerned about your child’s reading and language abilities, there are a few things you can do to help them improve their fluency and coherency.

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How to Help Kids Become More Fluent Readers

How to Help Kids Become More Fluent Readers?

You’ve spent years illustrating your child’s storybooks, supermarket signs, and cereal boxes. However, now that they’ve learned to read aloud on their own, storytime may feel unfamiliar.

When your young reader furrows their brow with each word and stumbles through most phrases, there are several things you can do to help them succeed in reading for the rest of their lives. Fluency is defined as the ability to read aloud accurately, at a comfortable speed (not too fast or too slow), and with expression.

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Why do Kids Struggle with Reading Fluency?

Kids who do not read fluently have an uncomfortable and choppy tone to their voices. Those pupils may struggle with decoding skills or just need more practice with speed and smoothness. Fluency is also vital for motivation; youngsters who find reading difficult are less likely to desire to do so!

Fluency becomes increasingly crucial as readers progress through the higher elementary years. In the upper elementary years, the amount of reading required increases considerably. Students who read slowly or laboriously will struggle to satisfy the requirements of their grade level.

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Improve Child’s Reading Fluency

#Encourage and support your youngster. Recognize that reading is likely to frustrate him or her.

#Check with your child’s teachers to see how they rate his or her word decoding abilities.

#Speaking aloud to your child and having him match his voice to yours

#Having your youngster read the same list of words, phrases, or short sentences multiple times

#Reminding your child to take a breather between sentences and phrases is a good idea.

Why do Kids Struggle with Reading Fluency

How to Develop Reading Fluency in Kids?

Read Out Loud

Even if your kid is old enough to read on his own, he will benefit from hearing someone who is more experienced read to him. He’ll improve his sense of rhythm and intonation, and if you choose a variety of genres, he’ll develop an appreciation for a wide range of books.

Give your kid a space where she can relax and feel comfortable as she reads, complete with her books. While it may not aid in the technical aspects of fluency, it does aid in the development of a general enjoyment of the books.

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Sight Words and Paired Activity

Many kids struggle with fluency because they don’t comprehend how word fragments (such as digraphs, chunks, and blends) are combined to form new words. Sight words, sometimes called core words, are the building blocks of a child’s scanning and writing abilities.

Your youngster is more likely to stumble when he tries to sound out everything he reads if he can’t recognise simple words fast. Speaking aloud together or exchanging phrases while reading with your child is an example of paired reading. Simply devise a signal for when your child wishes to read a sentence on her own or becomes stuck on a word.

Choosing Books

Echo reading is an excellent method for children who have excellent technical skills but struggle with prosody. If your child has trouble reading with expression, read a piece to him and then have him “repeat” you, using the same intonations and stress.

Nothing piques a child’s interest in a book like learning that the main character is going through the same difficulties or concerns he is. Choosing books that can help children find solutions to problems they are having is known as bibliotherapy, and it can help children not only gain fluency but also deal with challenges such as school rejection and bullying.

How to Develop Reading Fluency in Kids

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Audiobooks (sometimes known as “books on tape”) are a great way for kids to listen to someone else read while they do something else. Even better, your child will be able to listen to her favourite book over and over without having to read it a million times!

Fluency is more than just being able to recognise words and read them quickly and expressively. It’s also about comprehending what you’ve read and evaluating what you’ve learned. Second, third, fourth, and fifth graders need to be able to read critically.

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Discuss with the Teacher

Even if you don’t want to admit it, a non-fluent reader may be having difficulties due to an underlying learning problem. Keep an eye out for other symptoms of issues if the tactics you’re attempting to increase fluency don’t seem to be working.

Communication between parents and teachers is essential for student development, especially when it comes to reading. Your child’s teacher can tell you what level of reading your child is at and recommend books to keep him occupied at home.

Develop Reading Fluency in Kids


Reading is incredibly important for both children and adults. It is the most effective technique to become educated, informed, and aware of oneself, as well as to bring out the finest version of yourself. It is the most effective approach to developing your brain and offers you a window into the universe through which you may learn about everything.

As a result, you must have recognised all of the reading exercises as well as how to improve fluency and coherency in children. It is critical for children’s growth and development. If you want to provide your children with the greatest education possible, you must select the appropriate platform.

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