Writing is an expression of the self, and it goes beyond classroom learning.  Writing can be an ideal way to teach, inform and educate your child from an early age.  While some children are gifted and natural-born writers, others develop this skill through constant training and practice. Writing is a canvas where children learn to think and be creative. It also allows your child to analyse, interpret and understand different information and topics.

However, most parents are often concerned about how to improve English writing skills for kids. A child learns the English language slowly and steadily in school or at home through speaking, but writing does not come to everyone as a natural talent. Some kids struggle to express thoughts in the English language.

Here are some of the ways through which you can improve English writing skills in your kids.

10 Things to do to Improve English Writing for Kids

1. Encourage a Reading Habit

Research shows that listening is close to speaking and in the same way reading is closely related to writing.  So no more stress on how to make English writing for kids an easy and interesting exercise. Reading can be the answer to your problem. Encourage reading habits in your child and get them exposed to reading new topics and subjects to help them become familiar with the language.

Reading will aid in enhancing your kid’s vocabulary, grammar, sentence structure and presenting their ideas in a coherent form. The best way to write on any topic is to read about it from books, magazines, brochures, the internet, etc.

Reading on different topics will enable your kid to get an idea about how to write a paragraph in English. If you are a parent, you will see great results in your kid. Extensive reading helps your kid find their individualistic expression in writing.

Brush Up Writing Skills

2. Clarify from the English Dictionary

Some words are unknown even to parents, so to help clarify their meaning, a dictionary can be a great tool. To learn antonyms, synonyms, you can refer to English Dictionary for a better understanding. English dictionary can help your kid to get better words and learn a new word to avoid repetition for better writing skills. English writing for kids can be improved by developing the habit of referring to the dictionary for new words.

3. Brush up Grammar

Grammar is vital to structure the written material. To improve English writing skills, teach your kids grammar to improve the basics of the English language. Grammar is more important for writing than for speaking the language. Clarify the basic grammatical concepts in the simplest terms possible. Make sure your kid has a flawless conception of tenses, sentence formation, voices and the parts of speech. These are the building blocks for inculcating a writing habit.

4. Check Spelling after Writing

Spelling mistakes are a reflection of poor writing skills. Like grammatical errors, spelling mistakes within the writing can hamper even a compelling piece of written material. Technology can aid children by providing spelling and grammar check aids while writing any paragraph or story.

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5. Learn to Elaborate Sentences

To improve your kids’ English writing skills it is better to get them started with shorter sentences. They need to learn the basic elements of sentence formation, like the verb, prepositions, adjectives and nouns. Different types of picture-filled books are available in the market that explains sentence formation to kids.

One of the best English writing exercises for kids can be to make them describe anything new they see or learn in the house every day in two or three short simple sentences. Apart from writing, it will also help them improve their observation power.

help with English writing

6. Structure the Paragraph

One of the best ways to improve English writing for kids is to start paragraphs with a sentence that explains what your kid is about to write about the topic. The supporting sentences will provide more information about the related topic; they can be a roadmap for how to write a paragraph in English for kids. It is always better to conclude the topic with a summary of ideas and also use paragraphs to signal connection between ideas to complete the body.

7. Start the Habit of Making an Outline

An outline helps to organise the material you’re about to write and the best habit to include in writing in English or any other language effectively. There are many ways to create outlines. it can be a string of thoughts, pointers, or a simple beginning-middle-end division of the topic. The outline will help your child convey their thoughts, ideas or message in a logical flow. This habit of creating an outline helps your kids become more organised in their thoughts and actions.

8. Maintaining Diary or Journal

Maintaining a diary or journal is the best way for your kids to express their thoughts and ideas. Making this a daily routine is bound to help improve their writing skills. You must encourage your child to write a journal at the end of the day as a fun activity. It will enhance their ability to put their thoughts into words.

Writing journals or diaries enable your kid to keep their writing simple and does not require elaboration.  Penning down a few lines every day in the diary or journal is an ideal start towards improving their writing skill. Also, you get to keep track of the progress from page one to the last page.

Learn English Writing

9. Play Games to Learn English Writing

Games like writing the first line of the story, salt writing trays, online puzzles, creative writing competitions, etc., will encourage writing and make for a fun engagement for you and your child.  It is advisable to encourage your kid to learn English by playing simple games. There are plenty of games where children learn English through writing. English writing games will help the children remember the phrases, synonyms, etc., and improve their vocabulary and memory power.

 10. Invest Time

Allocate ample time for practising the skill. Writing English cannot be inculcated overnight; it comes with regular practise and perseverance. With hard work, gradual improvement can be observed in the writing skills of your child. Begin with the basic level of writing practice with simple words and sentences, and then move to complex phrases and elaborate sentences.


There are several advantages to having impressive writing skills. Writing skill is required throughout life and can help achieve success in academics and the professional field. It allows your child to have a clear line of communication and facilitates your child to think coherently. Many books help work on improving a child’s writing skills. These books have exercises to be practised daily to enhance their writing skills and correct their grammatical errors.

The Real School Of Montessori offers English writing programs for little kids to better their learning curve. The Real School Of Montessori uses state of the art technology to provide English writing programs and fun activities to clear the basics of the English language for children.  To enrol in our English writing program for kids, visit the website.

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