Gandhi Jayanti is celebrated every year on the 2nd of October. The 2nd October is the birth anniversary of the Father of the nation that is Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi who is popularly known as Mahatma Gandhi. Gandhi Jayanti has been honoured and remembered to again memorise the freedom fighters of India, who fought recklessly. Father of the Nation, as he was called, led India’s freedom movement along with many other national leaders and freedom fighters against the British rule in India.

Being a Father of the Nation, their birth anniversary has been celebrated with full enthusiasm and an optimistic approach. On the day of 2nd October, there is a central gusted holiday. But apart from holidays, this day has been celebrated in different institutions, schools and universities in the form of various activities, to teach the kids about their rich history and how the leaders and other freedom fighters had fought against British Rule in India.

Gandhi Ji had lead numerous awareness programs and the programs like ‘Go Back Simon’, incidents of chauri-chaura, the incidents like non-cooperation movement, Independence of India, etc.

In this article, we will be describing the drawings for the kids, in which they can explore various concepts about the life of Gandhi Ji and can be viewed in the educational activities which are being conducted in the institutions.

Drawing Ideas for Kids & How to Draw Gandhiji for Gandhi Jayanti

Relating to the concept of the Gandhi Jayanti, there are numerous different ideas through which kids can make drawings. Below mentioned are the material which kids need to make the drawings:

  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Water Colours
  • Pencil Colours
  • Crayons
  • Oil Pastel Colours
  • Matchsticks
  • Scale
  • A3 or A4 sheets

The above-mentioned is the requirement of material that is needed to make the drawings related to Gandhi Jayanti. Now, a few steps have been mentioned under how to make a superfluous drawing.

  • Firstly, take an A3 or A4 sheet and make the margin lines. Now, with a pencil make an Ashok Chakra or the Flag of India in the very middle of the sheet. Make a very slight Ashok Chakra so that it might look like a shadow and behind that make a big facial image of Mahatma Gandhi Ji.
  • Make that image smiling and make it bold so that it might appear that Gandhi Ji is appearing from behind the Ashok Chakra and we can make the image attractive through the colours. One must fill the colours in such a way that it may appear that Gandhi Ji is smiling in person, from that image. You can use either poster colours or pencil watercolours which make that image catchy.
  • Another method or way in which you can make drawings of Mahatma Gandhi Ji on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti is one can show the images of the incidents of the non-cooperation movement that had been led by Gandhi Ji. The sufferings and the obstacles that occurred in the way can be depicted through drawings in the sheets.
  • Moreover, colouring those paintings with poster colours, watercolours or with pencil colours make those paintings elegant and it might seem that those people in the painting or the painting itself is speaking something to us.
  • Gandhi Ji weaves a Charkha. One more idea for the drawing that we can show through drawing is that Gandhi Ji is sitting in a plane place and Weaving the Charkha. Charkha is the symbol through which Gandhi Ji asses the message to every individual that they may wear the clothes weaved and made in their own home country.
  • Khaadi is the cloth that is the outcome of the Charkha. Showing GandhiJi as weaving Charkha will again tell people to be ‘Swadeshi’. And kids can even colour that charkha with brown colour and make the drawing elegant.
  • Another idea to make a drawing is to show the scene when Mahatma Gandhi was sent to jail and the people raised their voices against their arrest. This scene will look more enthusiastic and people will admire the sacrifices of Gandhi Ji and all the people towards bringing freedom to their Nation from British rule.
  • If this drawing might be painted from the oil pastel colours of the poster colours then this drawing will be more attractive to the eyes and will influence the minds of the individuals.
  • Moreover, the drawing after Independence can be shown. When Gandhi Ji had been standing with the first Prime Minister of Independent India, Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru.
  • Those magical images either of hosting a flag for the very first time in India or of the meetings on how to run the state now? These kinds of drawings will impact the minds of individuals strongly and they will be having more pride in the freedom fighters of their nation.
  • One more idea related to the drawing on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti is that we can make a national flag of India and alongside we can make a picture of Gandhi Ji standing with the support of a stick and walking. Colouring the national flag in a way that it may appear to be original at its best selves. Glorifying the National Flag and Mahatma Gandhi Ji with the colours will be more catchy and appears to be grooming the personality of the individuals.

Gandhi Jayanti is a day that has been celebrated every year on the 2nd of October on the occasion of the birth anniversary of Sh. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi Ji. He is known as the Father of Nation. His sacrifices, awareness programs, and initiatives helped India to get freedom from British Rule.

Gandhi Ji’s movements like the Non-cooperation movement, Champaran Movement, Round Table conferences, ‘Go Back Simon’, and other incidents helped India to be free. Their sole and firm efforts had helped to motivate the youngsters to be a part of the freedom movement.

Moreover, Gandhi Ji had also initiated the program to use the ‘Swadeshi’ Products like Khaadi, etc. The above-given methods will help you to make the drawings on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti and also will be enriched with the glorious history of the Nation.

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