Every year on 2nd October we celebrate Gandhiji. For Indians, Gandhiji is the Father of the Nation. But are sure that for Gandhi Jayanti 2021 also all citizens have the same admiration for him as in the old days? The answer is no because in the digital era the majority of the people are busy with the Internet and daily life routines.

But even in a busy schedule, you should find time to explain to kids the importance and contributions that Gandhiji had made for our happiness. This article, therefore, discusses some Gandhi Jayanti activities to make kids  Gandhi Jayanti 2021 celebration fun and meaningful.

Gandhi Jayanti Activity for Kindergarten

As part of Gandhi Jayanti, several activities and events are usually celebrated everywhere. But unfortunately this year due to the covid pandemic it is not possible. But don’t worry. We are here with some amazing Gandhi Jayanti activities for kindergarten at home. So make this 2nd October special at home with your kids with these amazing Gandhi Jayanti activities.

1. Dress Up Like Gandhiji

Preparing your child in a “fancy” style is not a simple task! Getting the final look ready takes a lot of thought. To save time, parents shop for children’s attire online. But when it comes to Bapuji, his dressing style is different from other leaders and for kindergarteners, it would be difficult to understand the actual concept behind it.

Gandhi used to wear a basic khadi dhoti and shawl which is easily available at our home. Even though it’s difficult for kids to understand, explain in simple language to kids once they dress in his attire that Bapuji needed to work closely with the poor people and that he couldn’t connect with them if he dressed differently. Even on his journey overseas and until the very last minute, he adhered to the dress code! And he’s never looked back.

Make a bald cap to get his famous bald look. A bald cap is a skin-colored wig-like cap that may be slid over one’s head and also don’t forget the round spectacle. Next, get a fake moustache or you can even draw a moustache on the kid’s face using charcoal, crayon or any other thing which is less harmful and a stick.

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2. Moral Stories of Gandhiji

Storytelling plays an important role in your child’s mental and verbal development. There are several stories of Gandhiji with good moral lessons and when children listen to these stories, they visualize the characters, storyline, place, and so on. Storytelling is different from watching a movie or a cartoon in that it allows children to imagine the days of Gandhiji as the story progresses.

It not only improves their listening skills but also exposes young children to new experiences, such as new places, cultures, and traditions. It allows kids to envision themselves in the shoes of the characters in the story, which increases empathy as they try to grasp their acts.

3. Homemade Charkha

The charkha was seen by Gandhiji as an emblem of the Swadeshi movement. He was certain that weaving and spinning would contribute significantly to the country’s economic progress. A talent that can help the nation greatly and as a result and according to Gandhiji,

“It is the symbol of the nation’s prosperity and, therefore, freedom.”

Kindergarten kids are too small to understand Gandhi and his contribution to our nation. Still, taking part in some Gandhi Jayanti activities like DIY Charkha making is a good method to introduce our Father of the Nation to them.

This Gandhi Jayanti activity for kindergarten is simple and all the things required are easily available at home. Let’s see how a DIY charkha can be made.

Things required 

  • Cardboard paper
  • Glue
  • White thread

Step 1

Cut cardboard paper into 6 pieces in the shape of an ice cream stick. Make sure that all the cardboard papers are the same length and width. Put one cardboard paper vertically on the table. One-piece should be placed horizontally in the centre of the vertical paper to form a cross symbol.

Step 2

To form an “asterisk” symbol, make an “X” with cardboard paper in the centre of the “cross” sign.

Step 3

Stick one end of the cardboard paper by pasting two papers next to each other horizontally.

Step 4 

Now glue one end of the thread to one of the “asterisk” cardboard papers. Continue pasting the thread in a circular pattern to the corners of all the cardboard papers. Connect the thread’s opposite end to the final horizontally positioned stick.

Your Charkha is ready!

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4. Movie Time

Nothing beats the big screen for bringing history to life. Even if they aren’t completely correct, many historical films encourage viewers to learn more about the subject and the genuine narrative behind it. Kindergarten kids can learn about a lot of interesting aspects of Gandhiji’s life or at least they’ll be able to sympathize with the feeling of Gandhiji.

On 2nd October there will be many movies of Gandhiji on many television channels. Therefore watching a biopic or historical movie of Gandhiji is a best Gandhi Jayanti activity for kindergarten. If your kid is not a big fan of historical movies, switch to animation videos as there are plenty of animation stories available on YouTube.

Children are motivated by inspiration from a young age. Regardless of their current circumstances, they will always seek to improve. Movies encourage children to aspire to be successful in life.

Kids get to see how ordinary individuals may be converted into heroes, as well as what they did to get there. As they mature, they will begin to see life from a new perspective, knowing that everything is possible. A common person can make a difference and be noticed by the entire globe.

5. Let them Clean their Room

Gandhi considered cleanliness as a crucial element for keeping people disease-free, including hygiene and sanitation. He thought that everybody had to assume responsibilities and no guilt in doing so to maintain his environment clean. When this kind of Gandhi Jayanti activities are encouraged, kids will get an understanding of Gandhiji’s morals and principles on cleanliness.

Whether it’s Gandhi Jayanti 2021 or Gandhi Jayanti 1990, cleanliness has an important role in our daily life. It has to do with personal and public hygiene. Cleanliness, hygiene, sanitation and numerous circumstances produced by inadequate hygienic conditions are important for everyone to learn. From a young age, habits learned become part of one’s personality.

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Summing Up

Gandhi was a pivotal figure in India’s fight for independence. Throughout his life, he has inspired millions of Indians. His life, morals, and vast literary output have had a lasting impact on our country and other regions of the globe.

So even though it’s a bit difficult for kindergarteners to understand, through some small activities and games let’s create some wisdom and knowledge of our beloved Bapuji in their minds.

Happy Gandhi Jayanti 2021!

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