Due to this noble coronavirus, the education and learning of kids have become a challenging task. All the parents are thinking only one question: how to teach kids? The real school Of Montessori idea of teaching kids is learning with fun. Today real school Of Montessori has brought several ideas of easy paper crafts for kids to learn quickly. Let us know some very easy craft ideas for kids.

Bunny Hat

It is an adorable hat that your kid can easily make. It would help if you had a pink scissor marker and one plain piece of paper. You can tell your kid to colour the paper with the help of a pink marker. When you finish doing this, you can turn that paper into the hat’s shape by cutting it. By doing this, you can involve your child in arts and craft activities. You can also teach them how to colour in one pattern. Then, you can try making various fancy hats. And these hats can be gifted to your child’s friends.

Crown Craft

If your child loves to wear a crown, ask him to make his own. You require some paper, stones, a scissor, and glue. Ask your child to colour the paper into red and black. Cut the paper in the shape of a crown with the help of a scissor. Now ask your child to attach the stones to the crown. And your crown is ready. You can give this crown to your child and also ask him for a story of any kind. Your child will happily tell you many stories. Some of them would be their own.

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Craft Idea for Kids

The following are the craft ideas for kids. You can indulge your child in these works. They will also learn new things while doing them.

1. Paper Puppets

Papercraft is probably the children’s favorite. You can make paper puppets which your children can play with by wearing in their fingers. First, indulge your child in making a drawing of any animal or any Bird on paper. Then fold the paper and make it a roll so that it could be worn in a finger. It looks adorable, and your child will enjoy making it. When you make these paper puppets, your child will learn new things.

2. Cardboard Plane

All the children love airplanes. Making airplanes with cardboard is quite simple. Take a cardboard box that could be easily cut. Now ask your child how to color it in the way they want. Now you can cut that cardboard and make a cardboard plane. And when it is ready, give it to your child to play with. This colourful cardboard plane will look ultimately beautiful, and your child will do a coloring activity.

3. Paper Bracelet

These are charming-looking bracelets. A craft idea that is an elegant look and easy to make. It looks very cool and beautiful to wear this kind of bracelet. You can make them with colourful paper or color paper. Your children will love to wear them at any party or a picnic.

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4. Large Aeroplane

We have told you the idea of a cardboard plane. But a large aeroplane is an idea which is made up of paper. First, ask your child to decorate a paper the way they want. We will use paper in this plane as the paper is light in weight and can quickly fly in the air. Next, design that paper in a plane form. These planes can also fly in the air. Not only it looks beautiful, but also it will be fascinating and awesome to play.

5. Paper Pig Painting

You will require some sheets of newspaper and paint for doing this activity. Spread the sheets all over the table and bring the paint. Now ask your child to bring around making an object, two hearts making the object and one snout making an object. Allow your child to use those projects to make a circle to heart shapes on the ears and one snout shape on how to make a nose. When you are done with the whole shape, you will see a pig has been made. Ask them to colour the pig with pink colour. Now the paper pig is ready, and your child has learnt shapes as well as colouring. Your child will ultimately be delightful now.

6. Monster Bookmarks

Bookmarks are cute looking and attractive. This paper book monsters are used to remember that while reading where on which page you left. First, draw a monster face on paper, then shape that paper and make a bookmark, the paper monster is ready. You can indulge your child in painting the monsters and allow them to make it. These book monsters are very useful. Your child will feel very energetic to read the book as they will be excited to use these book monsters. Moreover, parents can give guidance for school teachers to use these bookmarks for kids.

7. Make Your Paper House

Want your kid to become an architect? A good way, to begin with, is to make a paper house. You can make these paper houses. They are easy to make and also look beautiful. Cut the paper into boxes form and triangle form and paste them with glue. Use triangle paper to shape the roof. Paste them together, and your paper house is ready. In this activity also the child will learn about various shapes. You can make different shapes of houses and make your child learn about those shapes’ names. Ultimately you will design a paper town for your child.

8. Blossom Flower Ideas

It is a beautiful craft for kids with paper. Bring white paper and give it to your child. Ask them to color it using different colours. Now cut them in the shape of flowers. You can make three sizes of these papers and paste them by attaching one over the other with a bead. And your blossom flowers are ready. You can paste them at different places in your house. They will look gorgeous.

Some Guidance For Parents About How to Teach Kids?

Parents act as the first teacher for every child. Additionally, they are responsible for guiding their child. But sometimes, due to situations, toddlers do not listen to their parents. In that situation, what are parents supposed to do? How to teach kids?

Firstly, you should talk to your child and be their friend. You can play with them; You can help them talk to them like their friends. The next step is learning with fun by taking guidance from the real school Of Montessori. The real school Of Montessori provides you with the best ideas about how to do learning with fun.


Real School Of Montessori is the best place to make your child learn with fun. Real School Of Montessori has given you easy craft ideas so that your child can learn quickly. Furthermore, Real School Of Montessori teaches you to provide the best guidance to children. You have learnt various craft ideas today. You can practice them with your kids. And hence, you will see the child learning many new skills. The education system which followed us has become old. We focus more on theoretical concepts, not on practical learnings. Thus, real school Of Montessori is on the path to bring many new ideas for practical learning.

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