Parenting is not easy. We all are trying our best to give our children the best environment to learn and grow. However, there are things that we don’t know or have any idea about. Being part of a nuclear family, far away from our parents and relatives, we sometimes lack the guidance that we need to nurture our children’s future. Hence, we bring a brand new video series called “Parent Connect – Nurture Future”. This is a one of a kind parent-to-parent collective, where we collaborate with Teachers, Parents, Psychologists and Educators around the world, to bring you the information you need to shape your child’s personality and future.

To kickstart our initiative, we bring you our first Interviewer – Anita Mishra 

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About Anita Mishra

Anita Mishra

Anita Mishra, is a motivational speaker, psychotherapist and counsellor based out of Delhi. Anita also had the distinction of being associated with several reputed schools like G D Goenka , NK Bagrodia, Agaresen, Laurel High, Happy Home and many more. She is an expert career counselor and guides students to identify their true passion. Apart from that, she is also a mother of two bright girls. The elder one is pursuing her post graduation and the younger one is in class 12th, pursuing to become a doctor. To know more about her, check out her personal website here.

Highlights of Her Conversation:

  • Children have multiple intelligences, we should look for a course and curriculum that nurtures that.
  • Homework is important for child development, however, it should be curated based on children’s individual learning process.
  • We adults have a very mechanical way of doing things, we should push our kids to follow those mandates.
  • Both schools and parents should also focus on a child’s communication by teaching them empathy and enhancing their listening skills. Communication is not always about speaking and winning elocution competitions.

If you are passionate parent or educationist and interested to part of our initiative, write us at – [email protected]

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