India is a diverse country with numerous religions, languages and castes etc. Majorly, there are 22 different languages, which have been spoken in their regions. But among all the languages, Hindi is being considered as our National Language. Hence, this language has been given a lot of importance and preference in today’s time. Learning and teaching Hindi is not an easy task, but learning Hindi through activities somehow makes it easy to adapt. So these articles will talk about the various activities and methods through which an individual can learn and teach Hindi.

Learning a language might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it can be everyone’s cup if each individual learns and studies it with full concentration and dedication. For example, if one is not familiar with Hindi, they can learn it with numerous activities.

Although, in today’s fast-moving time, learning with traditional methods is a bit slower. It might take months to learn Hindi. But if one can teach and learn Hindi with some modern techniques, it becomes easy to adopt Hindi.

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Hindi Language

Some activities to teach Hindi language are through making word flashcards, pictorial flashcards, introducing one sound (स्वर) and consonant (व्यंजन)  in a day and through various activities etc. Thus, there are many different methods to teach Hindi through activities.

Basically, in Hindi language, the more emphasis one has to put is on the sounds (स्वर). Because if one gets to learn them correctly, half of the ladder to learning Hindi has been completed. One can teach these sounds through picture recognition and tell the correct way to open the mouth and shape the mouth in different sounds.

We have 11 different sounds (स्वर)  and 38 distinct consonants (व्यंजन) in Hindi. In addition, there are two more distinct sounds, i.e., known as अनु स्वर. Each one is having a different vibrant tone and different ways to open the mouth.

How to Teach Hindi to Kids?

To teach Hindi to kids is the most challenging thing as tiny tots don’t even know how to read and write Hindi. So the first major thing one has to do is by teaching step by step, starting with the basic sounds (स्वर) and then further moving towards the consonants (व्यंजन).

These sounds and consonants of Hindi can be taught through picture recognition, through listening to particular sounds and through flashcards. Moreover, by giving examples from real life. For instance, if you are teaching them the sound, i.e., स्वर  ‘ू’, you can tell them the Hindi version of the shoes they wear is, ‘जूता.’

That is how they might recognise the sound, as the longer the tone goes, the longer will be its sign.

After the sounds and consonants get correctly recognised by the children. Then, stepping forward to the combination of different sounds (अक्षर जोड़). This will help children to form and learn new words. This will also help them to understand these words, and they can also form numerous words. The combination of words must be from the basic, without any addition of sound.For instance, ज+ग = जग, र+ थ = रथ. These are the combination of words with the formation of the basic words.

How to Make them Understand Words?

Once the children understand these basic words, they step towards combining different words with different sounds. For instance, अ+ा+म = आम, क+त+ा+र = कतार and many more words like these with different sounds. This activity will help them differentiate between the long and short tone sounds and help them learn the new terms.

Stepping forward, after the learning and recognition process, one must be taught how to write these words. The formation of different consonants and sounds must be taught peculiarly. Another activity through which kids can learn Hindi language is by teaching them other poems and songs in Hindi.

Moreover, through quizzes and word activities, one can teach and learn Hindi language easily. Moreover, by playing word games with children and through the pictures in the surroundings, they can easily adapt to the language.

To teach  Hindi, we can also consider the activity, making numerous words with one basic word. For example, if our basic word is ‘म’ – मैं, मेरा, मेरे, मुझको, ममता, माँ, माया, मछली, मेरठ, आदि।  This gives us a list of how we can form numerous words just by taking one basic word.

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How to Teach Kids Hindi?

Learning Hindi is also a challenging task as teaching Hindi. If you are a parent, you want to learn Hindi for your kid. It is quite detailed. As being a parent and elder, you know how to speak Hindi but learning it accurately and then further implementing it in life is a quite hard task. But if there is a will, there is a way.

Anyone can learn language easily, through various methods, which we are having with us. Living in the technological time, where every micro and macro work has been done through the Internet. Same with learning language. There are numerous online free and paid apps to learn Hindi.

In today’s time, Duolingo is the most favoured online app for learning the language. In this app, you can learn Hindi through games. The app has different levels to cross over. Starting from basic to an advanced level, you can easily learn Hindi from any group.

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Games & Hindi

  1. As gaming is the best way to learn anything, it can also easily adapt to the mind. Having the language acquisition function in the brain, this function magnetically attracts things. And Hindi can be learnt at a fast pace.
  2. Another activity that can be adapted and how an individual can learn Hindi quickly is forming short sentences on a micro-level. For instance, राम घर चल।, श्याम खाना खाओ।  After learning these basic short sentences, one can move forward to the macro and hard level sentences. For instance, राम घर चल कर खाना खा।  These complex sentences will help them to acquire the language more quickly.
  3. Moreover, one can learn Hindi for kids through word game activities like starting from the basic term ‘आ’ the other Individual who will be playing this game with him has to take out more words with this basic word. And through अंताक्षरी of Hindi शब्दकोश। 

These activities will further help them to improve their Hindi vocabulary and will improve their pronunciation of words. So these activities will allow them to excel in the Hindi language to share this knowledge and teach the same to their kids. So it’s beneficial for them and their kids also.


Henceforth, they forget the article suggests various activities to learn the Hindi language easily and quickly. These are the easy adaptive methods to learn the language. Activities are the methods that can easily grasp the mind through games and various things done with enthusiasm and enjoyment. But, unfortunately, Hindi is the language that people forget nowadays. Still, being the upcoming generation, one must be taught Hindi with efficiency to get aware of their National language and implement this in their lives.

These activities like picture flashcards, word flashcards, quiz, poems, songs, word combination, word games etc. will help every individual to adapt to it on the first go.

Activities to learn the Hindi language is a modest way to learn a particular language.

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