Geometry is a branch of mathematics that deals with the shapes, sizes, and configuration of 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional figures. When it comes to kids, we know that they learn things easily when visualise. So, we can incorporate videos in the lessons to address their visual needs, giving our lessons an unexpected twist.

What’s the Point of Geometry

Listed below are the fun geometry videos for kids which address the variety of grade levels and geometry topics.

#1. What’s the Point of Geometry

Geometry lies at the root of all drawing, so it’s good to know what’s the point of it. This video will be best for kids to make them understand the point of it as you will find this video fun yet informational.

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#2. Basic Figures of Geometry

Learning basic figures of geometry can be difficult for some students. However, not with this video! It is perfect for the introduction of basic figures of geometry as it starts with telling how the basic figures are made and explain each geometry component involved which makes it an excellent resource for introducing the concept of basic figures of geometry for kids.

#3. Symmetry in the Geometry

Symmetry is all around us! It is out there in nature and is used in art, design, and maths, especially in geometry. If you want to introduce the concept of symmetry to your children, then you have to check out this video which shows and explains symmetry in terms of shapes and drawings. It uses real-life objects as examples to explain the concept.

Symmetry in the Geometry

#4. Polygons!

How fun and interesting it would be to introduce the concept of polygons to your child with a polygon song? The Polygon Song is a shape song video that talks about the different polygons like a triangle, quadrilateral, pentagon, hexagon, heptagon, octagon, nonagon, and decagon. This video uses an audio-visual technique that will help your kids to fully understand what a polygon is.

#5. 2-D Shapes

In this video, your kids will learn about the 2-D shapes, their names, their properties, they will count the number of angles, and see the difference between each shape. The colourful animated talking train in the video will keep your kids engaged and easy-to-understand explanations will leave no room for confusion about 2-D shapes.

These fun geometry videos for children have brought us this far and we have learned a lot till now. But there’s a lot more to learn and to learn that keep scrolling!

#6. 3-D Shapes 

The same talking train from the previous video will help your kids to learn about 3-D shapes. This interactive, fun, educational video will guide your children to not only know about the 3-D shapes but also guide them through to understand that what makes it 3-D.

The choo-choo train in the video names each shape wonderfully explains its properties and teaches kids how to distinguish it from other solids. Enjoy beautiful 3D animation and nice background music while learning.

H3 #7. Faces, Edges, and Vertices of 3-D Shapes

Do you know how many faces a cube has? Or how many edges does the pyramid have? Or how many flat faces does a cone have? Well, this video is perfect to extend the concept of 3-D shapes we learned in the previous video.

You can use this video to teach your children about 3-D shapes such as cube, sphere, coin, pyramid, and cuboid, and in this video shapes, characters will help your child to learn.

Vertices of 3-D Shapes

#8. Angles-Types and Definition

This video is incredibly helpful to make your children understand angles. This video has used the basic yoga exercises to explain the various angles. It is a fun geometry video for children which will help them to learn what an angle is, a segment, or a vertex among other concepts.

Kids will also learn how to classify angles depending on the size of their inside angle i.e. acute angle, right angle, obtuse angle, etc. So smile while learning!

#9. How to Draw Triangles?

The main character, ancient Greek mathematician Euclid, gives us a brief introduction to differential geometry topics like lines, angles, and triangles. He tells us how a triangle is drawn by connecting three points with three lines and then forming three angles.

Also, this video is an excellent supplement to any geometry lesson about lines, angles, and triangles.

How to Draw Triangles

#10.  What is Perimeter?

Understanding the perimeter seems simple enough, but it can be tricky for some students to fully understand. But this fun geometry video for kids solves our problem. This is an educational video for children to learn what the perimeter of a polygon is and how we calculate it.

Visuals actually make the tricky things easy to understand and this video is the perfect option to make your child learn about the perimeter in a much simpler way.


Here were the 10 fun geometry videos for kids which can really drive home various maths concepts to your children when you incorporate them into your geometry lessons. It’s undeniable that these videos will help kids to better understand geometry. Therefore, we, at the Real School Of Montessori, ensure the excellent and comprehensive development of your kids. We want to work on the very foundation of what we learn, how we learn, and why we learn. You can smile and learn with these fun geometry videos for children and can ensure the best education for your child and secure their way to a brighter tomorrow at the same time.

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