Holi Activity for Preschool: Colourful and Fun Holi Ideas, Activities and Crafts for Kids

Holi is a colourful spring celebration celebrated with singing and dancing. Although it is celebrated mostly in India and Nepal as an ancient Hindu religious holiday, it is gaining popularity among non-Hindus in South Asia and around the world. It’s not surprising, either! People gather to sing and dance around a Holika campfire the night before the festival.

The real fun starts in the morning, when boys and girls, men and women, of all ages, chase each other about with water pistols, coloured water, dry paint, and balloons! Can you believe it? Wearing your old clothes on Holi is a great idea!

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There is music and parades, and there’s a riot of colour everywhere, as well as colourful individuals! People tidy up in the evening and go out to meet relatives and friends, sharing Holi delicacies. The festival is celebrated every year on a different date, sometimes in February and most often in March. This year’s Holi will be celebrated on March 18, 2022.

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Holi Activity for Preschool

Holi is just around the corner, and you’ve come to the perfect place if you’re seeking Holi-themed crafts, art, and other Activities for Kids.

It is one of India’s most important festivals, held on the full moon day in March. The festival is also known as the colour festival which is celebrated with colours. Holi is celebrated by dousing each other in vibrant colours. Fill their pichkaris with water and splash their companions! Water balloon splashing is also becoming popular.

This Holi, why not get your kids involved in some colourful and entertaining Holi Art & Craft activities? Just for you, we’ve compiled a list of the best Holi art & craft activities for kids!

What is Holi?

The festival, also known as “Holika,” is an ancient Hindu festival that is extensively observed in (mainly northern) India and Nepal. Holi’s customs and significance have evolved, but it is still predicated on the triumph of virtue over evil. Throwing coloured powder, eating special dishes, and being with friends and family are all part of the colourful holiday.

The entire city of Mumbai almost closes down for Holi’s main day. During our time in India, it seemed as if Holi was the one occasion that drew everyone together in a bright day of joy, regardless of whether you were Christian, Hindu, or Muslim rich or poor.

How Locals in India Celebrate Holi?

The festival is celebrated in India in a variety of ways. While many of the events in the north of India that tourists visit are geared considerably more towards adults, we found ourselves in Mumbai focused on how to celebrate safely and festively with kids in tow.

Residents of some buildings hired water tanker trucks to pour water down from the roof, simulating rain, while kids in other locations filled balloons with coloured water and happily tossed them at passers-by. Some families have intimate gatherings in their building when they delicately apply colour on each other’s cheeks. Regardless of how it is observed, everyone believes that it is a wonderful way to welcome the arrival of spring.

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How Kids Celebrate Holi?

You’ve heard about Holi and seen pictures of it, but aren’t sure if you (or your child) are ready for such a public event? Instead, we advocate throwing your house party and celebration. The festival is a simple and entertaining pastime that allows you to immerse yourself in not just the colour but also the true essence of this festive Indian celebration.

Every year in March, Holi is celebrated for many days; the exact dates are determined by the lunar cycle (on the full moon). It will be celebrated on March 18th, 2022. The festivities begin the night before with pujas (prayer and offering) and bonfires in the streets in preparation for the main event of colour flinging.

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Fun Holi Activity Ideas for Preschool

Colouring Pages

The majority of children enjoy colouring. Colouring in pictures may appear to be an easy endeavour, but it is an excellent way for kids to enhance their motor skills and focus.  Put a sheet of paper in a tray or go outside to conduct this exercise. Half-cut the straws. This would make the blowing action more effective and bring it closer to the paint.

Using a dropper or paintbrush, apply one or more droplets of liquid watercolour on the paper. Blow the paint drips through the straw. Continue the previous processes with other paint colours. Set aside to dry once you’re satisfied with your design. You can use the paint to make your Holi card once it has dried. It’s just like playing Holi, except on a card!

Making Colours

To make a thick paste, combine cornstarch and water in a mixing dish. Now combine the food colouring and cornstarch mixture. Gloves will come in helpful at this point! For extra aroma, a drop of essential oil can be used. Allow the bowl to dry for two days outside in the sun. The mixture will become dry and crumbly after two days. To make a powder, combine all of the ingredients and colours in a cup or a blender. Your colour palette is complete! To make more colours, repeat the technique.

Hammar Art Activity

Place dots of different paint colours all over a sheet of white paper. Cotton rounds should be used to cover each paint dot. You may now ask your youngster to predict which colour is beneath the cotton before pressing it with a hammer to add to the enjoyment. Now have him smack the cotton with a hammer or the back of a spoon. Colours will splatter all over the place. After all of the cotton rounds have been slapped, remove the cotton. You’ll be left with a fantastic work of art to display!

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Balloon Popping

Fill the balloon with a small amount of paint pigment. Blow the balloons up a little and tie the ends together. Using tape, adhere the balloons to the canvas. Use a pen or a dart to pop the balloons. Colours will scatter across the canvas, creating a stunning paint splatter piece of art!


Using different colours, drip or squirt paint all over the sheet. You could also use a paintbrush or a syringe. When the colour has dried, cut the sheet into triangles. Buntings can also be made in a variety of shapes and styles. You can play with triangles, diamonds, and circles. Punch holes in the tops of each triangle with a punching machine. Make your bunting by threading the thread through the holes.

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Water-Balloon Paintings

Half-fold the A4 sheet of paper. Dip the hand stamp or your hands in the paint that has been placed on the palette. Place them on the paper and dab them. Repeat with different colours. Inside the card, you can put a greeting.

Fill water balloons with air. If you fill it too full, it can burst while you’re painting with them. Take a large sheet of paper and tie the corners with a rock to keep the paper from blowing away in the wind. Now it’s time to paint the balloons and make the artwork. Balloons can be dabbed, rolled, spun, or spun on paper. Allow time for it to dry.

Holi Activities for Kids

Make a simple Color Book to remember all of our colourful adventures! On each page, draw a member of our family. Then, on each page, write a colour word. Splatter painted each page according to the colour with a paintbrush and water paints.

Invite your child’s classmates over for an informal get-together. Include themed activities like spray paint and finger painting to keep children entertained. Make it a theme party by dressing everyone in bright colours.

There are a plethora of social organisations that organise special activities for kids. Singing, body painting, dancing, and watching movies are among the activities. You can sign your child up for any of these activities.

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Holi Activity for Kids

You can acquire coloured confetti for your child if you’re worried about the dangerous chemicals in paints and want them to enjoy Holi while staying safe. They can have fun with their buddies and throw harmless confetti at each other without harming anyone.

Organise a Rangoli or painting competition on a smaller scale. Your child and his or her friends can take part; you can ask them to create a colourful artwork and be sure to thank each youngster because it will increase his or her confidence.

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You may even celebrate Holi in the comfort of your own home by hosting a baking party. Involve your youngster in the preparation of colourful meals for his or her pals. You can bake lovely pancakes, cupcakes, or anything else that will catch your child’s interest.

You can also have a fun arts and crafts session with your child by painting simple holiday paper dolls, cards, pichkari, and many other things.

Get into the mood of the festival by getting into the groove. Play practical jokes on your kids. Surprise them by catching them off a surprise by painting them in unusual colours or soaking them in a pail of water. Bura na maano, after all! Happy Holi!

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