Top Fun Learning App for Kids: Get these Apps to Teach Kids in a Fun Manner

Over the past two decades, the education industry has undergone a huge revolution. With the arrivals of websites and apps learning has become much more easy and accessible for individuals belonging to every age and background. This has bridged the gap between teachers, parents and kids. Students can pursue any skill they want to and from anywhere in the world.

Continue reading this article to know more about the best educational apps for kids and the best fun learning apps for kids.

Best Educational Apps for Kids

Do parents often wonder which is the best app for learning kids? No need to worry. Below is the list of the best fun learning apps for children.


Class Dojo is an excellent app for kids wanting to learn different skills online. This app allows teachers, parents, and students to interact with each other.  This app allows you to enjoy the classroom experience without actually replacing it. The teachers provide positive reinforcement to students to constantly motivate them.


Duolingo is an app that helps children learn foreign languages. Kids can learn Danish, Dutch, French, Spanish, German and even English. This app is completely free to use and download and there are even no hidden charges. This app is extremely fun and effective.

Dragon box

This is an app that makes learning extremely fun and interesting for kids. This app teaches children five different disciplines of maths which includes algebra and geometry both. Dragon box makes mathematical concepts fun for children rather than boring.

Quick Math

This app focuses on acquanting kids with numbers and providing general math skills to students from grades second to sixth. Quick math is the best option for improving children’s maths and also helps them tackle a number of difficulties and challenges.

YouTube Kids

Youtube kids offers entertaining and educational videos and content to inspire and develop children’s minds. It is one of the best learning apps for kids to refer too,since it offers them an easy way to access their concepts. This is free to use and the videos are family and kids friendly.


Science 360 is an app developed by the National Science Foundation. All the content available on the app is authentic, is of high quality and updated each week. The content offered by them is gathered by scientists and reputed universities around the world. The app also offers a 360 view which permits kids to explore images from each angle.

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Crossword Puzzles

This is an app used by kids wanting to have fun while learning. It supports all the aspects of learning and motivates children to excel in school and have fun. You can set up your child for success by encouraging them to use this application constantly.

Flow Free

This is a game which is fun and interesting for both adults and kids. There are more than 2000 puzzles available for free.

Spelling Stage

This is an app for kids who find spelling words difficult. Kids who want to improve their vocabulary often visit this application. The paid subscription offered by them offers a variety of words for students of different age groups from toddlers to adults.

My Molecularium

My Molecularium is an entertaining educational app, designed to ensure that High School students can study with a refreshed mind. The app is full of many fun games which encourages students to learn concepts of chemistry related to molecular structures and chemical formulas.

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The Real School Of Montessori

The Real School Of Montessori is a free app that is available on both the app and play store. Students are mentored personally by experts in different fields on topics that are unique to both kids and parents alike. Their focus is to make the classes interesting, experiment with the syllabus, interact with children and help each child discover their passion. Their curriculum is dynamic and state of the art, which focuses on skills that matter in the future, and enriching the kids with interesting and relevant knowledge, and is developed by experts.

They offer courses in product development, applied robotics, design and innovation, and communication. It is the best English Learning App for kids.

What is the Benefit of Personal Mentoring?

Personal mentoring helps in individualized goal setting. Mentors can help their mentees assess their academic goals and progress, help them develop a plan of action and also learn time management. Students can also learn adaptability and goal setting. The Real School Of Montessori offers 2 mentors, one mentor who takes video sessions and the other one is an academic mentor who monitors the progress of the student.

Every mentor who works at The Real School Of Montessori are experts in their particular fields and have a lot of interest in teaching.

The Real School Of Montessori Curriculum

The Real School Of Montessori designs an excellent curriculum for their students. They cover more than 100 projects over a duration of three years. Students can also cover the syllabus at their own pace. The curriculum is different for each student and age group. Each student will be given different resources based on their mental age. The curriculum is based on projects and each project is multidisciplinary. The Real School Of Montessori curriculum also covers the curriculum of each school, and the content is created from the best resources around the world.

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This article might have given you multiple options of best educational apps for kids and best fun learning apps for children. These mobile apps offer multiple benefits to students while learning online. Students are more inclined to use mobile for every purpose and these apps are a perfect way to help them educate them. These apps have helped children enhance their skills. You can also visit  The Real School Of Montessori website to know more about it. It is one of the best apps to enhance your kid’s skill.

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