Pongal Speech for Kids: Let’s Celebrate this Festival Informative, Fun and Interactive

Pongal is an agricultural festival in Tamil Nadu and parts of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh that brings joy and excitement to the people. In Tamil, the word means ‘overflowing.’ The festival is important because it spreads the message of good wishes, peace, good health, prosperity, and fulfilment of wishes. The festival takes place when the sun enters the ‘Makar Rashi’ in the month of January, signalling the end of the winter solstice and the start of longer, warmer days.

Here is a short speech about Pongal. Let’s celebrate this Pongal by learning some information about it.

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Pongal Speech for Kids

India celebrates a variety of festivals and celebrations throughout the year. It is a festival celebrated in India’s south. It is primarily a harvest celebration. A harvest festival is one that commemorates the planting and harvesting of new crops. This is rice or sugar cane in the case of Pongal.

Pongal is traditionally celebrated for four days. The festival symbolises both happiness and prosperity. It is a harvest festival that can be found all over India. This demonstrates the uniqueness of our activities, which are all linked by a single theme. As a result, Pongal is a festival full of hope, joy, and happiness.

Speech Ideas for Kids

Good morning, Respected Principal, Teachers, and Friends.

My name is Ram.

Today, I’m going to discuss the Pongal festival.

Pongal is an Indian harvest festival celebrated in Tamilnadu. Every year on the 14th of January, this festival is held. According to the Tamil calendar, it is the first day of the Thai month. For four days, it is commemorated.

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Bhogi Pongal is the first day. Burning old things, destroying old items, and welcoming new ones are all part of Bhogi Pongal.

Surya Pongal is the second day. Surya Pongal is a festival that honours the Sun and the farmers who provide food. On this day, milk, raw rice, and jaggery are used to make Sweet Pongal. This is given to God, and then everyone eats it with their family and friends. They say “Pongalo Pongal” when the milk boils while making Pongal.

Mattu Pongal is the third day. This is a holiday dedicated to thanking cows for providing milk. Cows are also beneficial to farmers. On this day, Jallikattu is commemorated in important Tamilnadu locations.


Kanum Pongal Day is the fourth day of the festival. Kanum is a Persian word that means “to come.” This is commemorated by paying visits to family and friends. Elders bestow blessings on children. On this day, they also play a variety of games, such as pulling the rope, breaking the pot, and so on.

I cordially invite you all to our village’s celebration.

Thank you, everyone.

Pongal Speech- 150 Words

When it comes to India and its celebrations, one point that is often overlooked is the concept of unity in diversity. The festivals that take place all over India are a reflection of the country’s unique feature of unity in diversity. That harvest season is significant economically, culturally, and socially throughout India. This is why there are different harvest festivals in different parts of India.

It is a cultural product that celebrates the harvest and the prosperity that comes with it. To the rest of the world, celebrating freshly harvested crops may seem strange, but it is crucial for a country like India. It is divided into three days, each with its own name: surya, bhogi, and mattu. Intriguingly, in addition to being a festival, it also includes the making of a sweet dish called Pongal, which is made with freshly harvested rice.

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200 Word Speech

India is an agricultural economy as well as a land of festivals. Festivals associated with the harvest season hold a special place in the hearts of those who celebrate them.

It is intended to be technical for villages that are primarily associated with agriculture. But there’s also a sense of gratitude to God for providing the agricultural season with just the right amount of sunshine and rain. It is a Tamil word that means “to boil over.”

This refers to the sweet dish made from freshly harvested rice and served to the Gods after being boiled in jaggery and milk. It should be viewed not only as a festival that celebrates culture and prosperity but also as a way of recognising the dedication of those who work tirelessly to feed the entire country.


It, then, contains not only religious significance but also appropriate reverence. The festival is widely associated with the sun God Surya, but it also represents strength and determination. India celebrates the spirit of diversity while remaining united. It is one of the aspects that emphasises this.

300 Word Speech

India’s harvest festival in the south brings together the community of people who work around the clock for the entire country. It’s not just  Bihu or Makar Sankranti that have this effect.

Although each harvest festival in India has a unique story to tell, the efforts behind the scenes are not overlooked. Here, you’ll find offerings to the sun god, including a sweet dish made from rice boiled in jaggery and milk, as a way of thanking him for the climate’s brilliance.

More Information

What cannot be dismissed, however, is the idea that underpins the festival celebrations. The idea of a community of people banding together for the sake of a new harvest isn’t the only issue at hand. The community ties that contribute to the spirit and essence of the festival are also significant.

The soil, the rains, the sun, and the plough are all essential elements in making Pongal what it is spiritually, as it is spread out over three days. It is not only a harvest festival but also a celebration of faith and culture.


The importance of such festivals in India demonstrates the country’s strong ties to culture, religion, and humanity above all else. The fact that they can be distinguished from their nature and personality does not allow for multiple interpretations or deep divisions. It will continue to speak widely through its celebration of the message of unity and togetherness as long as humanity and humanism exist.

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Celebrate Pongal with Kids

The younger the person, the better. Start talking to your children about the stories behind the festivals and why certain rituals are observed when they are about three or four years old. Make the process enjoyable and interesting.

For instance, while you’re drawing an intricate kolam, enlist their assistance. Most kids enjoy drawing and are eager to try something new. Although the kolam may not be perfect, it will make your children happy. They’ll be overjoyed to be able to contribute something lovely to the harvest festival.


There will be events in and around your neighbourhood around the time of the harvest festival to highlight the significance of the occasion. Bring your kids to these shows. Allow this to serve as a teaching opportunity by explaining what harvest festivals are all about. The ambience will also help to set the right tone!

This is a time when families come together to celebrate four days of fun. Instead of allowing your children to sit in front of the TV or play video games this year, include them in the festivities. Festivals are extremely popular among children. They can sometimes be unstoppable with just a little nudge or a push in the right direction. A very happy Pongal to you and your family!

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