How to Teach Coding to Kids? Path to a Greater and a Brighter Future

Coding, sometimes also known as Computer programming, is a way of communicating with computers. These codes tell us what actions a computer has to take, and writing these codes is like creating a set of instructions. By learning these codes, one can make their computers work in a faster way. Further, these skills can be used to make websites and apps, process data, and do lots of other cool things.

But why should one learn how to code?

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Why Should One Learn to Code?

One should learn how to code because there are several reasons behind that. Everyone has dreams, hopes, and plans for the future. Whether one is looking for a new opportunity, wanting to start a new hobby, optimize their current job, or simply anything, all of it requires coding, and with the help of it, one learns to get closer to their goals. And, the best part about it is that anyone can learn it – anytime and anywhere!

What is Kids Coding?

Now, there is one question that arises in the minds of various readers and that is “What is Coding for Kids?”

Coding for Kids

Coding for kids is the collection of opportunities that are available for an individual that is available for one in the field of coding.

These opportunities help an individual to be all fun and gamified and keep their young minds engaged in something that will help them to grow in the near future. And thanks to the many programs available on the internet that can help kids to freshen up their minds with something new. Along with this, it helps their minds to grow. One such coding program is available at Real School learning that will help your kids with learning the basics from the comfort of their homes. Just enrol them into these programs and help them evolve into a completely different world altogether.

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What is the Best Age to Start Teaching Kids Coding?

Kids can start learning it at a very early age. Learning it at an early age will help them to have enough time to clear out their basics and learn all the things at a pace even slower than others if they have to.

But the best age to start learning to code is seven years. So, kids as young as seven years of age can start coding and learning the programming basics. In fact, it has recently gained a lot of popularity as technology has become an increasing part of everyday life. So, kids who learn how to code can have a great insight into their future and can open gates to so many of the future opportunities that are awaiting them.

Coding for Kids

It has now become an essential skill for grown-ups as well as children, and today, the internet is full of various coding programs for kids of all ages. There are various benefits of coding. These can be:

# Building simple websites and games that will help kids to refine their design, logic, and problem-solving abilities

# Allows the kids to express their ideas freely express their ideas and creativity in unique ways

Free Coding Programs and Websites

There are various free coding programs and websites for kids:

#1. Code.org

#2. Code Monster

#3. Scratch

#4. mBlock

#5. Khan Academy

#6. Swift Playgrounds

Low-cost and Subscription-based Programs

Other such low-cost and subscription-based coding programs and websites for kids:

#1. Codecademy

#2. Code Avengers

#3. Code Combat

#4. Code Monkey

#5. Codemoji

#6. Kodable

#7. Stencyl

#8. Tynker

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Coding Language for Kids

1. Python

Python is a programming language that reads exactly like normal speech. It is easy to learn python as a language as it will further help one to have a basic grip on how to think like a programmer. With the help of Python, kids can have very few problems in life regarding learning how to program.

2. Ruby

Ruby has the most readable syntax for beginner programmers. Instead of spending a lot of time explaining things to kids, there will be many things that will be self-explanatory for them.

More Such Programs

3. Java

Java is a bit harder than the other two, i.e., Ruby or Python. But if your kid or you have decided to choose Java as a programming language that you want to learn, it will be a bit easier than the other two because learning it as a first-time programming language makes it a lot easier than the other two. Java has been helping students create their own apps or websites and it’ll be a lot easier for them then.

4. C++

This programming language might look a bit like mathematics or might put the students off the idea of learning how to code. But once you get to know its basics, you’ll fall in love with this language as this language can help an individual to open so many doors in his/her life into the world of programming.


Kids love creating animations or listening to interactive stories and for this purpose, Scratch is the best programming language that will help them to learn so many new things just for free.

This language is very simple for kids to learn and it can help your kids engage in it for a long time.

How to Teach Coding to Kids?

#1. Define It

Before learning anything, kids just want to know what it basically is and if they find the concept interesting enough, they will be ready to learn it as soon as possible. So, define the concepts of coding to them in as an interesting way as possible.

#2. Talk about It

Talk about the different coding languages with kids so as to let them decide which language is more interesting and the one that they want to learn.

For example – There are various languages like Scratch, JavaScript, Lua, and Java, etc.

#3. Get Them Interested Enough in Learning How to do It

The very first step of any parent or teacher in helping them learn their kids/students learn how to code is to get them excited about the concepts of it. Connect it with all the things they already enjoy like Java and Minecraft, Lua and Roblox, Python and artificial intelligence, etc.

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Coding Classes for Kids

Given below is a list of some amazing classes for kids that can help them to learn coding with the comfort of sitting at their homes. These are:

# Real School

# CodeKarts

# CodeSpark Academy

# Kodable

# Scratch

# Move the Turtle

# Tynker

# Swift Playgrounds

# Hopscotch

More Such Coding Classes for Kids

# Mimo

# Codea

# Coding Safari

# Algorithm City

# LEGO Boost

# Daisy the Dinosaur

# Cargo Bot

# Run Marco

# SoloLearn : Learn to Code

# Grasshopper

# Rox’s Secret Code

# DCoder


Hopefully, you must have found this information useful and if you have any doubts regarding the same, feel free to comment down below and let us know all about it.

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