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General Knowledge Questions for Kids: Kids Online Activities

General knowledge is an essential aspect of a child’s education, as it helps them to understand the world around them better. Having a good general knowledge base is crucial for academic success and can also contribute to a child’s overall development. In this blog, we will explore some basic and advanced general knowledge questions for kids, along with some fun online activities to encourage general knowledge learning.

How to Encourage General Knowledge Learning in Kids?

There are many ways to encourage general knowledge learning in kids. Here are a few ideas:

  1. Reading: Encourage your child to read books on various topics, such as history, geography, science, and current events. Reading will not only enhance their general knowledge but also improve their vocabulary and comprehension skills.
  2. Watching educational shows: Watching educational shows like National Geographic or Discovery Channel can expose kids to new and exciting information.
  3. Playing educational games: There are many educational games available online that can help kids learn about various subjects.
  4. Exploring their surroundings: Encourage your child to explore their surroundings, such as parks, museums, and libraries. This will help them learn about their community and the world around them.

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Basic General Knowledge Questions

  1. What is the capital of the United States?
  2. What is the largest continent in the world?
  3. What is the largest ocean in the world?
  4. Who invented the telephone?
  5. Who painted the Mona Lisa?
  6. What is the capital of Australia?
  7. What is the name of the largest desert in the world?
  8. What is the highest mountain in North America?
  9. Who wrote the famous novel “To Kill a Mockingbird”?
  10. Who discovered America?
  11. Which animal is known as the ‘King of the Jungle’?
  12. What is the name of the biggest waterfall in the world?
  13. What is the smallest continent in the world?
  14. Who is the current President of the United States?
  15. What is the name of the currency used in Japan?

These questions cover a wide range of topics such as geography, history, literature, and more. Encouraging kids to learn and explore different subjects will not only help them in school but also spark their curiosity and imagination.

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Advanced General Knowledge Questions for Kids

  1. What is the difference between a herbivore and a carnivore?
  2. What is the formula for water?
  3. What is the largest planet in our solar system?
  4. Who discovered gravity?
  5. What is the tallest mountain in the world?
  6. Who was the first person to walk on the moon?
  7. What is the name of the largest lizard in the world?
  8. What is the smallest bone in the human body?
  9. What is the name of the process by which plants convert sunlight into energy?
  10. Who discovered the theory of relativity?
  11. What is the name of the world’s largest coral reef system?
  12. Who painted the famous artwork “The Starry Night”?
  13. What is the name of the largest bird in the world?
  14. Who invented the first computer?
  15. What is the name of the first human to journey into space?

These questions cover a range of advanced topics, such as science, history, and art. Encouraging kids to learn about different subjects will not only broaden their knowledge base but also help them develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Providing opportunities for kids to explore and ask questions can help foster a love of learning that will benefit them throughout their lives.

Kids Online Activities

  1. Geography games: There are many online geography games that can help kids learn about different countries, continents, and oceans.
  2. Science experiments: Encourage your child to try science experiments at home. Websites like Science Bob and Steve Spangler Science offer many fun and easy science experiments.
  3. Virtual museum tours: Many museums offer virtual tours that allow kids to explore exhibits from the comfort of their own homes.
  4. Educational videos: Websites like TED-Ed and Khan Academy offer a wide range of educational videos on various subjects.
  5. Virtual field trips: Many places such as national parks, zoos, and aquariums offer virtual field trips that allow kids to explore and learn about various topics.
  6. Coding games: Websites like Scratch and offer coding games that can help kids learn basic programming skills.
  7. Language learning: Websites like Duolingo and Rosetta Stone offer fun and interactive language learning programs that can help kids learn new languages.
  8. Virtual reality experiences: Some museums and educational organizations offer virtual reality experiences that allow kids to explore new worlds and learn about various topics.
  9. Online book clubs: Joining an online book club can help kids learn about new books and authors and improve their reading and comprehension skills.
  10. STEM challenges: Websites like Tinkercad and Makey Makey offer STEM challenges that allow kids to learn about science, technology, engineering, and math through hands-on projects.

Encouraging kids to explore and learn through online activities can be a fun and engaging way to supplement their education. These activities can also help them develop new skills and interests that they can pursue throughout their lives.


General knowledge is an essential aspect of a child’s education. Encouraging your child to learn about different subjects will not only enhance their academic success but also contribute to their overall development. By using fun online activities and exploring their surroundings, kids can develop a lifelong love of learning and become well-rounded individuals.


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