Creative Work Ideas for Kids: A List of 5-minutes Fun Craft Project

Every parent is concerned about their kid’s creative growth. They look for creative ideas for kids. But what is more creative than crafting activities? Nothing! One of the best creative activities to enjoy with kids are arts and crafts.

Most of the time the resources on the net regarding these activities are excess. It makes parents confused over which one to select.

So, to make it easy for you. Here is some creative work for kids. Many times, kids find it difficult to find time for a creative crafting activity. But with 5-minutes craft ideas, it will feel super fun and quick.

Creative Ideas for Kids

Creative ideas for kids simply means those thoughts that result in a creative product or a work. As you know, crafts are one of the most creative things for kids. It is helpful in various ways. It keeps kids occupied with something that also develops skills in them. Some of the primary skills they learn from creative ideas for kids

  • Problem-Solving ability
  • Reflexive skills
  • Communication skills
  • Cognitive abilities
  • Creativity

5-minute crafts kids are quick and require fewer materials. Hence, your kid can easily make them without your guidance. Creative work for kids is an excellent technique for working parents. It ensures that your kids don’t waste time when you are not around.

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Creative Works for Kids

Here is a list of 5 minutes Creative ideas for kids:

1. Ice cream Pop Sticks

  • Material Required

      • Cardboard pieces
      • Fabric balls
      • Ice cream sticks
      • Glue / double-sided tapes
      • Scissors
  • Steps to make Ice cream Pop Sticks

    • With a pencil, draw the curve shape of regular ice cream.
    • Cut the cardboard pieces with a scissor following the path of your pencil mark.
    • Stick the cut cardboard piece to the ice cream stick. Make sure the Ice cream stick is not visible on the cardboard piece from the front.
    • Now, use glue to stick the fabric balls all over the cardboard piece.

Your ice cream pop sticks are ready. Use colourful fabric balls to make your creative work for kids more attractive. It will develop skills like hand-eye coordination, patience, and motor skills in kids.

2. A Dino Feet

  • Materials Required

    • Pencils
    • Paint Brush
    • Some small and some large craft foam pieces.
    • Scissors
    • Painting colours
    • Glue
  • Steps to make Dino Feet

    • Draw the shape of two dino feet on the foam with the pencil. Dinosaurs have three toes, so you should make the pattern accordingly. Also, give it an X shape near the heel to make space for your kid’s feet to go inside.
    • Cut the feet by following the exact path of your pencil marks on the foam.
    • Paint the feet with the colour of your choice. You can use yellow paint colour to make it look like original feet. Let the paint dry completely.
    • Now, use the small foam pieces to draw triangular nails. Try to keep its size according to the shape of the toes.
    • Paint the nails and leave for some time to dry completely. Make sure you don’t paint the nail and toe the same colour.
    • Stick the nails in the appropriate place with the help of glue.

Dino’s feet is one of the quickest creative things for kids. Kids walking with attached dino feet look cute and cool. It might also develop their interest in palaeontology. If your kid is already interested in it, they are going to love their new dino feet.

3. Flower Pen

Turn your regular pens into attractive flower pens with some simple materials and steps.

  • Material Required

    • A large-sized artificial flower. If you want your creative works to look more beautiful, you can choose a set of small colourful flowers. Don’t take real flowers as they will dry soon. Choose silk or plastic flowers.
    • A regular ball or gel pen
    • Flower pen
    • Flower tape
  • Steps to Make a Flower Pen

    • Arrange your colourful small flowers in a bunch. If you use a big size flower, this step is not for you.
    • Place the bunch of flowers or the single big flower on the top of the pen.
    • Now, with the flower tape, start sticking them from the top of the pen. Tape the flower and stem with the pen firmly so they don’t get loose.
    • Now, wrap the pen with the flower cap. Leave space for the pen cap to go inside.

Your flower pen is ready to use. Kids can also make a teddy pen or a leafing pen by placing a teddy or leaf instead of the flower. They can take it to their school and show off their fun and quick creative work for kids.

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4. Finger Paint

If you do not want to use painting colours available in the market, you can also switch to homemade finger paints to paint gloss paper and cookie sheets.

  • Material Required

    • Sugar
    • Cold Water
    • Cornstarch
    • Food colouring
  • Steps to make Finger Paint at Home

    • Firstly, mix ½ cup cornstarch and 4-tablespoons of sugar in a pan.
    • Then, add 2 cups of water to the solution. Make sure you use cold water.
    • Then heat the solution over medium flame. Also, stir the mixture at frequent intervals until the solution becomes thick.
    • Wait for some time until the mixture gets cool.
    • Once it reaches room temperature, put the solution in a small container.

Your finger paint is ready to use. The paint is of natural ingredients. Thus, it is chemical-free. You can make the paint colour according to your choice by putting the required food colour. You can also blend two or three colours and make different tones and shades of colours.

It is a list of some quick creative ideas for kids. Kids learn a lot of things during the process. It will help them while doing real-life projects in their workplace.

5. Paper Plate

  • Materials Required

      • Paper plates of different sizes and colours
      • Glue
      • Pencil
      • Colourful Papers
  • Steps to make Paper Plate Crafts

    • First of all, pick an animal you want to make from paper plates. Here you will learn to make a teddy bear with paper plates.
    • Then select a plate for the face of the teddy. Take a large size plate.
    • In the colourful paper, draw two small round eyes with a pencil. Choose white colour paper for it.
    • Cut the eyes with a scissor carefully. Then stick it on the top middle part of the teddy’s face.
    • Now, take a black colour sheet and draw two tiny eyeballs. Cut them and stick on the white eye glued in the above step. The eyes of the teddy are ready.
    • Now, take two small plates for the ears. Stick them in the shape of the ear on the top side of the teddy face.

A beautiful teddy is ready. You can attach it with a string to use as a fun mask. This creative work is for kids below 5 years but your kid can make it for fun.

Kids can easily do these activities with little guidance from your side.


Creative things for kids help them to grow at a fast rate. You might see craft as something only for fun but it is helpful to a great extent. Kids learn new things, work on their skills, and develop their mental abilities to work. Also, 5-minutes craft kids are quick and require less attention from the parents. Thus, a parent can continue with their work and let the kid enjoy crafting activities.

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