Keeping your kids engaged in various productive and fun activities is very crucial. Indoor or outdoor activities will help rejuvenate your child’s body and mind and stimulate healthy growth. Physical activities keep them healthy and fit. It also enhances the development of their cognitive skills. Innovative activities, on the other hand, can be very entertaining. It will improve your kid’s imagination power, boost their confidence and curate a sense of independence in them.

Here are a few happy and fun activities for your kids that will keep them engaged.

Educational Activities  for kids

1 Educational Activities 

Skipping Counts

This is the simplest activity which your kids will enjoy. The best part of this activity is that it includes maths in it. Two in one!

How to Perform?

Draw or stick pictures of objects like mangoes, bikes, caterpillars on cards. Then decide the number which you want to skip. For example, if you want to skip the count by fours, stick four caterpillars on the first card, then eight caterpillars on the next, and so on.

What will it Enhance?

This activity brushes up the mathematical skills of your kids.

Introducing the Life Cycle of Various Organisms for kids

Introducing the Life Cycle of Various Organisms

As we all know, kids are very curious about various other living organisms surrounding us. Therefore, you can introduce your children to the life cycles of various organisms. This will help them understand the mechanism behind the creation of life forms.

How to Perform?

Ask your kids which organism attracts them the most. For instance, your kids say they are curious about honey bees. Draw their life-cycle on paper. You can easily find it on the internet. Make the drawing as colourful as possible.

What Will it Enhance?

This activity curates a scientific attitude in your kids. Ut also brings a sense of curiosity in your children about various concepts and it will make them mentally sharp.

At Real School, we believe in education driven by curiosity. Our experts are always ready to answer every query.

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2 Creative or Crafty Activities 

Squeezing Paints

Anything colourful attracts children the most. Colour also has a great impact on the thinking abilities of the children. It’s a fun as well as energising activity.

How to Perform?

Bring some watercolours and squeezable plastic containers from the art store. Dilute the watercolours with water and transparent paint. Fill the containers with different colours of paints. Tell your kids to squeeze out these paints on a small canvas or chart paper. Spread this paint by slightly bending the paper/canvas in different directions. The final product will be abstract art.

What Will it Enhance?

It makes them aware of different colours and abstract art.

3 Fine Motor Activities 

Playing with Lego

Nurturing fine motor skills at an early age is very crucial. This activity involves movement of fingers, wrist, and hands, thus developing fine motor skills.

How to Perform?

Use the lego to build what interests your child the most. You can build any sort of animals, infrastructures, vehicles. You can even build a city with the help of lego.

What Will it Enhance? 

This activity exercises every fine muscle, which is required for overall development. It does great enhancement to initial developments of fine motor skills.

Fine Motor Activities for  kids

4 Montessori Actions

Montessori activities may be a new term for you. It is a self-based learning activity that includes learning as well as entertainment.

Things in Motion

Moving things is also one of the elements that attract kids the most. Things in motion aid the engagement of kids for long hours.

How to Conduct?

Get toys in motion for kids, like remote control cars, trucks, trains, etc. Toys will excite them and involve them the most.

What Will it Enhance?

This will help them understand various means of transportation. How different things work when in motion can be well understood through this activity.

5 Outdoor Activities

Playing in the Sand 

Kids love playing in the sand. This activity may fill their day with lots of new experiences and fun.

How to Conduct?

Take your kids to nearby beaches. Get them all the required tools to play in the sand. Build sandcastles with them. Let them play with other kids and get them out of their comfort zones.

What will it Enhance?

It will help the kids analyse the texture of the sand. Involvement with other kids can reduce social nervousness. It will also enhance the bond between you and your child.

activities for kids


We must teach our kids to build a sustainable environment for a good future. Gardening is a basic activity that will help them understand why plants are important in our lives. It is a surreal experience to watch your plants grow.

How to Conduct?

Take your kids to any surrounding areas where you can plant saplings. Every day you can take a stroll early in the mornings or evenings to water these plants, clean their soil, etc.

What Will it Enhance?

By doing this activity, the child will be able to understand the importance of plantation. This activity will also imbibe environmental values in children.

activities for kids

In Conclusion

With such kinds of activities, you will keep your child busy with good things and enhance their overall development. Each child is unique in his/her own way. Through these activities, you may find what your kid is best at. These activities can also bolster your child’s confidence and personality.

We at Real School look forward to bringing the best out of your kid. We understand every child is different, and therefore, we offer one-on-one mentorship. Our expert reps look forward to providing your child with all the essential development skills and enhanced knowledge of every field.

We endeavour to make teaching positively liberal, permitting the students to invest their valuable time in the pursuance of education. The students are not limited to the textbooks supervised by experts but are also encouraged to constantly gain knowledge and acquire productive abilities.

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