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Best YouTube Channels for Kids: YouTube Kids Apps to Discover Modern Learning

YouTube is a hub cum tool for entertainment as well as education. Nowadays, not only adults but children are also learning a lot from YouTube channels. There are many best YouTube channels for kids. These channels offer bright animation, easy narration and engaging topics that draw the attention of the learner.

There are more things to learn from YouTube than the same old “baby shark” music. But the problem is parents are too occupied and also confused when it comes to choosing the right channels for their children.

Here in this article, you will have a compiled list of top YouTube channels and also get information on popular YouTubers for kids to follow. So keep reading.

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Top 10 Kids YouTube Channel

Check out our list of the top 10 youtube channels for your kids’ development:

Nerdy Nummies

This one of the top kids YouTube channels is for those little bakers. This YouTube channel for tweens is a cooking show hosted by Rosanna Pansino and various guests.

# This is a family-friendly program.

# Hosted on a weekly basis.

# shows baking of different delicacies like cakes, cookies etc.

# Shows baked foods of various interesting characters from Star Wars, Harry Potter etc.

The Real School Of Montessori

It is India’s first virtual school. Top-quality content are offered here. children are made ready for their future. There are videos on

# Painting ideas

# Evolution of dolls

# Climb the number line

# Easy storytelling.

# Lesson on the conversation

# Video on great discoveries

# Countershading of Aquatic animals in the ocean.

# Real-life lesson on scuba diving.

# Lessons on debate learning.

This channel also talks about various workshops for children which are educational and fun to do.

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Sesame Street

This preschool-age TV show now has a channel. All the known and loved characters make frequent appearances in various videos. The videos uploaded on this YouTube channel for tweens are entertaining and also educational.

# Children are shown to be taking participating in different fun science experiments.

# Series showing fixing of things like broken shells, broken fences etc.

# Weekly new videos.

# Fun games and videos

Peekaboo Kidz

This channel shows interesting adventure videos. Natural history and scientific discoveries are shown here. Simple narrations are there on topics like

# Why mosquitoes bite

# Various types of clouds

# Weird animals of the world.

# The invention of colourful sticky notes.

# Colourful animation

# Educational Videos

# Classic English songs

# Phonics Songs

# Lullabies


Colourful animated robots sing and dance to children’s songs. This Netflix Junior is one of the best YouTube channels for kids covers topics like

# The human body.

# Animals

# Basic geography.

# children learn, sing and play with their favourite Netflix characters

The fun videos are suitable for 6 years old and 10-year-olds too.


This is the channel from which the viral and children favourite “Baby shark, doo doo doo” came from.

# Various characters perform on different nursery rhymes and songs.

# children get to know about wordplay.

# Fun lesson on dinosaurs.

# Interest lessons on the planet etc.

# Multiple language videos including Spanish, Chinese, Thai.

# children’ favourite songs and stories

# Nursery rhymes

# Number songs

# Fairy tales

# Educational songs and stories for preschool children

# Phonics songs

# Bedtime lullabies

# Children’s classics

Little Baby Bum

This is a British YouTube channel for children. Some of the features are:

# A 6-year-old character explored her surroundings.

# Bright and eye-catchy 3D animation.

# Classic nursery rhymes.

# Interesting original songs.

# New content every week.

ChuChu TV

This one of the most popular kids YouTube channels is glorified with 30 million subscribers. Almost 400 child-friendly videos are there.

# Engages children through a series of upbeat nursery rhymes

# Educational songs with colourful animations.

# Different characters teach children their favourite rhymes, colours, shapes, numbers etc.

# Lessons on good human values.

# Catchy music.

# New content each week.

Cosmic Kids Yoga

Videos on this channel are suitable for children above 3 years.

# children learn mindfulness and relaxation.

# Interactive adventures.

# Strength building.

# Builds balance and confidence.

Super Simple Songs

Children find this channel very interesting. They enjoy the songs.

# Colourful animated characters sing popular songs and nursery rhymes.

# Songs in the playlist make children perform.

# Interesting music.

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10 Best Educational YouTube Channels for Kids

Now let’s focus on finding some of the best educational YouTube channels for Kids.


# Fun videos with words

# Based on the foundation of key phonics skills.

# Help to learn to read.

# English spelling learning lesson.

# Short videos.

# Learning through games.


This is suitable for children above 6 years old. This educational YouTube channel for kids offers lessons on:

# Algebra.

# Decimal Arithmetic.

# Pythagorean Theorem.

Children learn through a combination of math and animation. More than 70 videos are available. The length of the videos is up to 13 minutes.


This YouTube channel for tweens focuses on songs more than animation.

# Educational songs for children

# Fun maths learning episodes.

# Around 70 animated music videos.

# Fun learning session of mathematical concepts for Kindergarten.

Lessons Offered

# Rounding numbers

# Ordering decimals

# Subtraction with regrouping

# 3D Shapes

# Angles

# Place Value

# Multiplication times tables

Smithsonian Channel

This is one of the most popular kids YouTube channels. Let’s see what it has to offer:

# Powerful documentaries

# Entertaining awe-inspiring stories

# Lessons on air and space.

# History learning.

# Science lessons.

# Knowledge of nature.

# An idea about pop culture.

The Brain Scoop

This top kid YouTube channel is created by Chicago’s Field Museum. This channel shares interesting videos on

# History

# Culture

# Space

# Museum

# Conservation

# Climate change

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This YouTube kids tv is purely for science lover children. There are many DIY ideas also available. children get to learn about:

# Science experiments

# Art

# Simple crafts

# DIY toy making

# Fun activities.

# Lego lessons.


This is another source of kid-friendly quality content.

# Children learn different words

# Animated animal-themed characters.

# Fun and interesting


Children get to learn a lot of educational things through this channel. Some of the things that this channel covers:

# Travel

# Understanding truth and myth

# Climate change


This YouTube kids tv offers day-wise quality content for children of different ages from 6 years old to 10 years old.

# Lessons about the world.

# Anser finding session.

# Talk show with a guest.

# Wonders of the world.

# Science news.

Popular YouTubers for Kids

Apart from all the above-mentioned YouTube kids tv, there are many popular YouTubers for kids. Children can follow them and learn about various new things.  Let’s have a look at those famous bloggers:


He is a famous 12-year-old toy reviewer. He has already achieved 4.6 million subscribers with his charismatic personality and informative content.


At 10-year old Ethan is a popular social media personality with nearly 1.8 million subscribers. He is known for his plays on Minecraft, Roblox etc.


This 12-year-old vlogger has around 1.7 million subscribers on her YouTube kids tv. New DIY’s are demonstrated by her along with interesting toy reviews.

Rafi and Benny Fine

These brother duos are famous for their funny videos. Hilarious reactional contents can be seen there.

Ryan Kaji

Starting the journey with unboxing toys, this vlogger has started reviewing toys. These influential toy industry personalities have around 20.7 million subscribers.

YouTube Kids Account

There is a YouTube kids app which parents can download on their smartphones. It is the official App. Small kids can enjoy quality content there. Parents can decide what type of content they want as per the kid’s age.

It is safe for kids but many junk ads can come up sometimes. Parents can cast it on their TV as well.

YouTube kids allow parents to create a YouTube kids account/ profile for their kids. Each profile comes with a different set of viewing preferences. These profiles are accessible in YouTube kids apps when a parent is signed in. Up to eight profiles can be added.

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Best Educational YouTube Channels for Kids

Check out these educational YouTube channels for your kids:


The SAG-AFTRA Foundation launched StorylineOnline as a kids’ literacy website. They now have their own YouTube channel, geared at primary school-aged children, with ingeniously produced films starring well-known performers such as Viola Davis and Allison Janney reciting kids stories alongside pictures.

Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls

Smart Girls, Amy Poehler’s YouTube channel, is geared towards kids in middle school. “Amy Poehler’s YouTube Channel allows females the opportunity to just be themselves by empowering them via knowledge and inventiveness rather than fitting in,” Jordan observes. There are lots of fantastic science, mathematics, and artistic videos. Heavier issues include domestic abuse prevention and speaking up for what is right.

Khan Academy Kids

The Khan Kids YouTube Channel, which is part of the Khan Academy educational website, was created to provide learning tools to both parents and children aged 2 to 7. A monthly “Circle Time” video on the channel invites kids to learn, play, and read together.

They’ll also like using the Khan Academy Kids Application, which is a free app with standards-aligned courses in math, reading, language, social-emotional learning, creative pursuits, and sports exercise.

Benefits of YouTube for Kids

Diverse Ideas

Although overused, the internet has made it far simpler to hear fantastic ideas that you might not have heard otherwise. How often have you gotten a useful “life hack” or piece of advice from a random Facebook post? Kids are continually finding beneficial tips and stories on how to utilise their laptop, Zoom, or even simply their phones on YouTube from their classmates and experts.

If you’ve ever wondered where your youngster gets all of his or her strange knowledge, there’s a strong chance it has anything to do with YouTube video makers.

Assessing Their Sense of Self-Identity

We become aware of our individuality at some time during our childhood. This appears to be a problem at first. How disconcerting is it to suddenly realise you’re being judged and that you have control over your own identity? We’ve all seen the clichéd coming-of-age movies with preteens experimenting with multiple personas, the athlete, the geek, the artist, only to discover they’re just like everyone else, a unique mix of school character clichés.

YouTube, on the other hand, allows students to explore their passions on the spur of the moment, in-depth, easily, and with a lot of fun. Kids can move from watching films about plant-based meals to learning a foreign skill in a week’s time.


Learning can be done from multiple sources. It is not always mandatory to sit in a closed room with books and papers to study or learn. Education can be given to kids in various forms.

YouTube is a great source of learning if accessed correctly. With all the information provided above, kids can get multi-dimensional learning. By tuning in to the right YouTube kids tv, children can be prepared for real life.

So, now that you have the list of most popular and informative channels, which one are you planning to subscribe to? Is there any vlogger who your kid follows? Do share your thoughts about using YouTube for kids’ learning, by commenting in the box below.

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