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How to Speak Fearlessly

Personality Development 7-14 Years

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What Goals, Badges & Skills will be achieved in this Class?

What Goals, Badges & Skills will be



What is this Masterclass about?

A masterclass where students will be made to exercise their social skills, and learn the norms of a conversation. Students will be taught important concepts such as the importance of making eye contact, having a positive body language, and even smiling during a conversation! But what if you’re in the middle of a conversation, and you don’t know how to continue, or are faced with difficulty in ending the conversation politely? This masterclass addresses some key difficulties children face while communicating and aims to hone their conversational, as well as social skills.

What are the highlights of this Masterclass?

The session involves video analysis and role-play throughout for the children to have a practical understanding of how a conversation is carried out. It also challenges the child’s logical thinking skills as they are made to understand the different stages of a conversation, and how to participate in each stage.

What are the key takeaways?

After the session, children will be able to better understand and identify the needs of another person during a conversation. They will be able to take their learnings on to their later lives as adults and will be able to see each situation through a social-emotional lens, and respond appropriately in a given situation. For example, to continue a conversation, a child will learn the importance of making connected comments in order to do so, and be able to carry this lesson onto their journey as an adult in the professional as well as social sphere and apply it to their life. The workshop also hones the overall personality development of the child.

How do I prepare for this Masterclass?

No prior preparation required, as the workshop works off of prior knowledge of the child.

What are the Post-Class Assignments?

Practice Makes Progress!

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