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Why do I look different?

Personality Development 5-8 Years

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What Goals, Badges & Skills will be achieved in this Class?

What Goals, Badges & Skills will be



What is this Masterclass about?

The comma, the semicolon, the colon, and the full stop - they all look similar but not the Exclamation Mark. Why though? What makes him stand out? He's morose and sad about this, until one day, he meets someone who looks like him! The students are introduced to the usage and signs of the punctuation marks in an interesting story. Join us as embark upon an in-depth journey and learn about self acceptance and self image!

What are the highlights of this Masterclass?

Combining language intricacies and storytelling, the workshop focuses on the uniqueness of the Exclamation Mark. Some of the highlights include the functions of each of the punctuations, their usage and the importance of punctuation marks in our daily lives. Another highlight of the workshop is the connection these details have to us, as people. Just as the punctuation marks are unique, so are people!

What are the key takeaways?

The story in its moral upliftment aims to teach children that learning and growing is the most important part of life. The takeaways lie in the values that are learnt, which include confidence building, and self acceptance, while owing one’s own uniqueness!

How do I prepare for this Masterclass?

No preparation required, students must just bring their inquisitiveness!

What are the Post-Class Assignments?

Minutes of the Meeting!

The students will have to record and upload a video of a mock press meet where they bring out the highlights of the discussion, the topic discussed, the solutions, how the citizens can help in bringing the crisis under control, and the timeline required to implement these solutions.

Answer The Following!

The students must answer these questions and submit to the trainer- Why was the Exclamation Mark sad? What did we learn from the Exclamation Mark’s story?

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