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Dora and the Junior Explorers: Can We Outsmart Swiper?

Strategy Games 5-7 Years

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What Goals, Badges & Skills will be achieved in this Class?

What Goals, Badges & Skills will be



What is this Masterclass about?

"Ever wondered how zoos handle emergencies? What if one of the animals gets hurt, or worse, end up escaping their enclosures? Welcome zookeepers, To ‘Dora and the Real School Explorers’ - a fun masterclass that aims to instill in children a collaborative attitude and approach to dealing with emergencies!

We have the amazing Dora the Explorer, who’s going to guide kids through an exciting adventure, where they embark upon a zoo and help creatures in need!

By introducing a simulated emergency situation in a zoo, we aim to introduce children to a simulated understanding of strategy and problem solving as they help capture and find the animals again! This masterclass thus helps them think on their feet, strengths and put their presence of mind to use in the form of a team/group effort. So join us, as we Explorers rescue the furry ones, together!"

What are the highlights of this Masterclass?

The masterclass utilizes the theme of the famous show “Dora the Explorers” to help students related to the role of a zookeeper/explorer better and create a more engaging and interactive element in the masterclass.

The aim of the masterclass is to hone these skills through an immersive experience of a crisis situation in a zoo. The masterclass therefore aims to provide children with the skill set that allows them to think logically, and work on their feet. It empowers children to understand the need for crisis management and presence of mind. The masterclass in the process, also aims to strike at the awareness of a child by giving them the prestigious role of a zoo keeper, and introducing them to crisis management in zoos, and how to respond efficiently and effectively, by thinking on their feet. The masterclass therefore is an effective way to teach children the importance of presence of mind, crisis management and logical thinking in dire situations. The masterclass utilizes a gamified teaching strategy to educate children on how to manage crises better.

What are the key takeaways?

Children in this masterclass not only gain valuable insight as to how a zoo is managed during a crisis, but are also exposed to how to deal with crisis situations in general - a skill that is required for the overall development of a child. They are made to learn valuable skills such as presence of mind, alertness and quick-thinking skills. The masterclass uses an interactive and engaging theme of ‘Dora the Explorer’ in a zoo to incorporate this valuable skill-set in children.

How do I prepare for this Masterclass?

No prior preparation is required.

What are the Post-Class Assignments?

Your Personal Favourite!

What animal from the zoo was your favorite? Why?

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