Show and Tell: It's Spring Time!

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What Goals, Badges & Skills will be achieved in this Class?

What Goals, Badges & Skills will be



What is this Masterclass about?

Do you notice that’s  what when you give your child somethingf new all they want to do is talk about it! Well that's a perfect excuse to get them to learn hoe to being presenting things! In the Show and tell Class your kids will get to learn presentation skills in a whole new way by having loads of fun.

In this Edition of Show and Tell your child will get a crack at learing more about Spring time! Learn some important adjectives that deal with the Season and also get to present things from around them that is associated with spring!

What are the highlights of this Masterclass?

The children learn new words without having to go through booring word lists or going through tediously long chapters.

Instead they will get a chance to present by showing and telliing us about various objects, in doing so they will get a real world application of using adjectives to describe things! While talking about the functions of these objects they will learn how to use approriate verbs and adverbs.

Progressively as they indulge in more of these classes they will master the art of presentations, and publicj speaking.

What are the key takeaways?

Building confidance,
Enhancing Presentation skills,
Learing new Vocabulary,
All round Speaking skills.

How do I prepare for this Masterclass?

In this class all the help that we your child would require from you is to get any object that they associate with spring. For example they can get a flower pot, or maybe a watercan that they use to water flowers. May be they enjoy going to the beach and have a set of beach toys, or may be their favourite Cap they like wearing in Summer. Anything will do, in class our Mentor will help them to describe and present this object to everyone.

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