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Find Your Ancestors: Session 2

Geneology 9-16 Years

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for 60 min


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What Goals, Badges & Skills will be achieved in this Class?

What Goals, Badges & Skills will be



What is this Masterclass about?

"In a sequel session, we become genealogists and trace origins of age-old stories of how we live!

We’ll also scavenge for hints in our houses through objects, look at some precious and rare archives, and recall events that changed our lives!

We’ll end the session by building our own archives, by making and writing our own postcards that can actually be posted!

What are the highlights of this Masterclass?

Students in this session will play the "object memory game", learn to make a postcard, as well as some thoughtful postcard art!

What are the key takeaways?

Students will learn and understand how to create a real, postable postcard. They will also understand their genealogical roots, and how to trace their origins by observing patterns, trends of the objects around them.

How do I prepare for this Masterclass?

"Particpants who attend this session should have attended the ""Who Am I"" first session. Particpants have to be ready with answers that was asked in the last session .

Please get 5 objects for a game we play during the class. It can be any object from around the house"

What are the Post-Class Assignments?

Know Your Family!

Ask fun stories around the following questions, as you spend time with your family:How did my grandparents live their life in an age of no-tv, and limited electricity? What did they usually do during evenings before it got dark? How was school life for my parents or my grandparents? How is it different from mine? How does coronavirus lockdown affect your time with family? HAS ANY OF YOUR FAMILY MEMBERS FELT SUCH INCIDENT BEFORE? What do you all do to pass time together? Did your grandparents/ parents live in a joint family? Ask them how it was different from living in a ‘nuclear family

Your Postcard

Complete your postcard with the right address of the person to whom you want to send the postcard.

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