Do you regret not learning about programming, data science or digital marketing 20 years ago?

What will your child regret in 2040?

2040 : The year your son/daughter will be job hunting

This is what jobs of 2040 will sound like :-

Experience architect

Data broker

Simulation engineer

Personality designer

Octogenarian specialist

Precision agriculturist

Which one of these did you consider while choosing a school or after-school?

Introducing D'future...

What you learn today will decide what you do in 2040

Past curricula were aimed at educating masses in a much slower industrial world which needed scientists, scholars and managers.

2040 will be an extremely dynamic and decentralized world. It will have professionals who are problem solvers, thinkers and creators. Thus, the curriculum of 2020, needs to be highly individualistic, focusing on completely different set of skills.

D’future curriculum is based on 3 pedagogical shifts

Skills over Knowledge

Acquire core skills: Thinking, Making, Social, Being

Projects over subjects

Real world multidisciplinary Projects based on problems of present and future

Exhibit over exam

Exhibit your creation or solution to the real world for real evaluation

Real School’s curriculum is painstakingly designed to ensure a child’s all-round development through fun projects and activities. Each mission is a journey to acquire nuggets of knowledge, experience and skills sets well packaged within very interesting themes like Superhero design, Mars mission and so on. Everything that a student gets from a mission will be useful for a lifetime.

Picture your child working on these

Design a self sustainable colony on Mars

Make your first 3D printed food

Solve the “Fast Fashion Problem” - the biggest environment killer of the new millennia

Evaluate hydroponics as the solution to world food crisis

What would you rather have your child spend the next 5 years on, working on projects like these or solving worksheets?

Is D’future starting to make sense?

Question, contribute, explore, participate!