Know more about the Mentors of Real School, whose quality mentoring greatly contribute to our students' success


Know more about the Mentors of Real School, whose quality mentoring greatly contribute to our students' success


Real school and it mentors are one and the same. We are special educators. What are special because of our education, our experience and our undying passion to inspire young minds to think. We can be advertising professionals, product designers, theatre artists, robotics engineers, environmentalists, botanists, ethical hackers but when we are with kids we are just their knowledgeable friends, helping them them do seemingly impossible things.

Our Teaching Philosophy

Onus is on us
to make a class interesting

Facillitation over teaching
every time

Enquiry, Experimentation,

Interact, intellectualize,

Your class should be the best
think in day for the student

Every student has a fertile mind,
unbox it



Can make a machine to make anything. An IIM graduate, entrepreneur who sold his manufacturing company is now following his heart of creating projects, life hack products and mean machines all into one at RealSchool. In his spare time he cooks, climbs mountains and explores the roads less travelled on his bike.


Johan is a complex mixture of rare abilities. A linguistic expert, literature master, who loves, science, debating and chasing fireflies (we mean it, it's a thing in the Western Ghats). He has been a journalist, advertiser, trainer of film-makers. He is the master of creative pursuits at Real School and can make an ideation sessions memorable for all..


Atul’s expertise is dicult to pinpoint. How do you define a person, who has been an IITian a Sociology gold medalist from Delhi university and a successful Entrprenuer in the School Education space? Engineer, thinker or educator? Well, he is all three, thanks to his undying appetite for reading, thinking, writing, discussing & lecturing. A renowned trainer among UPSC aspirants at Real School, Atul works on project ideas pertaining to public policy, socio-cultural relevance and everything humanities.


Jovin is closer to robots than humans. Some doubt he can communicate with them too. Born and raised in BAARC, Jovin has been immersed in hardcore robotics for over a decade, everything else is just a blur. He can make things crawl on walls, convert cycles into bikes and give broken stu wings. @ RealSchool he’s drawn the blueprints that will guide the kids on their adventures

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