It’s good to have questions as it indicates how invested you are in your child’s education. Here is everything you need to know to understand us better.

No. The sooner you start the better it is. This course involves building your potential for a grilling UPSC preparation process. It is essential that you finish your preparation well in time to ensure proper revision cycles.

Yes, this is a Work from Home opportunity. Trainers will become part of online faculty for various programs. Trainers will be teaching through online mode.

UPSC Guru is your virtual mentor during your preparation for the UPSC exam. It is an app which will be a one-stop solution to all your queries regarding the preparation, pattern, and anything related to UPSC Exam

The scholarship is awarded on a merit cum means basis. It is for the deserving and sincere students who cannot afford the course due to financial constraints.

The course follows a study plan which exposes you to several, speaking, reading, listening, and role-playing activities. By the end of the 6th week, most of our students feel a jump in their fluency and confidence!

Yes. A large section of students in the last few years has relied totally on online preparation methodology. It provides you the freedom of time and location and frees you from the need of moving to another city.

Don’t worry. The beginner section is meant for people who find reading a challenging task. You will be given small assignments to read and then some questions based on that. You will also be taking up discussion sessions with your mentor and your study partner) on a weekly basis. We promise you will start liking reading in this manner.

Yes. UPSC Guru is free of cost.

Your personal trainer will be an English language expert and trainer with years of experience of training in corporates and blue-chip companies. These trainers come together from different corners of the country and are really passionate about teaching Fluency

If you have done well previously, then yes, it will help you. But that doesn't mean that poor performance in UPSC will be a disadvantage for you.

UPSC Pathshala was started in 2016. Within three years only, it has become the largest online learning platform for Civil Services.

To become a trainer as part of our eMaester program, you need to be a graduate from any stream.

Yes. If awarded a scholarship, you will have to provide your documents to us. Failure in doing so will lead to termination of your course.

The Trainer will customize your course, activities, and study plan for maximum results. Your personal trainer is also your guru, friend, and co-passenger in your fluent life journey. We have several students who are now part of the training program for over 12 months.

No. UPSC Pathshala has no offline branch anywhere in India.

Yes. There will be purchase options in the app.

This program will equip you with exceptional academic content knowledge grip and the ability to conduct benchmark online mentoring sessions. You will be able to understand the student's mindset and prepare long term student success goals

No. In a personal 1:1 class, you are the only student that your trainer teaches. Our activities are also designed for maximum interaction.

No. This course is a complete course and caters to all the aspects of UPSC preparation. You will not be required to take up any other course after this.

Our content is on the cloud and designed for customization. The curriculum works on the concept of the study plan. The trainer creates a study plan for you, which allows them to plan every class for you. Based on your interests and progress she may change the pace, sequence, and even include new content in your daily plans.

Yes. The enrolment procedure remains the same for you as well. Because of being online, it becomes an easy and best alternative for you to prepare.

As soon as you complete your training, the certification exam will be conducted online. The exam will be conducted within a week of completion of your training and the timing will be decided according to your availability. The results will be declared within 3 working days.

Your classes will be video classes, taken on a tool called zoom, using which you and your trainer can share a computer screen, white board and see each other. This tool is as engaging as a personal home tutoring class.

Your sessions will be conducted through video chats. In the beginner stage, there will be two students in a class. At the later stages, the classes will be for one student at a time only.

The course has followed the NCERT books, which are followed in all CBSE schools in India and also in a number of state boards.

Yes. You may choose the suitable time for your mentorship calls (twice a week), when the assigned mentor will call you. We will request you to be regular at that time every week. If you need some alterations in that, you may do that by informing your mentor and UPSC Pathshala.

The certificate is valid for one year. You need to renew your certification by appearing for the exam. No fees will be charged for renewal.

Every student when enrolled goes through a diagnostic test. Your trainer analyzes this diagnostic test in detail and creates a language profile. With daily video classes, their understanding becomes better with time.

No. The course starts from class 6th.

No. Mentors have personal lives as well. It will be advisable to call them on the schedule only. If you need special attention to some topic, message, email the mentor and he/she will call you.

Once you have cleared the certification program, we will start assigning you students within a week. The students will be assigned on the basis of time slots that you are available for.

Yes, you may choose a class timing as per your daily routine. We can provide you classes from any time between 7am in the morning to 11p.m. in the night.

Masterclasses are part of your fluentlife package. A masterclass is designed around group activities for example- debates and social conversation setups. These sessions give you a chance to participate in conversations with your peers and improve your social skills severalfold.

For you, there is a separate course, called Foundation Course. Please explore that.

You will be paid INR 150 per hour of teaching time. Monthly income will depend on the number of hours you will devote to teaching. We also have a referral system in place under which you will be rewarded in the form of referrals from students for getting good results for the students. The reward schemes will be shared with you every month.

The extension depends on what is the proficiency level you are targeting. You will need an extension if you are looking for superior or expert-level skills. We have been crafting programs from 10 weeks to even 15 months for our students

If you are enrolled in any fluentlife program, you will get a masterclass membership for over 12 months. In a week we organize at least 2 masterclasses hence with one course you get 100 hours of masterclass access

No. You must take either Sociology or Geography as an optional. These options are best suited for the plan we have created.

You can do that. For extension, you can get good discounts as well.

Fluentlife is the most unique English program which focuses on the culture, habits, and mind shifts related to English rather than grammar. With us, you will see a complete change in your communication style. You will become confident, able to express yourself with clarity and authority, and most importantly, you will see your English language becoming an integral part of your personal and professional life. By the time you complete this course, you will be a thinker, writer & voracious reader. You will be a fluent lifer!

You will get consistent support in your revision in terms of on-demand mentorship, revision study plan, and test series, till your examination gets over.

Trainers who get consistent results for the students are given raise and rewards. The performance review will be done after every 500 hours of training

No problem. Just let us know and we will make sure that your classes are scheduled only after your exams are over.

After you enroll in the course, we will be dispatching your Pendrive which will contain all the videos. The Pendrive is to give you offline access to the course. Along with that, you will be provided with online access as well. You will also be receiving an orientation call from the mentor assigned to you.

eMaester is one of the products of uFaber edutech. uFaber has 5000 students enrolling every month! Along with eMaester, uFaber family includes IELTSNinja, Real School, UPSC Pathshala, Fluent Life and Gate School. The eMaester program will make you financially stable in the future by offering you a job opportunity in one of our products after you clear the certification exam.

Yes. Please write to us at [email protected] and we will get in touch with you for your requirements.

You will be paid monthly via online transfer between 15th to 20th of the following month. Your earning calculations are shared with you in real time with a self-service portal where you manage all the students and their attendance.

The course will cover extensively all syllabus for both Prelims and Mains. Topics have been covered module wise keeping in mind the static content (conceptual understanding) and dynamic content (Current Affairs).

As a certified trainer from eMaester, there are three paths you can choose. First is Content-where you can work on content creation & development. The second is Mentoring where you can be a Personal Trainer, Mentor Trainer & Demo Trainer. And the third is Sales-where you work closely with the Sales team with focus on student enrolment(This is perfect for you if you're a people person!).

You will need to refer to the basic booklist to create a foundation. However, the videos will suffice after that since our experts have referred to multiple sources while making the course. In case of any student wanting to read more, we can provide them with further books list

UPSC Pathshala will deliver you the best-in-class curated books that will have graphic coverage of the entire syllabus for the examination.

There will be no refund of any manner if you plan to drop out of the course for any of the following reasons: Change of mind, Not able to cope up with the schedule, Not able to understand the language, Change in schedule or work/college, Any other personal reason

The videos have been compiled by referring to many newspapers at a time. So you do not need to refer to the newspaper completely if you are watching the videos. But we do recommend you read the editorials regularly.

We at UPSC Pathshala believe that constant assessment is the key to success in UPSC. Keeping this in mind we provide a three-point assessment of your preparation: Checkpoint questions after every video to help check your understanding of the concept taught. Modules tests at regular intervals to help track your progress. Full-length test for both Prelims and Mains to help you get the feel of UPSC

You will be assigned a mentor, who will be the friend, philosopher, and guide. He/she will hold your hand and push you towards the best possible preparation for the UPSC exam. He/she will solve your doubts and make your preparation better and coherent.

We have a very rigorous process of choosing the mentor. Our mentors are Ex- civil servants or people who have reached a certain stage in UPSC (At least the interview stage). The majority of them are from top Universities like IITs, IIMs and from varied backgrounds like Engineering. Medicine, Humanities, etc. The mentors are provided further training in terms of course content and guidance of students. This helps them guide the students well. We also monitor the mentor performance in various parameters.

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