In the bustling pace of life and stressful days, Yoga comes as an escape for the mind, body, and soul. Yoga has been practised since time immemorial to counter mental and physical stress and to stay fit. Yoga at a younger age has a profound effect on the overall wellness of your child. To raise awareness about the impact of this miraculous ancient art, a day has been dedicated by the government, which is known as Yoga Day, celebrated on 21st June.

Various schools have inculcated yoga practice in their curriculum to raise awareness among children. As parents, you can make various yoga drawings for kids to draw their attention towards the yoga day.

Yoga Day Drawing for Kids

Importance of Yoga Through Drawing

You can gain your kid’s interest by showing some pictorial representations of yoga asanas. The easiest way to start a drawing of yoga for kids is to draw a simple circle for the head and then add a spine to represent the silhouette of a human body. You can make modifications to this picture as per the asanas that you are drawing. Let’s have a look at some simple yoga drawings you can do with your kids.

#1. Snake Pose

You can draw this pose by drawing a figure who is lying down on his stomach. Draw its arms in such a way that they are behind its whole body. For the hand drawing, join the palms of the figure by intertwining the fingers. This drawing accounts for a snake pose in yoga. You can state some benefits of snake pose to your kids.

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Benefits of Snake Pose

#. Strengthens the spine

#. Helps in reducing stress and fatigue

#. Stimulates a healthy blood flow in the body

#. Improves digestion and boosts kidney and liver health.

#2. Tree Pose

The easiest pose to perform in yoga is the tree pose. You just have to draw a figure standing straight with its arms beside him. Draw the right foot folded over the left inner thigh.  Join both the hands of your figure. This is an interesting drawing to make and the benefits of this pose are many.

Benefits of Tree Pose

#. Strengthens the leg muscles

#. Provide stability to the body

#. Enhances concentration

#. Tree pose improves the neuromuscular coordination

#. Makes the hip muscles strong

#3. Cobbler’s Pose

You can draw this pose by drawing a figure sitting straight, with legs bent. Sketch the soles of the feet together. The silhouette of this pose would replicate a butterfly. It’s fun to make and even to perform.

Benefits Of Cobbler’s Pose

#. Strengthens inner thighs, groins, and knees

#. Helps in relieving fatigue from the body

#. Stimulates the heart functionality and also improves cardiovascular health

#. Enhances the body’s flexibility

#4. Mountain Pose

A pose that’s the simplest to draw and perform is the mountain pose. It’s a foundational yoga pose for all the standing poses. You just have to draw a standing figure; make sure that your figure is standing on the toes. The arms of the figure should be raised upwards, and the fingers should be intertwined. The drawing should depict a fully stretched silhouette.

Benefits of Mountain Pose

#. Improves body postures and establishes a straight alignment of the body

#. Increases height as it stretches the muscles

#. Helps cure flat feet

#. Strengthens the abdomen area and firms the buttocks

Let Your Kids Try Drawing the Yoga Poses by Themselves

Drawing a yoga pose might be a bit tricky for them at first! But with your help and some practice, your kids will get the hang of it. You can teach them to draw the yoga poses step by step but make sure they do it by themselves. You just have to instruct them. You can even make a drawing of yoga outlines for kids and let them follow the outline sketch for drawing other postures. Ask them to start by just drawing simple yoga symbols.

Benefits of Practising Yoga in Daily Life

Yoga is an amalgamation of mind, body, and soul. It transports you towards a calmer and peaceful state of being. It has a profound effect on sanity and improves focus. Ingraining the habit of yoga at an early age would lead your kids towards a healthy and stress-free life. We have listed some benefits of yoga. Let’s have a look.

#1. Yoga Helps You Achieve All-round Fitness

Yoga consists of pranayama( yoga poses) and breathing exercises. It’s a complete package of holistic fitness. Yoga brings joy and peace to your life. It improves the functioning of the body and provides mental strength.

#2. Yoga Teaches Your Kids Discipline 

If your kid is impulsive and you are worried about how you’ll teach them the value of discipline, then expose them to the practice of yoga. Perfecting a yoga pose requires discipline and determination. Yoga teaches them all.

#3. Yoga Enhances the Self-esteem Of Children

When your kids master a yoga asana, they would feel a sense of achievement. Yoga boosts the self-esteem of children and gives them a sense of personal empowerment.

#4 Yoga Improves the Emotional Quotient of Kids

Yoga is beneficial for kids because it helps them be present and attain a relaxed state of mind. Breathing exercises calm down the anxiety and regulate the emotions.

How to Indulge Your Kids in Yoga Drawing?

Drawing yoga poses would intrigue the kids towards this practice. You, as parents, can even use drawing for kids on kids to catch their attention. All you have to do is to draw a kid in the yoga picture to depict the posture. You can even connect a story with each yoga pose that includes the character that you have drawn. All of these would generate curiosity among your kids and they would love to participate with you.


We hope that this article could give you an insight into some yoga postures and how you can draw it with your kids. Yoga is a powerful form of attaining overall well-being. Drawing yoga poses for kids is the easiest way to introduce them to yoga and its benefits.

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