What do kids think about school? It is important to improve education as a policymaker or parent or as a teacher. Since the system is for them, it’s essential to understand children’s opinions as well.

What’s a child’s opinion about school? Asking children’s opinions and thoughts about education and the educational system isn’t a radical idea to follow. But as a woke adult you should consider their thoughts and opinions as feedback for improvement in education. Many reports are encouraging students and children to express their views freely, and ensure their views are given due to educational change.

These surveys provide exciting opportunities to gain insights into young people’s feelings about education. Also, what do children think about school?. Taking children’s opinions and asking them about the feelings for the education they are receiving. This is important as they are the main part of the system.

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Some surveys revealed that preparing for their future careers is the top concern of the student. This fact isn’t even surprising. Many children are aware of the world that they are currently living in and how it’s gonna be changed in the future.

They have eye-witnessed their seniors graduating and entering the competitive job market. Older millennials weren’t prepared sufficiently for how tough the job market is? These children are aware of the world they live in.

A world with unpaid internships, increasing rents, student debts, and unemployment. As they are witnessing the struggles in real life. So finding a job in the field they are passionate about and want to succeed in building a career is no wonder.

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Skill Set

As today’s young millennials and future generations have noticed the birth of the internet. Also watched industries trying to cope up with developing technologies. So as a survival strategy they know they have to adapt according to industry and technology to do well.

No wonder their next concern was gaining the skill set of the desired category of the industry. Acquiring skills to avoid being useless, and they want the education system to incorporate life skills and creativity in syllabus.

Also, the globalization of the educational sector formed the global marketplace for children of the era. As a result, they are no longer competing against peers in their vicinity and need to compete globally.

As Global learning increases the competition for children. So it also brought real-world learning opportunities to the doorstep of the students. Providing sufficient support to navigate into.

Sustainable Lifestyle

The next most concern of the student is wanting to live sustainably. They are informed about climate change. The outcomes are caused by decades of neglecting generations and big-scale industries. They want to learn and be taught about how to live sustainably.

Learning Environment

All concerns are not about being prepared for the future. They also want improvement in the day-to-day experience of education. Most of the students want a better learning environment. Learning environments are rarely raised issues and hardly considered in plans of government and educational bodies.

The physical environment has a huge impact on mental well-being. When they are utilized well they can increase learning productivity and engagement. As one of the most concerning issues of children’s, educational bodies should consider improving the learning environment they are creating.

Personalized Education 

The next largest concern for students is to have personalized education. Personalization allows children to feel connected with their learning. As a result, it naturally increases engagement and motivation of learning.

The surprising fact is that most of the educators focus on syllabus-based learning rather than personalization of learning. Personalisation of syllabus makes it easy for students to adapt and acquire.

Most of the schools apply early education policies of introducing STEM education into the curriculum. Without thinking about life skills that children need or betterment of the learning environment or personalized learning. This attitude towards the education of future generations needs to be changed.

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Interesting things that we can learn from the survey are not the results of the service. But the personal comments of students given on any topic. As young children notice the education sector most. They want improvement in not just one part of the sector but in many parts together. Many of them suggested developing the whole system not singling out one area of improvement as they thought it is ineffective.

Students know the force they have in their hands as education. They know the power of learning opportunities of the conscious mind. Therefore they are not taking this opportunity of being educated as a favor.

Other findings of the survey are to be prepared for future jobs and is the main objective of the education that everyone can agree on. It shows that this generation isn’t resting on florals, but they are preparing to gain someplace to discuss their thoughts and take their voice seriously.

As adults, we need to respect the opinions and try to create educational systems that support, empower, and prepare students for the real world. We need to take their thoughts and feelings in a meaningful way to create learning opportunities that produce genuine value for learning.

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