What are social studies for kids? The easiest answer is that it is the study of people and the environment we are associated with. It is a way to understand our environment and find solutions to the problems it is holding in for years. Ask your kids how do they come to know about the laws of our country? Yes, it’s through social studies that they learn about the laws of the land and how to obey those.

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Social studies are the study through which the kids acquire desirable skills to solve our environmental problems and move forward towards a better and sustainable future. Environmental problems include ozone depletion, global warming, deforestation, loss of biodiversity, or disposal of wastes.

Teaching your kids social studies makes them aware of the world around them and helps them appreciate the value of hard work and honesty within society and how these traits have ruled and saved our history. Social studies give us the power and motive for being good citizens of our country.

Social Studies is a vast field that includes various interesting social science subjects such as economics, anthropology, geography, sociology, psychology, political science, and many more.

Some Interesting Social Studies Subjects

We have studied all subjects of social studies at some time or other in our academic lives. We are shaped by the incredible history our forefathers were a part of. We have read geography to better understand the globe and its elements since the beginning of time. Here are social science subjects which you should teach your kids:

#1. Geography

Geography is a vast subject encompassing about 4.5 billion years of the earth’s history to make predictions of nature’s course. Geography is the study of landforms, air, water, soil, climate, and living things. It helps you study the relationships between people and their environment. The experts of geography are called geographers.

#2. History

It is the study of past actions and events, though history does not simply deal with events that took place years back. Moreover, whenever we study the past, it teaches us something about the present and upcoming future. The people who study history are called historians. They interpret past events to provide suitable explanations of the present.

Some Interesting Social Studies Subjects

#3. Political Science

Political science is the study of people, their relations, bonds, and much more. In specific words, it’s the study of politics, government, and public policies considered worldwide. The people who study political science are called political scientists. They study the processes, principles, and overall structure of government and other political institutions.

#4. Psychology

More a social science, Psychology is the study of mental state and awareness. The people who study psychology are called psychologists. They study the ways people think, feel, and behave normally and in particular situations. Through this subject, we get a better understanding of the human mind, emotions, and the reason behind their actions.

#5. Economics

Economics is the study of resources, including money. The people who study economics are called economists. They deal with the production, distribution, flow, and consumption of wealth. They also help through problems related to labour, taxation, finance, etc., which we face in the marketplace.

#6. Sociology

Sociology is the study of social life changes, causes, and consequences of human on human behaviour and society. The people who study sociology are called sociologists. They study social issues such as population growth, migration, war, peace, treaty, and economic development. They invest in finding more about different structures of social groups, organisations and how these societies react to various social contexts.

#7. Anthropology

It is the study of humans, their culture, relationships from the past, present, and changes that might trend in the future. People who study anthropology are called anthropologists. They focus on the study of understanding human behaviour both on a cultural and biological basis.

Importance of Social Studies for Children

Social studies is beyond a field; it is an experience of a multidisciplinary subject and a necessity for all of us. Despite being doctors, actors, engineers, in short, any professionals, we are all a part of society which makes it mandatory to know the social sciences. To teach your kids more about social studies, bookish knowledge is not enough. You need to have intellectual discussions with them to keep their curiosity levels high.

It is an interesting subject because we humans are considered social animals, which means society is part of our lives. We are called social animals because we crave acceptance from society, love to be a part of the community, and love to have a social life.

social studies for children

It teaches kids how to think, analyse, act, process and ultimately reward themselves by making a positive difference in a community or society by finding a connecting bridge between oneself and events of the past, present, and future. Social studies are fun as it helps you with the most critical questions of your life, such as who you are, why you are the way you are, and how you can be what you want.

Different Methods of Learning Social Studies for Children

Every child perceives things differently from others. Therefore, the main element of curiosity is important to learn and adapt to new learnings. So, here are a few methods you can teach your kids to follow thoroughly to enhance their knowledge in social studies.

#1. Observation Method: Political science is all about people and the environment around you. The best way to learn about a community is through observing the people and culture of that society.

#2. Field Tour Method: It is helpful to grab the kid’s interest by developing their imagination power and instigating their curiosity. It lets them express their views while having fun because capturing something as a visual is more impactful than reading and memorising it.

For instance, when we visit the Taj Mahal, we retain its history better than by reading about the seven wonders of the world book.

#3. Learning Through Theories Method: It gives the kids an overview of a large unit of the subject with brief and detailed concepts. It provides you with a background aid or supplement to arouse the interest of kids to clear concepts.

For instance, when we learn geography, we should know on paper details, such as the latitudes, the altitude of Mount Everest, etc.

#4. Discussion Method: Organising debates, speeches, and discussions on social topics such as the plastic ban rule, the students’ take on Hitler, etc., helps you know and learn from other’s perspectives. It provides you with feedback and helps kids test their understanding.

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