It is hard to escape from social media in today’s world. From kids to older people, everyone is on social networking sites. Social networking sites are now mostly used to scroll through, for information and to pass the time. Social networking sites were created to help people communicate and interact more with each other through the internet. Today, it has proven to be an important tool for communication globally.

But now, the definition of social media has been widened. Social media is also used to create, upload and share content. These social media sites have become content generating, digital marketing mediums for users.

Earlier, Facebook was considered the mainstream social media website. Now, people use many other social networking sites like Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Telegram, WhatsApp, etc. Tik Tok is banned in India, but it is used in other countries. After Tik Tok, many similar short video apps have been created in India, like Moj, Taka Tak, etc.

Such short video apps have spread afar among the audiences; even kids use these apps a lot. But it has also become a concern for many parents, worried about the safety of these platforms. So, what is safe social media for kids? Let us find out.

What is Social Networking for Kids?

social networking apps for kids

The definition of social networking sites is different for kids. Kids don’t know much about the threats and issues that one faces on social networking sites. They just see social media sites as a space to interact with others and create or share posts.

Kids have been introduced to online learning through platforms like the Zoom app, or Google meet during the pandemic. Even YouTube is a learning medium for kids, but there is always the danger that your kid might consume inappropriate content on this platform.

To make the social networking space safe and secure for the kids, here we enlist some of the best social networking apps for kids.

#1. PlayKids Talk

PlayKids Talk is a social media app. It is an internationally acclaimed platform for kids aged between 0 to 6 years. On the PlayKids app, children have access to more than 5,000 games, interactive activities, cartoons, books, and educational videos. It is one of the best social networks for kids as it is 100% advertisement free.

The app has a parental control feature to monitor their kids’ activities. When a kid’s account is set up, it requires the parent to go through the age-verification process. Parents have control over their kids’ profiles and contacts. Parents can access the account on their phones, so they can monitor their child’s activity.

The app gives simultaneous access to more than one device. The content of the app is also available offline. It is an example of safe social media for kids as the app is developed by early childhood pedagogical and educational specialists.

#2. Kidzworld

Kidzworld is another child-friendly app where kids can interact and make friends in the forums. It is a fully moderated kids’ social network app with the childsafe messenger to exchange private messages. Kids will find the latest news and articles about their favourite topics, such as their favourite teen celebs. They can also play games and do much more. With the Kidzworld app, kids can share their safe content and can stay connected with their friends from anywhere.

Kids can find game reviews, the latest films reviews, news of celebrities, and lifestyle and health tips in the kid and teen online magazine. Kids can also take up various quizzes on several fun topics. If the kids cannot find a forum for their favourite hobby or topics, they can create a forum. The best thing about this app is that they have content moderators and filters that find and remove any inappropriate content.

#3. Grom Social

Grom Social is one of the best social networking apps for kids, made by the kids. Grom Social is a multi-levelled social network app for kids that helps them to connect with other kids. Here kids can make new friends worldwide, share videos, chat with friends, watch exclusive shows, meet famous people, and much more.

The content on the Grom Social app is curated and safe for children. Unlike other applications, this app requires the kid to sign-up on the platform with a parent. The process helps the app to make a background check of the profile. Also, there are various characters available for the kids to chat with regarding anything.

Only kids under 16 can sign up on the app. Grom offers 24/7 monitoring of the child’s account, and they follow the COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act) guidelines. The parents can monitor their children’s accounts with the companion app Mamabear.

Safe Social Network Experience

best social networks for kids

Social network sites have both positive and negative sides. Even though your kid uses the specific social media platforms designed for kids, it can affect them mentally. So to ensure your child has a safe social networking experience, follow the tips given below.

#. Always check the social media site for yourself. Make an alternative profile on the social media site, and you can see for yourself if the privacy settings are effective or not.

#. Educating your child about the risks and the importance of safety on social networking sites is essential. This will help them to be cautious on social media.

#. Install security software on the device so that your child can be prevented from accidentally accessing any links with adult content.

#. Make them understand how much time they should spend on social media platforms. Keep a check on whether your child is addicted to social media or adopting any negative traits.

#. Learn by joining some groups on social media platforms that teach and give tips on protecting your child online. They will also teach you about any new privacy feature or any new social networking app that your child might register on later.


Social networking apps for kids are an engaging medium; it depends on the user what traits they adapt from the social media site. It can be negative or positive, so until they reach a mature age, it is the responsibility of the parents to keep a check on their children’s social media involvement.

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