As parents, we all know that our kids are obsessed with gaming. Perhaps, the worry to bring the best out of the kids seems quite hectic. When children indulge in gaming, parents often tend to worry about their child’s future due to games’ side effects. Don’t worry, we got your back!

Let’s indulge your kids in game development courses! Isn’t it the best idea to keep your kids interested in games but with a different perspective? Game development has a ton of scope in the present times as well as in the future. Also, kids will not only enjoy playing the games but also will be proud of making them. You can keep all your worries aside and just indulge in game development courses for kids. Following courses may help you bring out the future game developer hidden inside your kid.

Introduce Your Kids to Python

Introduce Your Kids to Python!

Python is one of the easiest computer languages to start with. It is an excellent option for the instant prototyping of the games. Building a game with python is one of the easiest tasks to do. On the other hand, Python also has some constraints. In that case, you must slowly and steadily introduce your kids to programming languages like C# and C++ with respective gaming engines Unity and Unreal.

Make sure that your kid has a basic knowledge of Python language programming. For instance, they should have enough familiarity to use the conditionals, applying the arrays and loops, etc. Python is one of those languages which can easily clear the foremost level of   game development for kids.

Game Development Course 1 including Python – Basic 2D Games

This is one of the beginning levels of learning python-based game development. Hence your kids can easily create 2D games at this starting level. They will learn about various collision detection, loops, functions, the logic behind the game, etc. After this stage, the kids will be able to build any type of 2D game efficiently and right from scratch.

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Game Development Course 2 including Python – The Robo World

We all are well aware of the addictions our kids have with robots. This is also one of the starting-level courses where the kids can learn about curating robot-type game programming. The kids will be introduced to the essential functions of this course. Hence they will be able to build this game effortlessly. Nevertheless, some advanced functions introduced in this course can level up the developing skills.

Game Development Course 3 including Python – The Multiplayer Game

No one can stop the kids from playing with their friends. So how about creating a game which has a multiplayer lobby. This course will enhance the complex knowledge of Python in your kids. Make sure that you have a  good wifi connection. If your kids would do this advanced-level course of Python, your kids will quickly learn social interactions, logical conditioning, advanced data structures, and a lot more.

At RealSchool, your kid can become one of the best game developers. Not only that, we look forward to making your kids ready for real-world problems. We understand that

parenting is becoming hard with each passing day in this highly competitive world. But no need to worry. Our experts will help you nurture your kids with all the required skills to make them future-ready.

Game Development Course 4 including Python

Game Development Course 4 including Python – The Ultimate Smash Game

Now that your kid has learned to create a multiplayer game at a complex level, this one will be easy game programming. In this game, your kid can learn various animations and physics required and essential in gaming programs. It is a multiplayer game where one player can lift and smash the other player down. The game continues till the last player standing.

Game Development Course 5 including Javascript – The Run and Win Game

This is one of the basic level courses where your kids can learn to create a 2D game based on the running theme. Various variables, arrays, loops of Javascript will be introduced to your kid during the construction of this game. This video game development for kids can be easily built if your kid has a basic knowledge of Javascript. So get ready to run your self-made player and win the race.

Game Development Course 6 including Javascript – Defend The Tower

In this course, your kids will learn to build the towers as well as the players. The players will be designated to defend the towers from enemies. They will be introduced to game collisions, physics behind the game, game consciousness, etc. while developing this game.

3D Game Development Course including Unreal 

This game development course will master the advanced level language which is used in game development. Unreal Engine 4 is one of the best and professional engines to curate 3D games. Once your kids complete this course, they can easily curate any 3D gaming designs right from the ground level.

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Racing Kart Game Development Course including Unity along with C#

C#, the gaming programming language is a bit complicated. But in this highly competitive world, you must start introducing your kids so that they can easily unleash the inner power of becoming a game developer. Such courses render many important programming aspects so that your kid is comfortable in creating professional games.

Racing Kart is one of the basic games which is introduced in the introductory level of C# game development courses.

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We at RealSchool look forward to providing your kids education beyond textbooks. We firmly believe that teaching innovatively and a revised syllabus can indulge your kids in studies more. With RealSchool, your child can not only learn how to develop games for kids? But also their overall development aspects will be taken care of. We understand every child is different. Hence, we strive to offer one of the best-personalized teachers for your child.

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