Parents remain very conscious regarding their child’s learning and development. They try to do everything good for their children. When children learn a language in their school days English, parents want to hear simple sentences in English. They love to see their kid speaking a foreign language fluently.

However, it’s not easy for kids to learn a language at school. In a classroom, many students are present. The teacher might not give attention to every child. In such situations, children with slow learning capacity feel left behind. They become unable to overcome simple issues. It becomes hard for them to even learn small sentences for kids.

As a parent, it becomes your responsibility to focus on your kid’s speaking skills. You should either start teaching them simple sentences at home or you can seek the help of a professional English speaking trainer.

This article will act as a guide for you in beginning your child’s learning through simple English sentences for kids.

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Writing Simple Sentences in English?

It is a common question of most parents that when should they expect their children to speak simple sentences? There is no age bar to it. Your kid might start making small sentences for kids at the age of 4 or, the possibilities are that they don’t learn it even after 6.

The age at which a child begins to make simple sentences depends on the quality of guidance they get. It is often challenging to teach language at such an early age. You cannot guide freshers properly until and unless you are an expert. Most people do not understand the hooks and crooks of grammar. Thus it is crucial to get a proper trainer to teach small sentences in English for kids.

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How to Create Simple English Sentences for Kids?

Kids learn a language quickly if trained efficiently. You cannot teach them if you possess misconceptions and unawareness about the topic. A kid usually starts to read and speak simple words at the age of 3. However, framing those words into sentences requires basic knowledge.

In most parts of the world, English is the local language. Children in those countries do not need to take extra lessons to frame sentences. They learn it from their environment. However, if you belong to a place where it’s only as a professional language, your kid will need extra effort to learn simple English sentences for kids.

Here are some of the beginning steps you may follow to explain how to make simple sentences in the particular language?

  • You should begin with a small test. The test should check the present ability of the kid. Their ability to write does not depend on age. Possibilities are that you find a 6-year-old kid who does not know about some common action words like eating, playing, walking, writing, or reading. In such a case, you should begin with clearing their basic understanding of words.
  • Once you know their current state of mind, plan your actions accordingly. If a kid can frame simple sentences like, I am playing, move towards more complex ones. If they can build declarative sentences (simple sentences), teach them about interrogative sentences (question statement). Once they get command over these two types, you can shift to imperative ( command statements) and exclamative ( exclamation).
  • If the kid is not capable of making a simple sentence, then you should start with the very first step of small sentences in English. The basic structure of every sentence is Subject + verb + object. For example, in the sentence, Rachel is making a truffle, Rachel is the subject, ‘making’ is the verb, and truffle is the object. ( as Rachel is performing a task that is ‘making truffle.’ Thus, ‘making’ is verb and truffle, on which the subject acts). In the sentence, I am playing, ‘I’ is the subject, and ‘am playing’ is the verb. Here, the object is hidden.
  • Here are some sentences you can use to teach basic English sentences for kids:
    1. The dog is sitting on the mat.
    2. She is playing in the rain.
    3. I am drinking water.
    4. I eat mango.
    5. She reads a book.
    6. They are playing in the park.
    7. Juliet paints beautiful pictures.
    8. My mother makes delicious food.
    9. Sunrise in the east.
    10. I pray to God every day.

Learning courses for your kids! Get free trial here

These are some simple sentences that involve various concepts that a kid should learn.

Through these sentences, you can teach them to thread 1st, 2nd, and 3rd person, singular and plural, adjectives, adverbs, articles, and determinants in one single bead to make sentences.

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Tips to Teach Simple Sentences in English

Here are some simple tips you can use to teach small sentences:

  • While training a kid, it is significant to teach like a kid. If you remain serious, they might lose interest. Thus, keep patience and behave like their friend.
  • Sometimes, they do not grasp things but behave like they are learning everything. Thus, it is vital to test them frequently.
  • Kids are excellent learners but they take time. If you give them every concept in a short time, they might start forgetting things. Thus, give them efficient time to understand and practice every topic.
  • Pictures, animations, and videos are more potent than simple texts. They leave a long-lasting impact on the mind. If you tell a child that Elephant is a giant animal, they might not remember it for too long. However, if you show them a picture of an Elephant, they will remember it for a long time.
  • Don’t discourage kids. Sometimes, they too face a lot of pressure from friends, relatives, or society. If you start scaring them, they might get fed up and upset. Thus, always remain positive.

These are some tips you can use to teach small sentences. Kids are too sensitive. Thus, it is significant to handle them with care.

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English is the professional language. Beyond the limits of the career they choose, they will need it in every field. Even in the classroom, a kid who can speak or write English smoothly gets appreciation from everyone. The first process is to teach them simple words and then shift to simple sentences. This way they will not feel burdened and will enjoy the process.

Hopefully, you found this article helpful. You can share your view with us by commenting in the below box.

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