Coding Apps for Kids: The Pathway of Preparing the Kids for the Future

Coding is one of the most talked-about skills that can be learned by kids in the present scenario. It is due to the immense potential of future prospects that this field holds for the coming years of technology. This blog will navigate you through the best coding apps for kids and how to explain coding to kids in the most comprehensible manner.

Coders are also termed, developers or programmers. These people are involved in creating interactive interfaces for websites, mobile applications, and games. Even for those kids who do not aim to pursue higher qualifications in computer science, coding is a great skill to learn because of the diversification it can offer in almost all major fields.

How to Explain Coding to a Child?

It is a process through which programmers can instruct computers to execute a function or task. Computer programming, works on altering codes created by programmers into computer understandable machine codes. The codes can be generated with the help of various programming languages, which are compiled and translated into machine codes. Examples of such languages are Python, Java, C++, etc.

To explain coding to children, it is important to break down the components into easily relatable terms. If it can not be explained exactly the way it is, it can be told as to how it works. This can be done in a number of ways:

  • Using Interactive Examples

Most kids are interested in playing games. There is a main character in the game that has a name, which is used throughout. When you name the character, it is assigned to a variable. The scores, achievements, and progress in the game are saved for this name. This is the database that is created through coding, to instruct the computer to save the character’s information.

There are different classes in coding. For the class of characters, the components can be the hero and the enemy. For the class of vehicles, the components can cars, bikes, and helicopters. The options like colour and clothes are the attributes of these components. 

  • Using Relatable Information

Codes created through programming languages are a combination of elements that are based on syntax. The syntax is the specific method or order of writing codes for a particular language. Since it is not easy to straightaway explain this to kids, other relatable information can be used. For example, a website has multiple components like the search bar, menu, headings, images, etc.

In even simpler terms, let’s take an example of a book. A book is like a database for various chapters, lessons, and stories. Breaking down an item into its constituents makes it much more relatable and easier to explain coding to a child.

  • Simplifying Coding

There are several concepts like classes, variables, loops, and control flow. Taking the example of a loop, it is a concept that instructs the program to repeat itself until a condition is satisfied. This can be difficult to explain functionally to a child, so it can be simplified.

Taking the example of a game, there are checkpoints at a particular level. The game starts from that point again if the level is failed. The loop is set to continue from that checkpoint until the person playing the game clears that level. Once it is cleared, the person can move on to the next level.

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Best Online Coding Classes for Kids

There are various coding apps for kids which are designed to make it easier to understand it step by step. Following are some of the best coding platforms for kids online:

  • Scratch Coding for Kids

It is one of the most popular coding platforms. It provides an interactive learning environment and teaches the key terms to children. Kids can engage in virtual projects can learn how to create websites, applications, and games. It also offers another platform called ScratchJr for younger kids. 

  • Kodeable

It is another well-known coding platform for kids which is based on IOS devices. It is similar to Scratch coding for kids and provides complete learning from the basic to the advanced level. There is also a paid pro version with a wider range of features.

  • Tynker

It is a versatile app for children which offers features for all age groups of children. It also offers basic training with voice instructions for younger groups. children can use Tynker to design various games and mods and gradually move up to other languages like Java and Python.

  • Lightbot

It is a paid app that is available on both Android and IOS platforms. Lightbot offers many advanced features and is suitable for teenager groups, those who can grasp concepts quickly, or those who are already well familiar with the basics.

  • Cargo-bot

It is a free Android and IOS-based app which is designed for children aged above 10. It engages children in special puzzle tasks involving the movement of coloured shapes to create designs and patterns.

Benefits of Coding Apps for Kids

After having discussed some of the best online classes for kids, it is also important to know about the benefits these apps have to offer, or if they are really necessary. These platforms for children offer training for a diverse range of age groups and there is no age limitation for learning. Also, they combine a range of activities to make the basic concepts crystal clear.

Another important point is the involvement in real virtual projects which give children insights into how applications and websites are actually created. These apps lay a foundation for children to be prepared for learning other programming languages like Java and Python.


This blog covered the basics of what is coding for children and which are the best online coding classes for children. It is a unique skill that can assist children to be completely prepared for the digital age. It also boosts other abilities like creativity, communication, calculations, and writing. With more and more technological advancements, it will become the future of early learning and children can start moving closer to the future from this very day.

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