Let’s see what our satisfied parent of The Real School Of Montessori has got to say….

Keisha, parent of Laschelle from The Real School Of Montessori says that The Real School Of Montessori has packed in different life learnings for Laschelle and that too in such a fun manner which has definitely got her engaged, but engaged in a manner that is beneficial to all her skills.

She says,

“It’s pretty amazing as you get a chance to meet different students and it’s really special the way that the classes are designed and the energy of every single person of The Real School Of Montessori that we’ve interacted with.”

Our little Laschelle also has got something to say about her experience with The Real School Of Montessori.

Laschelle says,

“The Real School Of Montessori is helpful to me because i really love the classes and the way they teach me some things i don’t know. And I really like the classes especially because I love drawing and colouring and painting.”

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