The human mind is a natural marvel. It is capable of achieving wonderful things. It is like a clay pot that can be moulded in any form. This property of the human brain makes it one of the most important parts of the human body.

The brain of a child is far more receptive and inquisitive than an adult. In the first few formative years of a child’s life, you can nurture and train it to make your kid a good and hard-working human being. Painting requires patience as well as focus. Though kids are very impatient and get distracted easily, they still love painting. While painting, kids focus on all aspects like colours, figures to be drawn etc, this requires attention to detail which calls for keeping patience. One has to patiently work through the whole artwork to get the desired result.

Benefits of Painting for Kids

Creativity plays a major role in the development of a human brain in the beginning stages. Activities like painting, singing, etc., can help your kids inculcate the qualities of creativity.

In this article, we are going to discuss how painting can increase your kid’s patience and focus.

Let us see some of the positive effects of painting on kids.

#1 Helps in Showcasing Creativity

Painting increases kids focus

A kid’s brain is mostly empty and can think from a totally different angle. This ability to keep in mind different perspectives is very high at a young age and comes from free thinking. Painting is one such activity that lets a kid express their unique thoughts. While painting, a kid is free to use any kind of tools like brush, sketch pens, crayons etc. for expressing her/his thoughts. This free form activity helps them in showing her creativity to others and imbibes better focus.

#2 Better Hand-Eye Coordination

Painting ideas for kids

Many people think that only playing video games can help in better hand-eye coordination. However, the same skill is improved when kids paint. When a kid paints or draws, they need to take care of the fact that the desired colour spreads to the intended spot only. For this, a fair amount of control and accuracy is needed. A kid who paints frequently will have good control on hands, which will eventually lead to good handwriting too.


#3 Improves Decision-Making Skills

Benefits of painting for kids

Decision-making is one of the most important life skills. While painting, a kid often has to decide whether a particular colour is perfect for a specific part of the painting, or decide how large should be the subject of the painting, what would be its dimensions, etc. It helps the kid by making them confident about their decisions, training them for the future. Learning life skills that come in handy and prepare your kid for a brighter future is now made easy with Real School.

#4 Medium for Releasing Excessive Energy

Creative painting ideas for kids

Kids are often full of energy; sometimes it can be difficult for parents to channel this excessive energy in the best way possible. Energetic kids can be motivated to paint, this will ensure that their energy is used in the right direction. However, one thing is also to be considered that some kids may need different channels to release their energy. You can refer to Real School, where you will get dedicated mentors for your kids who will help them nurture their real talents.

Creative Painting Ideas for Kids

Painting is an activity that can be done in multiple ways. There is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to painting. There are a variety of types that your kids can try and make their masterpiece. These ideas will make the process of improving focus and patience a lot more interesting. Here are some of the most creative ideas for kids that are fun and highly creative.

#1 Kids’ Art Coasters

Creative task for kids

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If you want to use the artistic creation of your kids, then you can teach them to build coasters. Kids can showcase their creativity on those coasters. You will be able to use these coasters at home. It will remind you of your kid’s artistic skills whenever you will be taking a sip of your favourite beverage.

#2 Painted Rocks

Rock Painting for Kids

You may have a lot of rocks in your garden, but have you ever thought of doing anything creative with them? If not, then you should try giving your kids an opportunity to do so, and let them paint some of the rocks as per their thinking. You will be surprised by the creativity level of your kids when you will see the painted rocks.

#3 Pencil Shavings Painting

Pencil shaving painting for kids

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This is one of the most common activities that is done by almost every growing child. Pencil Shavings can be used in one way and that is, in paintings. Kids can use pencil shavings pretty creatively in their paintings. It can form a part of their craftwork as well. This idea will bring out the true creativity of your child.

#4 Air Brush Paintings

Air brush painting for kids

If your kid likes making abstract paintings, then airbrush paintings are the best choice for them. In this type of painting, you dip a toothbrush in paint and sprinkle the colour on to the paper creating a beautiful design. Your kid can then go on to sprinkle different kinds of colours to make an abstract masterpiece. These are not supposed to be accurate as they are based on perspectives or an idea or vision in a person’s mind.

#5 Painting Using Objects

The everyday objects can sometimes be used as paintbrushes. One simply has to soak the objects in colours and use them as paintbrushes. Kids can use objects like forks, a half-cut potato, a ladyfinger, a hair comb, leaves, etc. to make beautiful patterns in the paintings. This technique is pretty fun to do and often ends up in beautiful paintings.

Parting Words

Painting is one such activity that many kids enjoy. It allows them to express themselves in the best way possible. It also helps in the overall cognitive development of your child. Motivating your kids to paint can help them in multiple facets of life.

Real School provides free trial classes where your kids get one-on-one mentoring service, ensuring that their actual capabilities are nurtured.

We hope this article was helpful for you, keep checking this space for more such useful articles.



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