Online Colouring Games for Kids: Apps Which Can Help Us

When we were kids, we had to buy colours and a drawing book from a shop, but now the technology has advanced, and we can get it through various apps on the Internet. So we can draw and colour simply online without having any trouble and get a beautiful drawing in front of us.

So in today’s topic, we will learn about different types of apps that help students or kids to draw quickly.

Apps Which Can Help You with This

1. Colouring and Learn

This app has been very useful for kids to learn about how to draw and colour numerous things. This game consists of 250 pages, and kids can effortlessly draw whatever they want to. This game also has a “glow colouring mode” where a kid can create a magic doodle painting.

2. Colouring and Learning Animals

This game provides a kid with different kinds of animals, and a person has to paint them. It’s entertaining, and a kid enjoys painting through this game. This game consists of 100 pages, and several puzzles are also included to make this game more attractive and promising. This is one of the best colouring games for kids.

3. Colouring Games

Preschool Colouring Book for Kids: This game is meant for preschool kids who are new to this field. This game includes various types of gaming, for example, fun drawing, painting and pages wherever the kid has to colour to the images of animals. This game has many activities, including where a person can choose which one they want to play, i.e., tough or Easy. These are fantastic colouring games for preschoolers.

4. Masha and the Bear

Free colouring Games for Kids is an online game for kids where a person has to colour the characters given in the game. A person can use different tools to play this game. A kid can never get tired of this game. This game has included themes and patterns. It’s for kids between 3-5 years, and the parents can help them show them how to play it.

5. Disney Colouring World – Colouring Games for Kids

Many Of you will be aware of Frozen’s movie. The most famous film and this game have got characters which a person can truly celebrate. The kids are required to paint Elsa and get more creative. After colouring the surface, it whirls into a sticker. After completion of one character, more are unlocked. This game has characters from many movies, and a kid loves to paint them.

6. Colouring Games for Kids – Drawing and Colour Book

This game helps kids become artists. It includes numerous kinds of pages, and a kid loves to colour. In addition, it has decoration games which include pencil colouring, painting and magical doodling. It enhances the imagination of a kid, and a person can paint for hours.

7. Painting and Drawing Game

This game is for all ages. There are many options for kids to draw several drawings. The kid loves to colour and share with their friends. Here, a kid can draw their design which helps in the imagination and originality of a kid.

8. Princess Colouring Book for Kids

This game is for girls who are very fond of the princess. It consists of 50 pages including famous fairytale characters, for example, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White etc. It is straightforward to utilize where the kids love to watch their favourite characters to get filled with many colours. It is a free game, and a person can colour as long as she likes. In the background, a person can hear sounds and music, which is so warming to the ears.

9. Learn to Colour and Draw Car Games for Kids

This game is usually loved by boys, and it is for kids who are 2-8 years of age. This game has many types of cars, from old to modest. A kid can colour it the way he likes and give his car a new colour. It helps kids to develop motor mastery. It has 40 colouring pages and 30 bright colours. It has the auto-fill choice for preschool kids.

10. Colour by Numbers

It is a pixel game where the kid is supposed to colour the images. It is said that it is the most relaxing game which reduces stress and calms the kid. A kid relishes this game and paints with love. A kid has to colour different kinds of characters. A person can also upload their photos and start colouring.

11. Foods Colouring Book and Drawing Books

This game delivers fruits where a person has to colour the fruits, for example, mango, banana, watermelon etc. There is a blank page, and the kid can colour the way they like. There are various tools for the kids to use and take advantage of to colour the images and learn the art of colouring. It is a free game, and a person is not deemed to use the internet. Therefore, it can be used simply without the internet. The kids can share it with their family, relatives and friends and get several feedback for the images they have created.

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12. Glitter Dress- Colouring and Drawing Games for Kids

It consists of 50 pages, and a kid can get knowledge about fashion and different kinds of dresses. This game also helps with memory and cognitive aptitudes. It also has kid makeup and some pages for beautiful girls.

The background is filled with music that a kid can enjoy while colouring. It has various kinds of brushes, and a kid can use as many meetings as they desire to. A kid can also erase all of it and try making it again. In the end, a kid just has to share their work with friends or relatives or whoever they want to send it to.

13. Bini Colouring Games for Kids

This app allows kids to draw any character they want to remove. It also has animations that make the game better. It consists of 100 characters with excellent graphics.

Parents now don’t have to worry about their child’s creativity and can also teach them how to draw through this game. In addition, the game has varieties of sound effects which kids usually admire while making a sketch or colouring a character.

14. Paint Book for Kids

It consists of different kinds of colouring pages, good music, simple to draw things, pictures are updated daily, helps with reducing stress and is considered one of the most incredible games for kids.

15. Drawing Desk

A free game for kids, and this game also has 3D brushes, making the game more attractive and pleasing. It has 500 colouring pages and keeps the kid active. This game also has stickers which a kid cherishes. It releases new pictures every day with numerous magical filters.

16. Scribbly

It allows a person to draw whatever they wish for. This game has various features and bestows a person with ideas and designs. Kids can show their talent through this app.

These games are also used in schools by teachers to show kids how easy it is to draw and learn, which used to seem very difficult when we were kids.


The games mentioned above can be very beneficial for the kids out there and help them. All the games are available online, and anyone can get them quickly if your kid loves to draw or to colour. We recommend you to try these games, and you won’t regret it ever.

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