Strength and flexibility will help your kids to increase muscle health, improve balance and reduce joint pain. Strength exercises for kids have proven to be a safe and effective method for the adequate growth of kids. Muscular strength exercise leads to better health and fitness. Strength training should not be confused with weightlifting or power-lifting.

Fitness training for kids is vital for strength and physical health. Muscle strengthening helps to perform everyday tasks and slow down the bone and muscle loss with ageing. Exercises improve balance and reduce the chances of falling. Health professionals also believe that basic exercise for kids helps to improve posture and reduces aches and injury.

strength exercises for kids

In this pandemic situation, keeping the body fit is necessary to boost immunity. However, here are some of the benefits of strength training exercise.

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#1. Increases the Child’s Muscle Strength and Endurance 

Strength exercises for kids strengthen the child’s muscle and help maintain the correct posture, boost the brain for better understanding and learning.

Increases the Child's Muscle Strength and Endurance

#2. Protect the Child’s Muscles and Joints from Sports-Related Injuries 

Regular exercise helps to protect a child’s muscle and joint injuries from intense physical activities like sports. Therefore, muscular strength is vital for a kid’s future.  It keeps the body fit and also strengthens your child’s bones. Several fitness exercises for kids are recommended for preventing joint pains and muscle building.

#3. Improves Kids Performance in any Sport 

Fitness is vital for a kid’s performance. Therefore, a fit body keeps the kid healthy. So, strength exercise improves a kid’s performance in all kinds of sports, from dancing, skating to football and soccer. Strengthening not only improves performance in sports but also strengthens a child’s bones. It also improves healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

#4. Improves Confidence Level 

Muscular strength exercises for kids also improve their confidence level. A confident child will be more active in studies and face real-life challenges with ease. Exercise is a confidence booster. Regular drills for strength exercises for kids gets them into the habit of following a fitness regime early on in their life.

#5. Prepare for Older Age 

Muscular exercise not only improves confidence and builds the body stronger, it also prepares the body for physiological changes as your child grows older. Therefore, muscular exercise is necessary from an early age. It is a myth that most muscular exercises are only for athletes and not for others. Muscular strength exercises for kids make them athletic and take care of general fitness. Exercise will make your child’s body fit and adapt to changes accordingly. However,  Muscular exercise assists the body to be fit, even in old age and prevents many diseases.

During childhood, body awareness can be achieved amongst kids through proper control and body balance through active play. When a child attains the age of 7 or 8, strength exercise helps for an overall fitness plan. Health departments also recommend that 60 minutes of bone and muscle-strengthening exercises for at least three days a week is best for kids.

Best Ways to Start Program for Strength Training

Strength Training

#1. Professional Consultation

To boost strength exercise, you must start with a coach who has experience in training kids for strength exercise. The trainer can create a safe and effective strength training program based on your child’s age, size, skills and sports interests. The alternative to the consultation is to admit your child to a strength training exercise designed for kids.

#2. Warm-up and Cool Down 

Basic muscular exercise for kids will encourage the child to begin with light aerobic activity, such as walking, spot jogging or jumping rope. The exercise warms up the muscles of the kids and prepares them for more complex activity. Keep in mind that gentle stretching is required after each session.

#3. Keep it light 

Kids may lift lightweights, and sets of 12 to 15 repetitions are enough. To restrict weight lifting, body-weight exercises, such as push-ups, are viable options for muscular strengthening. Starting the muscular exercise with light and warm-up exercise will help the body adapt to changes and prepare for complex exercise easily.

#4. Emphasise Proper Technique 

Adequate technique and plan play a vital role in the right amount of weight your child lifts. Your child can gradually increase the weights after repetitions as he or she gets older. The proper technique helps to improve the flexibility of kids and also helps improve focus.

#5. Supervise 

Proper supervision is crucial for proper strength training technique. However, complete reliance on others is to avoid adequate growth of your child. Better supervision of the muscular exercise of your children offers control of a child’s activity and will help him/ her to follow the guidelines properly. Supervision also helps prevent the child from being hurt and will ensure that they are using the correct technique to get the desired results.

Rest Between Workouts

#6. Rest Between Workouts 

Proper rest between exercises is a must for proper workouts. Rest between workouts will strengthen the body and improve the mind. It is also observed that continuous workout may make the body tired, and a break between the workouts is highly recommended.

#7. Keep it Fun 

Fitness Training for Kids should be fun for proper fitness and strengthening of body muscles, and it will also remove boredom. Running is the simplest form of exercise, and kids love to run while playing. Activities like a relay race and active games help energise a kid’s body.


We recommend that strength exercise is necessary for kids. Muscular exercises not only boost the brain and the body but also teach focus and coordination. The above benefits and programs show that strength exercise for kids plays a vital role in improving their physical and mental health.

Muscular strength exercise is necessary for making the child agile, confident and competitive in a healthy way. Since all work and no play can make your child dull, Real School has developed a new exercise routine to compliment the children’s academic growth. They offer an exercise routine for three days a week. The Real School concentrates on improving the health of young children through developing and designing muscular activities to facilitate cognitive development and acquiring skills. They believe in holistic growth, which is the joint outcome of a sound intellect and a healthy body. Visit the website to learn more.

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