Toys are the best companions of kids. They enjoy playing with it all the time. Some parents believe playing with toys makes the children dull and lazy. But, bringing them some useful and fun learning toys will make them physically as well as mentally active.
For a 5-year-old kid, proper and good guidance from the parent’s affects them a lot. The children get all the benefits if guided in a favourable manner.
In the following article, you will get to know the best suitable math toys for 5-year-old kids and the benefits of using the math toys. How toys impact the learning and development of the child. So, do read the article till the end and don’t miss any part of it.

What is Maths for a 5-year-old Kid?

The first step of the children towards learning starts with alphabets and numbers. When the kids gradually get older, they are taught a little more in detail. For a 5-year-old kid, math is a basic and the most essential subject. They should be aware of fundamental math skills. Nowadays, people are using techniques of Vedic math for children. Vedic math for kids is very valuable and convenient.
There is nothing much in detail to educate a 5-year-old in the subject of math. Below given, are few skills a 5-year-old kid should possess:
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Math Skills for a 5-year-old Kid

Vedic maths for 5-year-old kids

#1 Being able to count numbers more than ten using both hands.
#2 Have the ability to identify the larger and the smaller number.
#3 Simple addition and subtraction of single-digit numbers.
#4 Knowing the days in a week, the morning and the night.
#5 Have the potential to observe an object and draw.
#6 Knowing the basic symmetric shapes like the circle and the square and being able to copy and draw them.

What are the Math Toys for a 5-year-old Kid?

Every child has a certain time to play and time to study. Anyhow, it is difficult to make them sit and teach when they are more interested in playing with the toys. What if, the playing and the studying time are merged. Something that kids will enjoy playing and get knowledge from the same.
Math toys are very beneficial for children of younger ages. They get rid of the boring learning time and start gaining knowledge by playing with the toys around them.
There are many math toys for kids to enhance their basic math skills and let them have fun at the time. Children always instil excitement when they get to learn things in a different and unique manner.
Given below are some math toys suitable for a 5-year-old kid to play and develop learning simultaneously.

Magic Sticks

This is a game where the child has to pick a few sticks of different colours and find their sum. Suppose if you take 3 yellow sticks and 2 red sticks, the sum of the sticks is 5. You have to represent the sum with different colour sticks. And present the additional sum with the plack card.
Like in the above example, there are 3 yellow sticks and 2 red sticks, their sum is represented by 5 blue sticks. The plack cards are presented in the manner of 3+2=5.
Subtraction can also be done in the same method

Number Stickers

In this math toy, there is a big board given divided into two sections. In one section there are few additions and subtraction sums presented in pictures. There are many vacant places in the section to be filled with the correct answers. In the other section of the board, there are number stickers given up to number ten. The child has to pick the right answers to all the sum and fix the number sticker at the correct place.

Fun With Shapes

This math toy is for knowing the right shapes. There is a board with hollow spaces in all types of shapes. There are connectors in all shapes that can be fixed in the hollow spaces in the board.
The child has to analyse all the shapes and identify where to fix the right shape connectors.
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Number Blocks

maths for 5-year-olds kids

This is a block game for kids. Two players are required to play with this math toy.  There is a chart with small math functions like +5, -2, etc. written in sequence all over the end. The game starts with each player building 5 blocks together.
The first player has to roll the dice over the chart and whatever function he gets, he has to implement it with the blocks. If he gets +3, he has to add three blocks and if he gets -2, he has to remove two blocks and further the game goes on. In the end, whoever has the maximum number of blocks wins the game.

Math bridge

This is a toy for kids to know how to balance numbers. There is a number line made on both corners of a bridge with support at the middle. There are small weights of all numbers given.
The child has to attach the weights of the numbers on both sides of the bridge to make it balance. Suppose to give an additional sum of 1+2=3 , now ask the child to attach 1 and 2 weights on one side of the bridge and 3 weights on the other side of the bridge to make it balance.

Benefits of Math Toys

Math toys are beneficial for kids in many aspects. Few are mentioned below:
#1 Learning something using fun tactics affects the brain of the child in a different way. They gain more knowledge when they enjoy learning.
#2 Their excitement and interest towards the subject increase gradually when they enjoy playing with the toys.
#3 The children don’t ask for any extra playing time. They learn and play at the same time.
#4 They are never lonely. If they have nobody to play around them. They can keep them engaged in playing all the time.
#5 Parents don’t need to force the children to sit and study. Their playing time is their learning time too. They become multitaskers.
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Expecting that the above content helped you know what are the best math toys for a 5 year old kid and the benefits of using them. Maths is a mental subject for kids. They require more attention and guidance towards learning the subject of math. Looking good and simple content for kids learning. Then, do follow Real School for great content in aspects of learning and best guidance for children.

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