The way math is taught to a kid determines whether the subject will become the child’s best friend or the subject will become the child’s enemy. Using the right type of methodology to teach kids math is really important. To teach a 5-year-old child the math concepts, parents need to resort to games to make the child practice maths concepts. There are so many activities that the parents can design or the parents can refer to and implement according to the kids learning. It is really important to respect your child’s learning pace as each child’s learning pace is different and comparing your child with others is not the solution to teach maths to your kid. So it is advisable that you should design the activities according to your child’s learning habit and pace.

Maths for 5-Year-Olds

When you are planning to teach your kid maths with the help of the activities make sure that you play along with them. And if you can bring friends of your child to become part of the activity. This brings in the competition which enhances the learning of your child. A child becomes more focused on learning the concept and he/she tries best of his/her capability to complete the task. Healthy competition is always good for individuals as it acts as a motivator. For adults also healthy motivation is really useful where individuals try to do their best when they are under pressure of competing with the other person. In such a scenario, an individual uses creativity and logical thinking to solve the problem in less time. In this article, you will find maths for 5-year-olds kids activities which you can implement and make your child maths in an interesting way. 

Vedic Maths for 5-Year-old Kids

The methods of calculations passed down from ancient civilizations have established the mathematics that children learn today. The Japanese method and the Kumon system, like the Chinese and their Abacus, India has its own system known as the Vedic mathematics.

The origins of Vedic math are Vedas – ancient Indian scriptures taught by scholars or gurus. The word Vedas means ‘the source/fountainhead of knowledge when it is translated into English.

The key attraction of Vedic mathematics for children is that this is one of the quickest calculation methods. Mastering Vedic maths can allow children to make rapid calculations that can be useful for regular and challenging tests. The Vedic maths makes basic numerical problems including addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division simpler to solve for children. In addition, complex mathematics such as algebra, trigonometry, and calculus can be solved.

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Maths Games for 5 Years Old Children

For a 5-year-old child, you can also go for online free games that are available. As today’s kids are all tech-savvy and they have great hands-on technology particularly smartphones and laptops. Online games are a great way to teach your kids math concepts. Online games are really fun and kids get less bored of them which increases their retaining time. It is a great way to help them learn the concepts that they feel are tough. But if you want to go with offline games then below is the list that you can refer to and customize it according to your child’s preference. Try to include the toys and characters that your child loves. This makes the activity more interesting and you don’t have to struggle much to make your child love the activity. This way children have a greater concentration on the activity as well.

Maths Games for 5 Years Old Children

1. Coin Game

Coin games are very prevalent among parents who want to teach maths to their kids in a very simple form. There are many ways to use coins to teach any math concepts to your 5-year-old, whether it is counting, subtraction, addition, or any other concept. With the help of coins, you can also go forward with doing a role-play of vendor and buyer. This is a game that is loved by kids a lot. This way you make them use the concepts in the real world as well. You can use coins differently in the game. You can add customization as much as you want.

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2. Role Play

Another great way to teach math to your kid is through role play. It is important for you to understand what type of role you want to have with your child. This will also depend on the basis of what concept you want to teach your kid. It is really important to design the role play in the right way. Have the right type of characters and focus on the role play should be on the maximum learning for the child. Don’t forget to add the fun element in the role play, it is really important for you to make it more fun for the child so that he/she doesn’t get bored.

3. Fun with the Cups

You can always use cups for various math concepts whether it is subtraction or addition. You can make sure that you have the thermocole cups and you have just the right idea to implement it. For using it for the additional concept you can use cups in any way. You can cut the cups or you can ask the kid to make a pyramid. Making a pyramid is really fun. You can also ask to colour the cups according to whether the child has to add them or subtract them. Cups are really fun when used in the right direction and a fun way. 

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4. Dice Game

Dice are really fun. Like the famous dice game Ludo and Snake and ladder, you can make a dice game for your kid. Take as many dice as you want to according to the game you are planning to execute. Give clear instructions to the kid about the game that you are playing with them. Once the kid has understood all the instructions and rules of the game then go ahead of implementing the game. 

maths games for 5 years old childrens

5. Count the Object 

Encourage your child to point to each item and arrange them in a row while counting. When there are more than ten things, divide them into tens to see that 32 is made up of three tens and two ones. Use pairs of socks, fingers on wrists, or 10p coins to practise counting in twos, fives, or tens.

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Math games make math enjoyable and simple for children. Teachers and parents must work hard to develop an enjoyable learning module for children because they have a short attention span. Parents should make an effort to design a game that is both fun and educational for their children. Simply follow the steps outlined above to build the perfect math game for your child’s development when creating a math game for kids. Create a different game to teach various math concepts. Be sure not to include all of the concepts in one game, as this can confuse your kid. Best of luck!

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