Kids are eager, imaginative, and curious, and highly intuitive; they always react to new situations and accept experiences as they come. Kindergarten years are a great time to introduce the child to mathematics and help them understand the subject and develop a liking for it.

By the end of a few years, some parents set milestones to recognise patterns, learn tables, and solve basic mathematical problems like addition, subtraction, or multiplication of numbers.

Fun Ways and Activities for Kids

There are many fun ways and activities that you can plan for your child and make the entire experience a rather insightful and interesting one. The play way of learning is effective not only in knowledge sharing but also in stimulating several other faculties of the child’s mind. It teaches innovation and gives a unique perspective on things.

Helping your toddlers navigate through KG class maths provides you with the opportunity to spend more time with the kids and bond at a different level altogether.

Here is a list of some tips that can help you develop an interest in math in your toddler successfully.

mathematics activities

#1. Teaching Counting, the New Way

The first few lessons in maths involve learning to count. Ditch the traditional way of writing numbers on a copy and getting the child to learn it. Intrigue them by creating a fun game out of it. Here’s how you could do that. Collect a few colourful cups and get the child to keep count as they stack up the cups.

You can customise the game according to your child’s kg maths class lessons at the pace they are comfortable keeping up with.

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#2. Board Games Involving Numbers

Kids love their playtime, and board games are a favourite. So, why not mix study and play and derive a great lesson from it? Look for board games that involve fun maths activities like counting numbers, moving chances, solving puzzles, or even building blocks to generate a smarter sense of calculation.

Such games help sharpen the child’s calculative abilities and thus help you cover important mathematics activities. Play these games with them for an extra dose of daily fun and bonding with your kid, even as they grow to learn along with you.

#3. Online Mathematics Activities for the Win 

Children spend a lot of their free time surfing the internet for cartoons, videos, and activities. Take this opportunity and navigate them towards productive screen time and usage. Sign them up for one-on-one lessons and activities that are meant to sharpen and enhance their skills.

The edutech platforms have customisable classes and lessons for child grooming and development. Look for platforms that have courses that align with the math activities for kindergarteners, as maintaining a learning balance is vital to keep the child from getting confused.

#4. Introduce Art to Maths Lessons

Channelise your child’s creativity and imagination by planning activities that wed mathematics with arts. A few ideas could be to bring out chart papers, scissors, and colourful pens, and colour-coded math problems. Let them use their understanding and intuition to solve the problems while following colour codes.

Another mathematics activity could be a puzzle of numbers that they must solve in a given time frame. These are just a few of the many fantastic ideas to create a strong base for mathematics in toddlers. Look for activities online, or discuss with other parents to exchange fun ideas for your kids.

math activity for kindergarten addition and subtraction

#5. Games on Mathematical Problems

Video and iPad games are a child’s best friend, and no matter how much you try, they do manage to sneak in the device and start playing their favourite games. Turn this into a productive activity by downloading mathematics activities and games and hook your child to playing them. Such targeted games are in plenty and suitable for kids of different age groups.

#6. Participation in Mathematics Competitions

Competitions are a great way to boost your child’s confidence and get them into the spirit of healthy competition. Sign them up or encourage them to prepare and participate in school held or club activities. These include counting numbers, abacus, math activities of addition and subtraction for kindergarteners, or building block competitions.

Instil an early habit of catching up and staying at par with the other kids; not to forget the reward that follows a competition motivates the kids to retain an interest in the subject.

Plan a fun activity even on occasions like birthday parties, and set rewards and prizes for the winners, and turn these math lessons into activities that your kids and their friends will love. It is a win-win for both parents and kids.

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Stay in Sync with Activities at School 

Please keep in mind that as children need learning, they also require a healthy balance of study and play. Avoid situations where you introduce frequent lessons at home, some that may not have been introduced yet at school. This leaves the child in a confused state and can create trouble in setting the basics right.

The mantra is to take it forward with patience and recognise your child’s ability to understand, grasp and retain. Every child is different, and so is their attention span, interest level, and imagination. To help keep the child motivated consider tutors who offer real-time lessons even via an online format.

At Real School Of Montessori, we offer expert guidance and support to help your kids sail through their introduction to maths. The mentors have a global understanding of student skills and activities and design a curriculum that will help set your kid par excellence and move beyond daily lessons to start solving more extensive lessons and eventually making mathematics a loved subject.

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