At a tender age, most kids indulge in games and fun activities. These games have a major role to play in shaping the overall personality of your child. This is why we see many schools and educational institutions switching over to games for fun-based learning.

Hence, as parents and guardians, our responsibility is to make our beloved kids familiar with the right kind of games. Due to the recent hit of the infamous pandemic, going outdoors has become rare and unsafe for everybody.

Does this mean NO games? Not at all! You still can enjoy and indulge in games that are indoor based and can be played without any worry.

Dig into this interesting article by The Real School Of Montessori to know more about how indoor games can do wonders to your child’s growth and which are the games you must try for achieving that goal! We ensure a fun and interesting environment around your children, where no one feels bored, and each child enjoys the process of growth.

Why are Indoor Games so Important for Your Kids?

Why are Indoor Games so Important for Your Kids?

Indoor games have abundant pros to develop your child’s physical and mental well being. They are known to improve one’s reflexes by encouraging the development of fast-twitch muscles in the body.

All kinds of indoor games put our cognitive skills to work and enhance our mental capacity for complex thinking and improving memory. Take a step ahead and indulge your kids in creative indoor games and see how well it works on their cognitive associations, problem-solving, and decision-making skills.

Interestingly, playing active indoor games also helps your children be physically fit due to frequent movements of body and mind coordination.

Not only are indoor games beneficiary for children, but they also work wonders for old-aged people’s health. So, if you have elders in your house, do not miss the opportunity of keeping a ‘Game Day’ often in a week!

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Pictionary is a popular game amongst children as well as adults. In this game, a player is given a word by the opponent team, and he/she has to say that word to his/her team members. But! Not by speaking. Instead, they need to draw an image of that word on a board or a paper to indicate that word. If the teammates guess the word within the time frame, they win!

You can even play one on one and avoid making teams if you do not have sufficient players.

Try to keep the time frame up to 30 secs or even less to make the competition more thrilling!

How to Play?

  1. Prepare a box/bowl and throw in some folded chits in them. Make sure you have written one word in each chit.
  2. Arrange for a board with a marker or a slate with chalk.
  3. Ask your kid to pick up a chit and start drawing it. Do not forget to put on the timer!
  4. Go turn by turn (if not playing in teams), and after you guess, go over to the drawing side and let your kid guess the word.

Sock Toss

Here is a unique and fun game that will keep you and your kid amused yet active throughout the day!

This game makes use of a common bucket and a few folded socks. This indoor game resembles a mini version of the basketball game!

How to Play?

  1. Roll the socks into small sized balls and tie them up.
  2. Keep the bucket in one corner of the room.
  3. Mark the position where your kid must stand a few steps away from the bucket.
  4. Aim the sock balls into the bucket. Take turns to see who manages to aim maximum balls right into the bucket.
  5. After every turn, move the standing position mark further away from the bucket to increase the difficulty level for extra fun!

Balancing Beam

Balancing beam is an excellent indoor game that stimulates your kid’s physical potential. It develops the motor skills in your children and, as the name says, ‘improves their balance’.

How to Play?

  1. Stick tapes on a cushioned floor –  use multicoloured tapes.
  2. Every coloured tape must have a different rule of walking. For example, the blue tape means you have to walk with one leg, the green tape means you must walk on toes only, and so on.
  3. The kid who travels through all tapes in the given time without tripping wins!
  4. Make sure you do not keep any sharp objects or ends near the play area.

Follow the Leader

Follow the Leader is a fantastic game to play if you have many kids at home! This game can subtly make your kids exercise while enjoying themselves with their siblings or friends.

How to Play?

  1. Ensure you have sufficient space to play and remove any sharp objects/ends from the room. Avoid congestion.
  2. Pick a theme for the game. These themes could involve gestures, physical activities, expressions, etc.
  3. Give every kid a chance to be the leader and be the leader yourself too!
  4. All the kids playing must mimic the leader. Whatever the leader does, others must follow.
  5. Note that verbal enactment is not allowed. Children must mimic physical aspects only, such as dancing, jumping, gesturing, stretching, laughing, etc.


 Puzzles for kids

Puzzles have the power to engage your kids in educational aspects with a lot of interest and enthusiasm. Puzzles do what books find a tough time to do!

How to Play?

  1. Find puzzles from all genres. These genres can include general knowledge, wildlife, geography, history, science, literature, movies, politics, fantasy fiction, etc.
  2. Show your kid the picture he/she needs to form on joining the puzzle pieces.
  3. Demonstrate to your kid how he/she needs to arrange the pieces of the puzzles so that the end goal should be achieving the picture.
  4. You can even explore 3D puzzles for your kids.
 Final Words

indoor games for kids

It is said that the right mentor can shape the bright future of kids. We at The Real School Of Montessori strive to make education encouraging, engaging, and fun for your kids. We use the prime principle of game-based and fun learning to imbibe the right set of values, culture, and education into your kids’ lives.

Our high-definition audio-video learning methods, story-based teaching, and interactive learning have proven beneficial for thousands of kids.

Trust The Real School Of Montessori today, and see your kid wake up excited for learning tomorrow!

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