5 Important Social Skills that Your Child Might Be missing!

As in Mahabharata Duryodhan tells Krishna,

 “I know Dharma but I am not inspired to pursue it,

I know Adharma but I am not able to withdraw from it.”

Like Duryodhan, the mind of the child is restless, incapable of making decisions, having an inability to stand out in a social situation. Let’s see what social skills that your child might be missing.

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1. Communication

Beauty attracts the eyes, but communication attracts the soul. It includes two aspects, Listening and Speaking:


Active listening is a crucial ability that many adults lack. It takes a lot of concentration to properly interpret and absorb information.

Your child’s receptive language abilities will help him or her deal with social situations, respond to queries, and comprehend stories.

Speaking: One of the most important skills required in today’s competitive world is a person’s ability to speak  effortlessly without hesitation. This skill to a child will enable their mental faculties to think multidimensionally, to communicate what is going on in their mind, etc.

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2. Values

We are in such a juncture of time, where a moral crisis has pervaded us. We have created mathematical geniuses but yet ethical infants. So, it is important to inculcate right and moral values to the child.

This may include teaching your kids the values of:

A) Secular values

B) Humanism

C) Empathy

D) Compassion



And as Einstein remarked, ” try not to become a man of success but try to become a man of values.”

3. Emotional Intelligence

Today, our lives are being run by stress, pressure and uncertainty. This makes it really imperative to build a strong foundation in the emotional realm of  the child to combat such chronic discomforts at a later stage.

How can it be developed?

a. Nudging the child to get an awareness about the current mental state. The child should be able to identify the dominant emotion of anger, happiness, frustration, etc.

b. Providing a break between an argument and decision making. 

c. Inculcating practices like meditation.

d. Educating the child about the freedom of  to choose our reactions

4. Collaborating And Cooperating

Similar to sharing, your child will learn how to move beyond sharing objects to sharing ideas, stories, and work.

With good collaboration and cooperation skills, children will learn that working in a group gives them a chance to express their ideas and listen to the ideas of others. It allows them to see that it can be fun to work on a shared project.

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5. Civic Sense

Most of us are born with five senses, exceptionally few with a sixth sense but no one is born with Civic Sense. Though a child has the ability to speak, words and languages are taught by the adults. Similarly civic sense too has to be taught and inculcated in children.

Civic sense is nothing but social ethics or the unspoken social norms. It is not just about keeping the roads, streets and public property clean but also has to do with abiding with law, respecting others point of view, etiquette, maintaining decorum in public places

The more  your child experiences these social skills, the more natural these skills will become to them. All children learn at their own pace, we know they’ll get there with practice and patience.

If you want to increase your child’s exposure to social and emotional learning, our online Montesseri school contains  tons of activities that will help your kid develop empathy, listening, and sharing skills, among other things.

Our app’s customized activity center might be the ideal icing on the cake of your family routine to teach social skills to your child, especially at a time when playdates are in short supply.

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