Learning is a necessary but difficult process that one pursues throughout their life. Change is unavoidable in the education sector, much like it is in every other area. Although educationalists have embraced technology advancements, many schools continue to adopt the conventional one-size-fits-all approach to instruction.

The issue with this approach is that not every student will respond to strict and fast paced teaching styles. As a result, a discrepancy exists between their true skill and their success level, and certain children are categorised as slow learners.

So how to teach slow learning kids? Go through this article and get a better clarity about this query.

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Who is a Slow Learner? Slow Learning in Kids

To dispel myths, slow learning is just not a learning disorder. It’s being used to define a student who has the potential to learn all learning skills at a slower pace than the average student. To be effective, a slow learner requires more time, practice, and support from teachers. These students are not intellectually challenged, but it takes them longer to comprehend and comprehend concepts. Bad comments to children can be avoided by parents and teachers. These harsh remarks have a negative impact on children’s learning so they continue to believe in their failure to understand.

Slow Learning in Kids Challenges

Daily classroom instruction relies on the development of new knowledge focused on previously learned principles. While the rest of the students are studying at a quicker speed, the slow learner is likely to slip behind. This results in a knowledge deficit in basic concepts and abilities, as well as diminished understanding ability across a wide variety of academic fields.

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A kid who is unable to learn faces not only developmental but also social and personal problems. They have a tough time bonding with children their own age and are often omitted from extracurricular events, athletics, and other events. This exacerbates the dilemma so they become more vulnerable to fear and have a poor self image.

6 Tips to Help Slow Learning Kids: How Can a Slow Learner Learn Fast?

There are various strategies for aiding a kid who is a late learner. Here are a few approaches that have been shown to assist slow learners:

Recognize and Award

Slow learners benefit greatly from motivation. To encourage them to keep practising, it is critical to recognise even the slightest victory and to include incentives for each achievement.

Set Rational Expectations and Smaller Objectives

As a parent and teacher, it is important to consider what is possible for the child and to set expectations accordingly.

Be Encouraging

Slow learners should be able to learn from their mistakes. They should be able to practise and learn at their own pace before they reach success.

Parents and teachers should be vocally encouraging and instruct them by oral assignments that are appropriate for their level of competency.

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Promote the Use of Peer Tutoring

This is among the most popular late learner techniques. Slow learners should be encouraged to study in groups by their parents and teachers. The more a child communicates with other children his or her age, the more self-assured he or she may be.

Encourage Various Forms of Intellect

When your child has an interest in a co-curricular sport, it is important that you help them. This increases their self-esteem, and they continue to feel socially welcomed.

Interaction and Oral Communication Should be Encouraged

Slow learners should be allowed to express themselves. Parents can ask their kids about their schooling day and engage them in conversations about TV shows, games, and music.

Parents and teachers should work on enhancing the child’s communication capacity by providing short instructions that can be replicated and followed on a daily basis in order to retain a good sense of trust.

Ways to Motivate Kids with Slow Learning


This is an important factor to remember when training a late learner. Slow learners have limited comprehension abilities and need more time to understand and comprehend. As a result, an instructor must consider the student’s failure to focus and be cooperative with him or her. Since these students have a limited attention span, the instructor must use inventive strategies to replicate any lesson and clarify the concepts. Teachers should use an educator parent chat app or other forms of communication to keep parents aware of teaching practises so that parents can involve these children in a similar manner.

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The teaching approach is very important in gaining the students’ interest. Adopt a variety of instructional methods, such as playing a game, going on an outdoor excursion, and so on. This would make the session more engaging and enjoyable for the students, as well as help slow learners keep their focus.

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Involve Peers

Teachers can sensitise other students in the class so that they can empathise with these talented children. They should warn their classmates not to threaten or mock these children. They will advise them about how each child in the class can help slow learners and make a change happen.

Organize Assignments

The main obstacle to learning in such children is their failure to focus. Help them organise their assignments by submitting a homework schedule to the parents through the school contact applications. This helps them to reflect on one job at a time while also completing their tasks.


Find colleagues who will assist you. Being taught by peers of the same age can be beneficial. Allow them to form a study group with a few of their mates. Teachers will delegate the responsibility of revising each day’s teachings and helping with homework to those classes.


Anyone may be motivated by rewards and acknowledgment. Give genuine thanks for any attempt these children make to boost their learning speed. Realizing their efforts in front of their peers can be a massive morale booster for these kids.

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Parents and teachers must provide additional assistance to slow learners. If they are not well guided, they often feel ignored and begin to hate school. They grow a bleak outlook, which has a negative impact on their academic success.

As a consequence, it is important to maintain a healthy mindset and help sluggish learners in order to remove several variables that impair learning, such as obstacles, distracting classmates, a fast classroom speed, and a competitive environment.

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