Children are always bubbling with ideas, imagination, and curiosity, and writing can help a great deal in channelling this creativity, making their writing skills strong at an early age. However, inculcating this habit of child writing can take a while, and while no one method will suit all, you can choose from a combination of activities, courses, and tactics to get them into the habit. See what works for the child, and get them to first adapt to these tactics and methods and you will for sure see fruitful results.

Online Classes and Activities for Continuous Development

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has acted as a catalyst in the increased usage of online mediums and edutech platforms for meeting educational needs. Digitization in the past year has grown multifold, and there are now plenty of platforms that help with one-on-one courses and classes for any particular need. If we talk about writing especially, this is a skill weighed far more different than just following a syllabus. A student needs interaction, storytelling that challenges their creativity and sets a path of imagination for them.

Here are some tips that can help address your concerns around how to make kids write-

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Tips on How to Make Children Write?

Sign up For a Course:

New-age schools are now present on the internet and with targeted courses and programs, you could select the most suited for their needs. Encourage them to participate in interactive and engaging classes that help bring their imagination alive, intriguing them to concepts of writing.

Understand your children’s needs and then focus on suitable courses that will help bring out their skills. The idea is to create an interest, and not let it look like just another school chore or homework.

Real School’s writing courses are designed in a one-on-one format, personalized, and give undivided attention to your child. Speaking to tutors is easy, and you could even set classes as per your child’s time and schedule.

Weekends are a great time to navigate them towards fun courses and classes. A fun way for your child would be to get their peers to become a part of these courses where they get to meet, take tests together and compare scores.

Creative Ways like Storytelling:

Storytelling is a powerful format to channelize their beautiful imagination. As you tread ahead into this practice, you will soon find your children also curious to write and use newer formats. A simple way to do this is by using pictures and interactive materials.

Storytelling can help a child put their perspective in front. Such a skill also leads to better interpersonal and communication skills as kids learn how to voice out their thoughts in a coherent manner.

Children like Games, Make Writing One:

Young kids and children love playing games and if you are looking for ways and wondering how to help your child write, then get to a games strategy. There are many ways to do so. Start with board games, puzzles, and word-related activities to enhance their vocabulary.

While you may wonder that this might not get them to write, this works in turn by encouraging them to use their newly learned words in their homework and school activities. Try to sit with your kids every once in a few days, to play these word games with them. Your efforts can go a long way in motivating them to keep learning.

Children writing course

Write with Them:

Children get highly inspired by looking at adults around them and if you are looking to inculcate this activity in your kid, then look at simple ways to get them interested. Plan activities and write along with them.

To make this more appealing, select writing on their favourite topics, cartoons, or anything that you think they enjoy doing. Regular practice and motivation will help them become smarter individuals in the future and aid better performance in school and college years.

Writing in Everyday Tasks:

Yes, you can easily inculcate the habit of writing in everyday life, assign tasks to write letters and messages to grandparents, relatives, or greeting messages for a festival. This is a simple to-do activity that is interesting. When kids are appreciated for doing such tasks, they are encouraged to do more.

Maintain a Diary:

You, as parents, can also ask your kids to maintain a diary. Children can write about events of the day, their friends and family, things they like, things they are grateful for, etc. There is no limit to this. Ensure that the diary has an interesting cover and you provide them with colourful pens and markers. These things are although meagre but they invoke creativity.

Do not limit them to words, they can express themselves with pictures and drawings and as well. This goes a long way in improving their imagination and ultimately their storytelling and writing skills.

Things to Keep in Mind Before you Start

Before you take on this journey of creatively charging your child’s mind and get them to write, please keep the following in mind:

Give it Enough Time:

Writing is a skill that takes time to master and as your child grows, their ability to comprehend and write will continue to improve. Do not look for quick results or push them through taking lessons. As creative as writing gets, give them the chance to think, imagine and put that into words. Hurrying up to help them acquire skills might just work the opposite.

Encourage Them to Write Individually:

If you see your child stuck with assignments, do not do it for them. Allow them the time to process, understand and learn while they are at it. Even if this means making plenty of mistakes, this is how your children will gradually learn the skill.

Small Praises Go a Long Way:

Appreciate their efforts and it will automatically start working better and in their favour. If you are wondering and thinking to yourself, how to help my child write? Then this is exactly the way.

Even if it is a small piece that may need improvement, praise them and skillfully guide them towards the right direction. Children do look up to their parents and teachers, and validation of good efforts make a huge difference.

Get Exercise Books and Materials:

Reward your child with book materials, puzzles and courses to get them furthermore interested in the subject of writing. These help in settling up for better grammar, vocabulary, and command over the language. Understand what they enjoy doing the most, and then provide the materials accordingly. These go a long way in improving their writing skills.

Reading is Important:

One of the best and most used activities, reading brings in the motivation and drive towards writing. Get them to read e-books, physical books and take time to understand the genre that they enjoy. Let them discover and explore their own styles and choices. Upon making this discovery, they will demand more on their own, and show extended interest in language, writing, and vocabulary.

kids learn to write

Lay Focus on Spellings:

Spellings, grammar, tenses are foundations that must be set at an early age. If your child starts to understand these better, their basics will be strong and that will help make their writing skills better. Grammar and written formats come in handy in any career path that they end up choosing, so work ahead of time to set this well up for your children.

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Wrapping Up

These are all indicative steps towards building your child’s writing skills. As a parent, you could figure out the formats that work for your children, but do ride on this new trend for children that includes online classes and fun activities that unleash their skills and interests.

Hop on to the Real School ride, a platform that looks at providing courses and solutions that aid parents to equip their child with important lessons. The interactive courses and lessons are held by experienced teachers who make remote learning more fun and engaging. Stay tuned for more such related content.

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