India is a country known for its variety of festivals. One such festival is the birthday celebration of Lord Ganesh. Anyone who has been a part of or observed a procession during India’s Ganesh Chaturthi festival will never forget it!

While western India celebrates Ganesh Chaturthi with a lot of pomp, the celebrations in other states are just as stunning! You can always take some time for celebratory activities with your kids, whether you’re organising a large procession or a smaller event at home.

In this article, you can find some Ganesh Chaturthi activities for children.

Ganesh Chaturthi Activities for Kids

Long Poojas and Mantras may not be your child’s cup of tea, but you don’t want him or her to lose interest or become exhausted during this magnificent occasion. The best way to avoid this is to allow children to participate actively in the celebration.

Here are some interesting education activities for children that they can do for this Ganesh Chaturthi. 

1. Decorating Home

Instead of buying expensive products to decorate home, for this Ganesh Chaturthi why couldn’t you make something at home. Why not choose paintings instead of usual decorations like garlands, frills, and balloons? Yes, the artistic and one-of-a-kind Ganesha wall frames is a Ganesh Chaturthi activity for kids which incorporate spiritual sentiments and complement the decor of your pooja room well.

Colorful flowers can be used to not only give freshness and a celebratory attitude but also to create beautiful arrangements. To begin, select flower colours that suit the idol and other decorations and kids can mix and match the colours. Encourage kids to arrange the idol in the style of a floral toran and flower threads, leaving the rest on the foot.

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2. Play-Doh Ganapati

Making a Ganapati idol using dough is one of the best education activities for children. Children simply love the dough, which improves their creativity and also can help in fine movements of hands. The use of appropriately colored play-doh may help to hold their interest for an extended period of time. You could find numerous interesting Ganesha photographs on the internet that you can make with your kids.

To add additional detail and make the idol, use a variety of bright colours. You could also make the coconut, ladoos, mice, and other puja components yourself. The concept could appeal to children and keep them occupied for a long time.

3. Movie Time

Watching a movie of Ganesha is a Ganesh Chaturthi activity for kids which helps them to understand the exact story of Ganesha and his mischief. Films are a medium through which cultural, social, educational, and aesthetic values are transmitted. For a child, cinema is an endless source of stimulation since it allows them to quickly associate ideas and fosters imagination and artistic expression.

Movies of Ganapati contain themes, scenarios, ideas, thoughts, information, names, outfits, places, sceneries, music, and other elements that, because of their interconnectedness, stimulate cognitive ability and supply world knowledge. Anything that teaches is valuable, and the film is one of the most comprehensive forms of art in this regard. There are many animated Ganapati movies available on the internet.

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Summing Up

One of the best ways to keep youngsters connected to their traditions is to have them make crafts and participate in exciting activities, and festivals are ideal for this. So, this Ganesh Chaturthi, choose one of these Ganesh Chaturthi activities for children to enjoy with the whole family!

Spend some quality time with your kids and also narrate some amazing and funny Ganesha tales with them. Together, we can make some amazing time for children.

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi!

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