When it comes to shapes, it is easy to teach toddlers by showing things around them. But at the age of 6 or above, kids are aware of basic shapes like rectangles, circles, squares. They need to know about advanced 3D shapes. Thus, you should know the shapes activity for kids.

Through this article, you will learn about some activities for kids to know the shapes.

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Some Basic Shapes for Kids

When kids start to speak, the first thing they learn includes shapes. Most parents use doors, windows, and plates to explain different shapes. By the age of six, kids start recognizing simple shapes that are mostly 2D in nature. So, now you need to shift towards 3D shapes.

You should choose activities for kids to know the shapes only after deciding where your kids stand now. If they lack the concepts of basic shapes, then start with them. Here are some of the basic shapes and activity for kids on shapes.


It is one of the most basic and widely found shapes. You can teach your kid about circles by showing them a disk, plate, or tortillas. Initially, they might confuse elliptical and oval with circles. But after time, they will learn the difference.


A quick way to teach kids about rectangles is to show them pages of their books.


Once the kid starts recognizing a rectangle, they will quickly acquire the concept of a square. You can show them a square sheet or anything of similar shape present in your house.


Now, the kids know about the basic shapes. It is time to learn the 3D shapes. A cuboid is the 3D figure of a rectangle. Besides the parameters of a rectangle ( length and breadth), it includes height. A door and room are among some best examples of a cuboid.


A cuboid with equal dimensions is a cube. You can show dice to your kids to teach them about the cube. Some other shapes activity for kids can also help you.


A sphere is a 3D figure of a circle. A football can help your kid to recognize spheres easily.


A half-sphere is a hemisphere. You can use a bowl to give the concept of the hemisphere to your kids.

Some other shapes for them are Parallelogram, Rhombus, Trapezium, Kite, etc. Now the challenge is to explain these shapes in a fun way. Learning shapes activities comes to the rescue.

Some Basic Shapes for Kids

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Fun with Shape Activities

Here is a list of shapes activity for kids:

Create a Detailed Chart

A fun activity for kids on shapes is to make a list of shapes and their various features. For example, you can make a chart on a rectangle by drawing and labelling it. Then, write the following details with colourful pens or markers:

  1. Number of sides: 4
  2. Number of corners or vertex: 4
  3. Opposite sides are equal
  4. Some examples are paper, towels, etc.

If possible, you can also include a poem or song to remember about it. Make sure the chart contains more pictures than texts. It will ensure that your kids don’t feel bored while reading them. These learning shapes activities will also help your kids to revise the shapes from time to time.

Make the Shape

This shapes activity for kids is one of the most effective ones to introduce and teach kids about shapes. It requires some craft materials like ice-cream sticks, glue, and markers. Then, ask your kid to make different 2D shapes using ice cream sticks. For example, making a rectangle involves the following steps:

  1. Take an ice-cream stick and keep it in your hands.
  2. Put the glue on one corner and stick another ice cream stick on it. Make sure the curvy corners of each stick coincide with each other. Give time to the glue to get dry.
  3. Then put some glue on the other side of the ice-cream stick and repeat the process given in the above step.
  4. Continue the process till you get a rectangle.
  5. At last, write the name of the shape on the stick using the marker.

By bringing some changes in the sticks, kids can also make various 2D shapes like kite, square, parallelogram, rhombus, trapezium, etc. It is a fun activity for kids on shapes.

For making 3D shapes, you will also require some cardboards. By sticking them together, you can make cuboidal and cubical boxes. To make it attractive for kids, cover it with gift papers.

Who I am

You might remember this game from your childhood. There are many ‘who I am’ riddles that help kids to remember various fruits, vegetables, objects, etc. Similarly, ‘who I am’ riddles can help your kids to remember and revise shapes.

You can look for shape riddles on the internet or, you can also make your own. For example, here are some of the shape riddles you can ask:

  1. I have four corners and four sides, but they are not equal. You might remember me through papers. Who am I?

Answer: I am a Rectangle

  1. I have no corner and no sides. I look like a disc. Who am I?

Answer: I am a circle.

  1. I have four equal sides and four corners. My 3D form looks like a cube. Who am I?

Answer: I am a square

This activity does not require any material. You can ask these riddles to your kids anytime like when you are shopping, playing in a park, or doing your morning yoga. It will not require any extra effort. It is one of the best learning shapes activities for kids.

It is a list of some activities for kids to know the shapes. It will help your kids to learn and remember shapes for a long time.

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Shapes are vital for the academic syllabus throughout life. In mathematics, topics like mensuration and geometry require in-depth knowledge of shapes. Thus, you should include shapes activity for kids. It will help them a lot.

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