Amidst the busy schedule and back-to-back classes, kids often tend to get stressed and anxious. It’s important to cheer up and bring back the delight in them so that it’s easier for them to cope up with stress. Having a witty sense of humour is necessary to enable them to handle adverse situations using humour. That said, we have done some digging for you to give you the most playful laughter exercises that your kids would love to do!

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Fun Exercises for Children

#1.  Exercises using Animal Themes 

Kids are mostly intrigued by animal voices and love to imitate them. You can do this simple exercise by letting your kids decide what animal they want to be- cat, dog, elephant, lion, etc. Ask your kids to imitate the sounds and movements of the animal they choose to be. What’s funnier, make them doa laughter exercise imitating the sound of the animal they are playing. They would love this act.

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#2. Crack a Joke 

Cracking a joke to induce laughter and lighten the surroundings would never grow old. Introducing your kids to hilarious jokes would tickle their funny bones, and they would enjoy every bit of it. Your kids would also grab some good jokes from you and crack them in front of their friends. This would inculcate a sense of humour, and they would bring smiles to others faces too.

#3. Play a Freeze Game 

Remember how we used to enjoy playing statue or freeze game during our childhood?  You can play similar games with your kids. Imagine! That you are busy doing your work and your kids are engrossed in painting, and suddenly you ask them to freeze in motion. No movement, just freeze them in whatever position they are. The funniest part is the silly positions you end up being into. This game is fun! Try it, you and your kids would love it.

#4. Indulge into a Playful Tickle Fight 

Tickling is the primitive way of producing laughter in humans. Slightly tickle your kids on the sensitive nerve spots such as underneath the feet, on the ribs, etc. This would instigate a burst of loud hearty laughter, and your kids would enjoy it! Getting into a playful tickle fight can be an excellent exercise for stress for you and your kids.

#5. Speak Gibberish with Your Kids 

Did you ever pretend to speak a foreign language as a kid, pretending you were someone from a different country? If not! Try it out with your kids. Speaking gibberish can be hilarious. Let your kids decipher what you are speaking, and they would enjoy it. You can even play turns with your kids in this game. This would bring you closer to them, and it’s a fun way to goof around with your kids.

#6. Opt for Laughter Yoga

The benefits of laughter yoga on the human body are innumerable. Since times immemorial this exercise has been commonly practised to reduce stress levels, but what is it? Laughter yoga triggers the endorphins (happy hormones), which minimise kids’ stress levels and positively affect mental health and the immune system.

You just have to take in deep breaths and laugh your heart out by clapping your hands simultaneously. You can teach your kids this exercise and do it together. They would laugh hysterically. This is the best exercise for stress management.

Benefits of Laughter Exercise

Laughter Exercise

#1. Laughter exercises are therapeutic for children in their growing years.  “Laughter is the best medicine”; it enhances the immune system and makes them healthier.

#2. Laughter would lighten their burden and boost their energy levels.

#3. The ability to laugh also improves your kids emotional and mental health.

#4. Laughter also improves the quality of life and gives longevity. According to studies, a sense of humour declines mortality rates. Laughter is like a panacea to live longer for your kids.

#5. Every parent wants their kid to stand out in the crowd. Well! Inculcating a good sense of humour could help you with that. A humorous person is beloved by everyone because they radiate happiness and make the surroundings light.

#6. Laughter changes the mind’s perspective, allowing your kids to see the hardships and difficult situations of life in a positive light. Your kids would always look for the silver lining in the dark clouds.

#7. Laughter relaxes the whole body. It de-stresses the muscles and relieves physical tension. Practising the laughter exercises during exam times would help your kids cope with the exam pressure better.

#8. Laughter also makes the circulatory system of the body robust and improves the functioning of the body. Improved vascular function and better blood circulation would reduce the risk of heart disease in the future.

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As laughter, humour and happiness would integrate into your and your kids’ lives, you would feel a rush of positivity. We hope that this article could give you an overview of why laughing is important and how you can integrate more laughter into your kid’s life routine. Remember, learning isn’t only through textbooks, it’s beyond that. Laughing heartily is a part of learning to live a happy life.

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